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Show Segment: Steele Family

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*The camera cuts out from the announce table, now showing Kaleb’s office. Which still appears just as barren, as it previously was. Kaleb is in his usual position, leaning back in his chair. His dress shoes are, kicked up on his desk. Standing on the other side of his desk, appears to be a slightly irate Bram. The expression on his face is not a happy one, and the viewer can safely assume that they will find out why momentarily*

Bram: What the hell are you doing, Kaleb?

*Kaleb frowns slightly, before formulating his response. His knowledge of Bram’s mood swings was fairly limited. But in his experience, the man was a bit off-kilter. Infuriating him with a rude response would probably result in a backstage brawl*

Kaleb: What seems to be the problem, Mr. Connan?

Bram: You know damn well what the problem is, Kaleb. Firstly, you partnered me, against my wishes, and with two imbeciles …that I have an extremely poor working relationship with. The second problem, is that I’ve been looking for those morons the entire evening …and haven’t seen either on. Are they even on the goddamn payroll anymore??

*Kaleb frowns again, not expecting this sudden turn of the conversation. He knew Bram wasn’t thrilled with his teammates for his match this evening. But he had no idea that these two wouldn’t even see fit to be in attendance at the venue*

Kaleb: Well, that’s certainly an …unexpected development. You’re sure, that you checked the locker room, or the smoking area outside? You know, all those odd places these guys hang out in??

Bram: Yes, I’m damn sure. I don’t appreciate this garbage, Kaleb. We know each other all too well. But you know my reputation in this industry. I’m used to being in the main event scene, and here I am relegated to the second match on the card? On top of that, I don’t have a permanent partner anymore. What do you expect me to do here, face three men on my own? That’s Ludicrous!!

Kaleb: Well, Bram? Yes, I suppose I do expect that. We’re here to put on a show for the fans, they’re the ones who make sure all of our checks are signed each month. However, I will give you a small consolation prize.

Bram: What’s that, you’re going to fire those idiots? This shouldn’t have had to happen, to realize that it was a mistake to sign those clowns, to begin with.

Kaleb: No, no, nothing like that. There are actually two parts to this. First off, if I’m going to ask you to compete in a gauntlet match.  I’ll at least let you pick the stipulation.

*Bram smiles, a sadistic grin crossing his face moments. He nods slowly, considering his options, before responding*

Bram: Easy, a Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere.

Kaleb: Done. Now, onto the second part of this exciting prize package. If you win this match, you’re going to be the number one contender for the Pinnacle Championship. Meaning that shortly after the match concludes, you’ll have a title match against whoever is holding that belt. Fair enough?

*Bram grins again, and nods his head in approval*

Bram: Extremely. By the way, you’d better have some medical personnel on standby.

Kaleb: Planning on beating your opponents tonight that badly?

*Bram lets out a devious chuckle, as he speaks*

Bram: Without a doubt!

*With that, Bram turns and walks towards the door, tossing it open carelessly before slamming it behind him. Presumably off to find some weapons that will accompany him to the ring. The scene cut to darkness*

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