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Necra Octavian Kane • vs • Sarah Frost • vs • Bram Connan • vs • Zoey Epsilon

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Necra Octavian Kane • versus • Sarah Frost • versus • Bram Connan • versus • Zoey Epsilon

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  • 4 weeks later...

The Asylum Wrestling Society Pinnacle Championship was the biggest prize in all of the Asylum Wrestling Society and one of the biggest, if not THE biggest prize in professional wrestling. If you won it then you were the biggest deal in the company and you were treated like it in terms of promotion, hype, and main event matches so it made sense that the number one contenders match for it was IN the main event of AWS’s flagship show Ward. And as for the AWS Pinnacle Championship itself, it was something that Zoey Epsilon knew very well. She held it before. Had one of the longest reigns with the title too before losing it in one of the best matches in her career.


But that was then, this is now, and a lot of things have changed. In fact, Zoey’s own work ethic changed for the better. She was going to work harder, work smarter, and be better than before in her quest for championship gold. The same gold that Summer Bliss of all people


But the first thing that she had to do was get through three opponents. All of them worthy of being in the same ring with her, all of them worthy of being AWS Pinnacle Champion. She had to beat them that way she’d set herself apart from them and get that title shot.


So the question is just how was “the Z-fighter” going to prepare for this battle. Luckily her friends were here to help her prepare for this contender match with some unique training to get her ready for her four opponents.


And they knew just how to do it for their best friend for this animated promo.




The intro to the promo had a simple theme that made Zoey, Necra Octavian Kane, Sarah Frost, and Bram Connan looking moving around like characters from the “Dragon Ball Z” anime and manga series. Complete with Zoey throwing punches and kicks and firing energy blasts at her opponents with fast-paced music playing loud and clear in the background


Besides in the eyes of the AWS fans Zoey was the most noble wrestler of the four it made sense that the California native was portrayed as a hero. Fighting off her three opponents portrayed as evil villains from the show like Bram as a Broly-like Saiyan, Necra looking like a female Perfect Cell, and Sarah Frost looking like a full-power Frieza.


And it finished with Zoey Epsilon standing in the middle with golden hair as if she was a Super Saiyan with the words “Zoey Epsilon” in font that came right from the Dragon Ball Z show.


Elijah Edwards: You call yourself the Z-Fighter? Well, we’re going to help you train like one. With this!


Taylor Matthews and Elijah opened up a duffel bag for Zoey and it had orange and blue athletic gear for her.


Zoey Epsilon: So you brought me new workout gear?


Taylor Matthews: Yup. Put it on.


Zoey Epsilon grabbed the blue top and was nearly pulled down to the floor with it.


Zoey Epsilon: Nanite kotoda these clothes are HEAVY…


Elijah Edwards: Yup. Weighted clothes! 


Elijah smirked while replying before being followed up by Taylor.


Taylor Matthws: Yup. The top and pants are made with a material tense enough and strong enough to make it look like you’ve got 45 pounds on your chest and legs. Nothing too strong, it’s essentially the same weight first class firefighters have to carry.


Elijah Edwards: But you are going to train, spar, and run with this weighted gear. If you can pull that off then it’ll be nothing for you lift Bram Connan.


Taylor Matthews: Or run circles around Necra and Sarah Frost too.


Zoey beamed in excitement. All of this was to help her train better and get one step closer to becoming AWS Pinnacle Champion


Zoey Epsilon: Awwwwww you guyyyyys thank you! How about we walk together while I break in my new gear?


Elijah Edwards: Sounds fine with us. We’ll be waiting for you downstairs.


It was as if somebody strapped barbell plates to her torso and legs on Zoey’s upper and lower body. As fashionable as the gear was (blue and orange was one of her favorite color combos) she was going to have to get used to this. 


And walking with these weighted clothes was tough as you’d expect. Even if Zoey was very much fit for a wrestler just keeping up with her friends who were walking at a stroll pace once they. But this was training for her to do.


Nobody said becoming a champion was easy and this was the work she was going to have to put in to defeat Necra, Sarah, and Bram.


And Zoey was going to let the fans know it in her voice over. Her true promo leading up to her four-person match.


Zoey Epsilon: And there you have it. Everytime I worked out it was in those weighted clothes. They were even washable if you could believe that! And everytime I trained to any serious amount. Maikai. I wore those clothes. From my speed walks, to my gym routines, even to my ring drills and sparring matches in the AWS training facilities I put that gear to good use to get something out of it.


Zoey said all of this while her animated self was doing the things she said. Lifting the weights and doing the moves. Getting in shape for her fatal four way match.


Zoey Epsilon: All because I need to be the AWS Pinnacle Champion. I want it more than Necra Octavian Kane, Sarah Frost, or Bram Connan. Hitsuyōna mono wa zenbu motte imasu! I have everything I need to win my match at Ward because I put in the work every single day.


Then Zoey’s animated self began to give way to her real life self backstage at the Stockton State Hospital with a full body shot of her new abs and muscles. Looking like she gained 10 pounds of athletic sinew AT LEAST.


Zoey Epsilon: And did I mention that our match is in the main event. Hai Mein ibento. Which fits all of our talents, all of our abilities as wrestlers that do make us worthy of being Pinnacle champion but what sets me apart from Necra, Sarah, and Bram is that not only have I been there before but I know it takes a special blend of strength, smarts, and heart to be Pinnacle Champion but most importantly you have to be willing to fight for our fans and put on the show they deserve to see EVERY NIGHT. Karera wa sore ni ataisuru! I know I can do that, I’ve done it before, and once I win this fatal four way in the main event I’ll do it again!


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Act 1: Next Victim?

"I have dug up the sky, I have hacked up the horizon, I have traversed the earth to the furthest extent, I have taken possession of the spirits of the great ones, because I am the one who equips a myriad with my magic. I eat with my mouth, I defecate with my hinder-parts, for I am a god, lord of the Netherworld. I have given those things which were established in the past, I have planned appearance in glory."

Spell 10 - Book of the Dead


The scene opens on the beautiful and massive city of Las Vegas. The bright lights are dulled against the bright afternoon sun and the heat was once again high and humid from the desert heat that loomed from the vast and empty wasteland that surrounded the vibrant city.  The smell of the flowers that now had blossomed fill the air mixing with the smell of the gas from the cars that moved along the streets. The tall hotels and casinos lined the streets  with the sounds of slot machines ringing with each big win. A line had already formed at the Gold and Silver Pawn shop going from the door and around the corner. The camera moves over the city and to the outskirts where the city soon meets the desert. The long stretch of road moves past the old neon sign graveyard and soon there is nothing in view but a long stretch of road. The camera soon reaches a long dirt road that wound its way toward what appeared to be an old ghost town. But the buildings had been fixed up and seemed to be lived in. The large house that sat at the end of the road loomed over the rest of the town. and seemed almost quiet. The camera moves to the interior of the home as the sound of voices are heard as the smell of vanilla, and what could be mistaken for a cherry scent filled the air. The stone floors had been polished  allowing the lights that hung over head to shimmer brightly. The camera moves along a hallway and soon comes to a stop at a door that was cracked open. The sound of bubbling water is heard coming from somewhere down a flight of stairs. The lights that lined the walls glowed brightly along the strange staircase that lead down to the chamber that seemed almost out of place. We soon see a strange green glow coming from somewhere deeper down at the bottom of the stairs. Soon a strange green colored water pool is seen and leaning against the edge is the AWS Goddess Champion herself. She stares at the wall across from her as she relaxes after her match against Dakota and Talia. 


Voice Over: The Goddess has returned to her glory! I told them what I would do, and I did what I said I would. There was nothing that they could do to stop me, and they didn't... But Dakota... Dakota did something that has gotten my attention and that is never good. The two of you came at me with everything but we all know that it wasn't enough to put me down, let alone win a match neither one of you should have been in.  I proved that I was and am the best of the best... The elite... The Alpha and the Omega... Just as I always have been... And now more victims are ready to fall at my feet... 


She smiles to herself as Sara stands by and waits for her goddess to finish.

Necra: Sara what is on the schedule for today?

Sara: We had a young woman show up this morning...

Necra raises an eyebrow as she looks over her shoulder.

Necra: Really? Did you already start with her "training"?

Sara: Yes ma'am. 

Necra: Good. Anything else?

Sara: You got a message from the management of AWS. 

Necra: Let me guess... I have a match?

Sara: Yes ma'am. 

Necra: Do you know who's it against?

Sara: I wrote it down ma'am. But it's upstairs...

Necra smirks as she ducks under the water, and comes back up with her long black hair over her face. She pushes her hair back as she leans against the edge once again.

Necra: Sara, towel...

Sara: Yes ma'am.

Necra stands as the water drips down her body. Her pale skin glistened in the dull lights as Sara puts the large black and silver towel around her body. 

Necra: Once I get dressed bring the new girl to the ritual room.

Sara: Yes ma'am.

Sara starts toward the stairs, leaving Necra alone once again.


Voice Over: It's amazing what a little bit of time in the Lazarus pit can do. The healing waters of the pool works miracles and I feel so much better. I know that everyone thought I would be shelved once again, but I hate to say it, nothing is going to keep me from holding onto what is rightfully mine. Blood will be spilled when I stand in the middle of the ring and face off against those that are crazy enough to face me.


She climbs the stairs and soon reaches the top floor. Servants bowed to Necra as she walks pass and heads toward  a set of double doors. She pushes them open, revealing a massive bedroom. A king size bed sat in the middle of the room, with pillows pilled high as well as a large black panther that was curled up in the middle of the bed, with a little black cat sound asleep next to it. Necra walks past the bed and to a vanity set made of what one could consider solid gold. She picks up a silver brush and starts to brush out her long black hair before looking down at the message that Sara had taken. She scans over it and smirks as she starts to do her makeup.

Necra: Another multiple person match... Why can't I get a one on one? Are they afraid to let me loose? Are they worried that I might get my hands on their precious Pinnacle Champion? But I have a feeling they want to see how I fare against the so called Celtic Beast! You speak a language of people that have long since forgotten what it means to speak it. Bram my dear boy do you even realize what it is to be a Celt? And I'm not talking about the basketball team. They were a race of ancient warriors that were feared by all of those that they came across. You, you are nothing more than a wannabe, a pretender, from the Bronx! If you really think you can stand against me then prove to me and the rest of the locker room that you ARE the so called "Celtic Beast".  I'm not afraid of a man that isn't what he claims to be. All the training in the world will never be enough to stop me. So you can carry on like the brute you are or  try to stop a true Goddess among the mortal rift raft.

Necra laughs as she closes one eye and applies a heavy layer of dark eye liner. 

Necra: Dearest Zoey... You're nothing more than a child lost in fantasy. Now don't get me wrong cartoons and such but when you start living it or viewing your opponents as characters... Well I have to start to question your sanity. You should be living in the real world but why would you? You already know what I am going to do to you. But you're not going to "run circles" around me. I am not like any of other opponents that you've ever faced. I am the villain in this story no matter how you look at it. But I am more than a pathetic anime character. I am the big bad, in every fairy tale, I'm the evil queen that looks over the kingdom and wonder how do I destroy those that stand in my way. I am the Alpha and Omega of every one that I come across. You can doubt what you see or who I am but just know that you will be destroyed with each move that I make and when all is said and done you will be nothing more than a wannabe hero in your story, while I reign supreme just as always as the Goddess Champion... Oh and I know that you've held my once beautiful Pinnacle Championship... But you didn't have it long did you? For the simple fact that you are unworthy and always will be.

She soon gets to her feet and walks to the closet and pulls out a long black and gold dress that would hang off of her shoulders and drape down to the floor. She turns her back to the camera letting her long hair fall down her back, as she slips on the long dress. 


Voice Over: A goddess is the grandest creature in the room. No one over looks you, but are left in awe and respect as you appear and make your way through the room. It's the same thing when I step in the ring. I am the best of the best and always will be no matter who I face. I've stood against bigger people than me, and yet I've come out on top with each match that I have ever been in. I know I've lost a few but I learn and adapt just like I always have... And this match will be no different...


Necra soon walks out of the room and heads down the long hallway. 

Necra: As for miss Frost... you and I could have been friends. You're from Atlanta, and my boyfriend and I are as well... At least now. You see we ended up getting stuck there and well... We found a very old home that seemed to call to us and made it our own. But since we are on opposite sides of this match I'm afraid that I cannot be friends. But then again, that's not why I'm here. I'm not here to make friends... I am here to take back what is rightfully mine. Now I could make all sort of Frozen comments but I'm above that and will not sink that low. Unlike most people would. Now we can do this like civilized people or we can do this and beat the holy hell out of each other. But we all know who's going to win this match don't we? I mean you have talent but it's not enough to impress me. I know that you will try your hardest to stop me, but it's not going to be enough. You haven't said anything so that makes me think that you are a woman of few words or maybe you are frightened to open your mouth. 

Necra smirks as she walks down the stairs and onto the main floor. She moves almost in fluid like motion as she moves along the black marble floor toward a small room with the door that was slightly open. A young girl dressed in a pair of short shorts and a very low cut tank top stands before Necra. Necra smiles as she moves to the young woman.

Necra: So you are the one that came to us from the outside world.

Young Woman: Yes ma'am...

Sara: To you it's my goddess.

Young Woman: Yes my goddess.

Necra: At least you have manners. How did you find us my child?

Young Woman: I heard about you from a friend. She said that she was part of your family and you gave her enlightenment and the feeling of love and belonging more than her own family did my goddess...

Necra smiles as she turns and sits down in a throne made from what appears to be bones.

Necra: I see. Well we can't just let you in off of the street. We have to make sure that you are willing to do everything that you can for me. What is your name child?

Young Woman: My name is Stephanie.

Necra nods. 

Necra: Very good Stephanie. Sara show her to her quarters. Get her ready for the final tests before she can come into my service fully.

Sara: Yes my goddess...

They both bow to her as Necra gets to her feet.

Necra: Just remember Stephanie, I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Alpha and Omega, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Crawling Death, The Creeping Chaos, The Child of Heaven and Hell; for when you look upon me you will see your end... See you soon and good luck... They're going to need it.

Sara and Stephanie walk out of the room, as Necra sits back on the strange looking throne as the scene fades to black.




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It was the biggest night of Sarah Frost's AWS career, as she will be a part of a fatal four way match for the number one contender for the Pinnacle championship. Since joining the company, she's worked her ass off to get where she is today, despite the losses she had. The scene opens up in a local gym, where we see Sarah Frost getting a good workout, so she can be in the best shape of her career for her match on Ward. As she is still working out, we see someone approach her. Sarah smiles, as she greets the person.

Sarah Frost: Hey Sean. It's been a long time. I'm glad you could join me in working out today.

The person Sarah was talking to was her childhood neighbor friend Sean. They grew up right next to each other, and played in each other's backyards. Sean smiles back at Sarah, as he speaks.

Sean: Sarah, it was a pleasure to get together. I'm surprised you found me. Let me guess? Your dad knows where my dad was?

Sarah Frost: Yeah I did. My dad gave me your dad's address, and that's where I showed up, and asked you if you wanted to catch up.

Sean got on one of the treadmills, as he turned it on a good pace.

Sean: Well let's talk about what you have been up to lately. I remember you telling me how bad you wanted to be a wrestler, but your dad told you not to do it.

Sarah nods her head, as she can be seen lifting some weights.

Sarah Frost: You got that right, but now it seems to be proud of me. I already have a career as a professional wrestler. Ever since my first match, my dad had a change of heart. He saw my first match, and became a proud dad.

Sean: Well that is awesome Sarah. I'm glad you are finally doing what you want to do. I knew your dad would change his mind. I was looking through old photos, and came across this picture of your mom right before she died.

Sean took out a picture, and gave it to Sarah. Sarah took it from Sean, and looked at it, as she had some tears roll down her face. She missed her mom a lot, and the memories will be in her heart forever.

Sarah Frost: My mom was so beautiful. She wanted be to achieve my dream of whatever I wanted to be. Sure her and my dad had some disagreements, but tried to make it work for me. Now I must make my dad proud, and be a champion in the company I now wrestle for.

Sean: You have a title opportunity soon?

Sarah Frost: I don't know. I will be taking on four other people to try and become the number one contender. I've been champion in other companies. I wish I had footage of the time where I competed in barbwire ladder match. I was bleeding like hell after the match.

Sean: Damn Sarah. Well I can see you survived. I know I would not want to do that just for a chance to be champion.

Sarah Frost: Well I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a champion. I know one of the four people I am taking on is a beast of a man, but I truly don't care one bit. I've faced big men before, and still came out on top. I have yet to face the other two, but no one scares me.

Sean: Maybe I should watch your upcoming match Sarah. I want to see you rise to be one of the best.

Sean stops the treadmill, and gets off of it. He gives Sarah a big hug, as Sarah hugs him back.

Sean: I better get going Sarah.  I have some work I need to get done. I will text you later.

Sarah Frost: Alright Sean. It was nice seeing you again.

As Sean walks out of the gym, we see Sarah Frost grab her stuff, and exits the gym. Once outside, the camera follows her, as she looks at it, and speaks.

Sarah Frost: Well, it seems like management thinks  I deserve to be in this fatal four way match coming up soon on Ward. I have worked too damn hard to sit back, and fail. I have been champion where ever I go, and nothing or no one will stop me from achieving my goal of being a champion here. I've talked a lot about my past, and how I would bleed in barbwire ladder match just for the chance to be at the top.

Sarah smirks, as she keeps speaking.

Sarah Frost: Bram is the biggest one in this match, and  I will NEVER back down from him. I have faced big men before without losing, so everyone will see just how badass I can be on Ward. Good luck everyone, cause I know you will all will need it.

Sarah smirks again, as she winks to the camera. She gets in her car, and begins to drive away, as the scene slowly fades to black.

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