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*Picture Bases*

“Darkside” Undertaker and Bray Wyatt

*Tag Team Name*


*Tag Team Members*

Darrick Kane & Sammeal McBane

*Combined Weight*



Monster Heel

*Similar To*

Brothers Of Destruction

*Theme Music*

"Sounds Of Silence" by Disturbed

*Entrance Description*

*Smoke fills the stage, as drums rumble throughout the arena. Darrick and Sammeal step out onto the stage, as the smoke clears. They look out over the crowd, and then head down the ramp. Once they get to the ring, they each walk up different sets of steps into the ring. They walk to the middle of the squared circle, where Darrick bends down on one knee and Sammeal thrust his arms out to his sides*

*Signature Moves*

Brimstone: Sammeal put the opponent into a Backbreaker, and Darrick hits an Elbow Drop.

Hell Fire: Sammeal uses a Slingshot Catapult, and Darricks a Leaping Punch.

*Finishing Moves*

Wicked Way: Sammeal locks in a Bear Hug, and Darrick hits Flying Clothesline.

Eternal Damnation: Darrick hits a Powerbomb, just as Sammeal hit a Diving Clothesline.


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