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Bluegrass Mafia • versus • The Violent Generation

AWS Ward

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[Scene fades in as we see "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis and "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis (AKA "the Bluegrass Mafia") standing with bags packed in front of their Asylum | Bluegrass Mafia back drop set up in the corner of their gym inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy]

Dominic'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane Don't know when I'll be back again

Matt: Is that your creative way of letting me know we are heading to Stockholm to be on Ward. Tell me who are we booked against

Dominic: Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor

Matt: Seriously Dom what is this some hybrid verson of "Blue Clues" and "Name that Tune"

Dominic: We are gonna play Blue's Clues, 'Cause it's a really great game. / Cause it’s really fun (Yeah)

Matt: I think you may have been hanging out with Cousin Willie too much, but I got just checked my texts and see we are up "the Violent Generation"

Dominic:  And I've tried it my friend I'll never smoke weed with Willie again Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Kentucky town He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around
The last words I spoke before they tucked me in I may discount bungee jump but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

[Matt sucks his head and glares at Dominic]

Dominic: Okay my bad. I may have got a little carried away. But I was just "funning". Time to get serious. 

Matt: We got to get focused on the Violent Generation. Catchy enough team name I reckon but the first thing that need to realize is the VIOLENT GENERATION is MY GENERATION! I thrive in violence! I thrive in Madness! I thrive in chaos! And all this in BAD NEWS for Shannon and Dina

Dominic: More BAD NEWS for the ladies is that you almost outweigh them combined so there is no way in hell that they are going to be able to execute the 4D  on you . I mean let's be honest no matter what  the easy girl at band camp told cousin Billy, "Size does matter"!

Matt: I mean I am a big believer in the saying that it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts. It also needs to be noted that the Violent Generation is a hell of team and they have accomplished a lot but you are right it does seem like they are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I think that they to come to the realization that despite their best efforts they are going to run up against a brick wall at WARD.

Dominic: Two facts | Two Facts about our match against Shannon and Dina coming up at Ward. The first FACT is that "the Bluegrass Mafia" is greater the "the Violent Generation" and the second FACT is we are going to get the chance to see what it would look like if RuPaul and Jackie Beat got together and decided to dress as Team 3D for Halloween.

[Awkward Silence]

Okay once again I may have got carried away. But the FACT remains we ARE the better team and we WILL be the ones collecting the winner's paycheck at Ward.

Matt: I like to leave "the sports entertainment" part of this sport to Dominic! So I am going to end my part of this promo by simply letting Shannon and Dina know that I respect them as a team I know what they are comparable of.  But the BAD NEWS for them is they are going against a juggernaut know as "the Bluegrass Mafia" I understand you like to bring the violence but you have to understand we thrive in violent situations. Anyway BOTTOMLINE is that at Stockholm "the Bluegrass Mafia" is going to be the superior team.

Dominic: And that's the bottom-line because "Kentucky Strong" said so

[Mic Drop]






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