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The Pride © • versus • Houngan

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  • 2 weeks later...

Darrick: I live in a world between reality and death. Some people believe there is an afterlife, but those people are mistaken. I don’t believe in meditation, but there is a haunting serenity …that captures you when you can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. No, I cannot …but I find myself, like an ethereal puzzle solver with snapshots and flashes of the world around me …like pieces blurred and blended. They don’t mix well, but they all flow together …and hold the answers, that I would know. If I just stopped, and thought about it. I can’t do this, however …Not just yet.

{Darrick sits in a dimly lighted room, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Things seemed to be changing within himself, and it was weighing heavily on his mind} 

Darrick: Since I’ve come into this organization, it’s been an uphill battle. There is a force bringing me upward, so that my bared flesh scrapes every pebble …jagged little pill and, coarse grain of sand. My coma is my feet, they move …but yet not all at the same time. The progression is mapped by someone else in a hospital room, but my body isn’t truly going anywhere. How can it be, when everyone and everything in this place is against me …simply because I’ve spoken my mind, against the corruption that afflicts this sorry little establishment like the e-bola virus.

{Darrick shakes his head in disbelief, as he sits there facing the wall. He sits back in a small chair, but still hasn’t looked towards the camera} 

Darrick: I have ingested the fluids, that pump through the jagged veins of Asylum Wrestling Society …and now my eyes bleed. Since I’ve taken that step into the sickly waters, my guts now churn like butter. How could I sleep, when my fingers pulse like a hangnail has caught the corner of my fingertips? They shake, like I stand vertical over the countryside …with nothing, but oxygen between me and the Earth’s surface. What is a man to do, when he is left with nothing and is given nothing? I came here, as a representative of my past, not as a victim.

{Darrick shakes his head again, and even mutters to himself a bit. His anger seems to be growing, without a proper reason for it}

Darrick: Treat me as you will …because I know, my vitriolic tongue has sparked debate among you all. I’ve targeted individuals, like The Pride …who cannot cut a promo to save their lives, yet the Owner of this organization …saw them fit to face me. An actual superstar in our industry. I’ve done things these two will never, ever think about ten years from now. I’ve beaten people, that the owner couldn’t even give head to. I understand …none of you really care about my past, with places like Pro Wrestling Institute. But to annihilate an individual, and their memories is cruel. To ask us to assimilate, and be treated like garbage is disgusting. I won’t do it! I’ve defeated eight people, or more in a single night …within a single match. That is not a feat easily done, and it is not a feat anyone from Asylum Wrestling Society will ever beagle to do. The day my opponents, The ladies of Pride ever do anything resembling holding a Championship Title …for one-hundred and fifty-five days straight, then we’ll talk. I highly doubt, that either of these two know what it’s like to even work to earn something like that. I bet, The Pride and the owner of this company …can’t even imagine the lengths it takes to do that, in their wildest wet dreams.

{Darrick finally gets up, and walks around the darkened room. He still hasn’t faced the camera yet. His shoulders are hunched forward, keeping his head lowered}

Darrick: My past is who I am, and it has to be when I’m not even allowed to be anything in Asylum Wrestling Society. My promotional work in this company, isn’t even the best material …that I’m capable of providing, and I will never produce anything as good as I have done in the past here. You all simply, don’t deserve to see true art and talent at work. None of you! None of you, have shown any respect to me, and none of you have even acknowledged that I am even existent …I’m just a shadow in your minds, an effigy of some troll …come to claim they’re better than everyone, without actually showing why. You don’t see Darrick Kaine at his best, because you don’t let me. You welcomed me, with closed fists and I’m only here …until the door is finally slammed in my face. That is the only reason, I’m going to be in the same corner, as Sammeal McBane against The Pride. Show me, why I should team with anyone other than The Reapers.

{You can see the anger in Darrick’s body was growing. He huffs, and he paces the room. A snarl was in his voice, as he speaks again}

Darrick: I can’t sleep at night. There’s a knife in my back, for every day that I’ve come here. I sleep with my head up, the knives pushing themselves deeper inside of me …and the only reason I don’t take them out, is because ‘screw you!’ That’s why! I would rather suffer the intense adversity, and show you …I am still capable of standing, and giving all of you the middle finger …thus telling you, how much better I am than any of you combined. Then to just walk out of this wretched organization defeated. I’ve done that once in Colorado, and I’ve never forgiven myself for it. I let the owner of that wrestling organization, treat me like shtye …even after I went up to him, and explained exactly what was wrong with how he handled the matches …then I left. I quit! I walked out, defeated because I didn’t stick my middle finger up his scrawny, frozen ass …and show him not to screw with the greatest wrestler, this universe has ever seen. You are lucky, I’m here to give you even a glimpse into art personified. I was here to show you, just that …but not anymore. Not now, not ever!!

{Darrick stops pacing, but still isn’t looking toward the camera. He hunches down in the corner of the room, making himself more unseeable}

Darrick: Come Capital Destruction, I’ll do what I do best …but it’ll all be moot. Whatever the writers pin me in on the show, won’t be me at all. It’ll just be some jaded, and faded excuse to throw me under the bus. Don’t worry, I don’t actually pay attention to the results anyway. My only concern, is that my voice is heard …whether it inspires, or enrages you. As long as, what I have to say reaches you and makes you feel something. Or anything, inside.

{Darrick shifts from one side to the other, as he speaks one last time}

Darrick: My opponents will feel something, when I’m done with them …and I hope, all of you do too.

~Part Two~

Darrick: We are carbon-based lifeforms. As black, as the empty void …we call the soul. Under pressure, we are like perfect reflections and sharp. A cold edges, that pierce life with precision. Sometimes, however …we will never be like diamonds in the sky. Giah cannot see us all. Sometimes, just sometimes …we are just blunt creatures, in a dark world, and burn like oil …until the fuel runs out, and we become nothing but fossils in a box.

{Darrick just sits there, with his eyes closed. His face is paler than usual. He’s not wearing his Reapers cut, or trademark bandana. Instead, he’s wearing a long black duster. His eyes finally pop open, as he looks into the camera for the first time}

Darrick: We are cattle, in a biosphere. The Pride is a demise, as are the administrator of this organization. To put me down, was a shame on their end. The Pride will not transcend higher, than the lower card …because they are not worth, their weight in lard. They are garbage wrestlers, and piss poor performers. I shall consider them a nemesis, henceforth.

{Something is totally different about Darrick. Usually, he’s a laid back - cocky type. This is a meaner, darker persona than we’ve seen before}

Darrick: However, I’ve had a little bit of a retrospective on things these past few weeks. Although …I plan to take all of my frustrations out on the owner, and The Pride. I understand that this organization, is as relaxed as a heavily meditated pot smoker. I’m not against the use itself, for it has wondrous properties for the ill. But, not the young at mind. This place, is like a child …that’s found his father’s plant, and intends to use it at school …like his Savior told him to. Light them up, bring it down, and the world is just fine.

{Darrick finally looks straight into the camera, and you can see his eyes are darker than normal. The happy, go lucky look is gone and replaced by a cold stare}

Darrick: That is how it is, here at Asylum Wrestling Society …which is ironic, because this place is incredibly laid back. I could gaze up into the stars and see Gandalf, smoking a pipe of the long leaf …and just wonder about what’s going to happen, when the ring reaches Mordor. But none of that will matter, because at the moment …we will be wholly there.

{Darrick seems to just be standing there. His mind blanks out, and he starts to ramble on about anything possible}

Darrick: If Anakin Skywalker raced toward the finish line, with perfect results? He crafted the world, he needed to be in to become someone. Whilst everyone else stood back, and let it happen. The Jedi Council, became the epicenter of ignorance in their lust for war and power. A single Sith, rival took down the entire galaxy …all with thunderous applause. Emperor Palpatine was a field-head. Always in the game, and always changing things to fit his needs …and even his wants. That is what, I must be …if I’m ever to become something here, with you guys.

{Darrick’s lips curl into a deep snarl, as he ponders his own words}

Darrick: I must, become like the Chancellor …the dark lord of the Sith, and the wise old wizard. Neither individual, sat back and let things happen. Ironically, in Lord of the Rings …Sauron allowed things to go with the flow. It may not have even started a war, until well after the departure of the cowardly elves. It took an ancient wizard, and a band of hobbits …to take down a lazy empire. Only when, Palpatine sought fit to sit back and relax …did the rebels, who got things up and running …were they able to take him out. Most unwise.

{Darrick’s snarl has now become a full-blown sinister smile, his eyes are still glazed over as he continues}

Darrick: This brings me to my match, against the Barbie and Skipper wannabes …known as The Pride. Either that, or they watch too much Bay Watch …in which case. Let us hope, they are more like the complacent Starks. Of whom will never win, and less like the Lannisters …the family, that crafts a world they need to be in. Simply become something powerful. Winter is not coming, Ladies  …not for you, or for the Asylum Wrestling Society. I will douse you, within the land of perpetual sun …and you shall feel, the full force of destruction within the harsh light of day. Oh Yes! Welcome to the end, of the end. When one world ends, and another one begins …but without a scream. Do you love your guns, your gods, and your government? Let me hear you, scream. I want to hear your Mothers, to hear their baby wants a gun!!

{Darrick moves closer to the camera, as his eyes dance with madness. He lets out another snarl, as he speaks}

Darrick: Listen to me on the toy box, children. All that hate me, will soon take its toll …for soon, I will be taking control. All the rest of their lives, in their hate …you cannot fascinate. I’ll build a Deity, and I will be it …when children lie, we’ll blame the media. This is what you all deserve. When I have accepted complacency, may my brain lay all over thee …for I am the angel of death, and deceit …you will all fall to my feet. I am the angel, within the lobby. Waiting to put you all in line. Don’t ask forgiveness, my faith has gone dry.

{The crazed look in Darrick’s eyes, has become more focused. His leather wrench-coat flails in the wind, yet there’s no wind}

Darrick: When you hear the songs, that you shouldn’t hear …you get in line. One. Two. Three. Now, you will lay down. For you like to do it. You like to move it now. Some do it faster, better, or in small amounts. The affliction spreads, within you all …but I will incite, dissent in your descent into eternal damnation. I don’t care how this match goes. I know, I’m better than all of you. So if you spin around, and tell me to go now …then I’ll walk away, a winner to this day, because I wear Death’s Crown.

{Darrick’s eyes shimmer a deep red, as he lifts his grave digger’s hat}

Requiesce En Pace!!


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