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Bluegrass Mafia • vs • The Violent Generation


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Bluegrass Mafia • versus • The Violent Generation

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[Scene fades in as we see "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis and "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis (AKA "the Bluegrass Mafia") standing with bags packed in front of their Asylum | Bluegrass Mafia back drop set up in the corner of their gym inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy]

Dominic'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane Don't know when I'll be back again

Matt: Is that your creative way of letting me know we are heading to Stockholm to be on Ward. Tell me who are we booked against

Dominic: Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor

Matt: Seriously Dom what is this some hybrid verson of "Blue Clues" and "Name that Tune"

Dominic: We are gonna play Blue's Clues, 'Cause it's a really great game. / Cause it’s really fun (Yeah)

Matt: I think you may have been hanging out with Cousin Willie too much, but I got just checked my texts and see we are up "the Violent Generation"

Dominic:  And I've tried it my friend I'll never smoke weed with Willie again Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Kentucky town He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around
The last words I spoke before they tucked me in I may discount bungee jump but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

[Matt sucks his head and glares at Dominic]

Dominic: Okay my bad. I may have got a little carried away. But I was just "funning". Time to get serious. 

Matt: We got to get focused on the Violent Generation. Catchy enough team name I reckon but the first thing that need to realize is the VIOLENT GENERATION is MY GENERATION! I thrive in violence! I thrive in Madness! I thrive in chaos! And all this in BAD NEWS for Shannon and Dina

Dominic: More BAD NEWS for the ladies is that you almost outweigh them combined so there is no way in hell that they are going to be able to execute the 4D  on you . I mean let's be honest no matter what  the easy girl at band camp told cousin Billy, "Size does matter"!

Matt: I mean I am a big believer in the saying that it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts. It also needs to be noted that the Violent Generation is a hell of team and they have accomplished a lot but you are right it does seem like they are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I think that they to come to the realization that despite their best efforts they are going to run up against a brick wall at WARD.

Dominic: Two facts | Two Facts about our match against Shannon and Dina coming up at Ward. The first FACT is that "the Bluegrass Mafia" is greater the "the Violent Generation" and the second FACT is we are going to get the chance to see what it would look like if RuPaul and Jackie Beat got together and decided to dress as Team 3D for Halloween.

[Awkward Silence]

Okay once again I may have got carried away. But the FACT remains we ARE the better team and we WILL be the ones collecting the winner's paycheck at Ward.

Matt: I like to leave "the sports entertainment" part of this sport to Dominic! So I am going to end my part of this promo by simply letting Shannon and Dina know that I respect them as a team I know what they are comparable of.  But the BAD NEWS for them is they are going against a juggernaut know as "the Bluegrass Mafia" I understand you like to bring the violence but you have to understand we thrive in violent situations. Anyway BOTTOMLINE is that at Stockholm "the Bluegrass Mafia" is going to be the superior team.

Dominic: And that's the bottom-line because "Kentucky Strong" said so

[Mic Drop]






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Tag team rivalries were an interesting thing in modern pro wrestling. Usually, tag teams had one match against each other, maybe two, and then months between another meeting IF they ever face off against each other after whatever damn good match or matches they had 


The Violent Generation and The Bluegrass Mafia were NOT one of those rivalries. Between the singles, matches and tag team matches TVG & TBM were one of the oldest tag-team rivalries in all of The Asylum Wrestling Society and if you include singles matches (which Troy Funk knew very well) one of the longest running.


But this was different. Especially because the Asylum Wrestling Society was different. New inmates, new shows, hell The Violent Generation got a new member! Things were changing!


But The Violent Generation was going to get ready for that change. With Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley representing the team for this matchup.


And speaking of Shannon and Dina, Dina was in the crowd for Shannon’s second mixed martial arts match. It wasn’t a big crowd. About three hundred people for this small mma fight. It wasn’t like Shannon was in the UFC (yet) but these county competitions could draw crowds. Plus Shannon was out to prove she could rock the MMA cage and a wrestling ring.


The Bluegrass Mafia better take note.


Dina Dudley: Shannon! You got this girl!


Dina cheered from the front row. Making the trip from her home in the Bronx to Pittsburgh was no easy feat but she wasn’t going to miss this. She didn’t see Shannon’s first fight in the crowd but she’d be damned if she was going to miss the second.


Plus Shannon saw Dina and gave her a knowing smirk. Cracking her game face just to acknowledge her pro wrestling teammate before stepping into the cage with her Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu instructor Master Carl Palmer in her corner representing Steelworx combat training. She was facing off against another blonde woman named Jeannette Reynolds. She was built similarly to Shannon too but hailed from Allegheny City, Pennsylvania while Shannon was born and raised in Pittsburgh. And with Dina cheering for her at cageside Shannon was ready to do battle. Three rounds, Five minutes apiece.


Time to fight!


Round one was competitive, simply put, with a fast pace too with both women looking to get the early win. They traded punches, kicks, and even takedowns in the span of the five minute first round. Going at it like action heroes. Luckily Coach Palmer had some advice to bring Shannon down to earth.


Coach Palmer: Okay the fast-paced fighting was good in the first round but enough of that shit. Ease the pace down and control the situation. Go into immediate defense and look for a counter because you know Jeannette’s going to try rushing in again.


Shannon Douglas swished around the ice cold water while she was patted down with a cold compress. Cooling her off and restoring her stamina while looking in her coach understandingly.


Shannon Douglas: Got it…I can’t wait for that bell to ring.


Dina Dudley: Round two Shan you’re gonna win this!


Even Dina gave her cageside support to help her friend close things out and put the fight in her hands and that’s exactly what Shannon did!


Round two Shannon took advantage of Jeannette’s overconfidence and played smart defense. Bobbing, weaving, and using quick jabs and low kicks before stepping back. Letting Jeannette tire herself out before…SMASH! Swift uppercut to the face that dropped the Allegheny City native with a quickness and Shannon swarmed in to keep the beatdown going! Swift punches to put Jeannette out cold with one minute left in the second round!


Shannon Douglas defeated Jeannette Reynolds by way of knockout and Coach Palmer and Dina Dudley were ecstatic for her! But there were no post-match interviews or media scrums, just a nice bit of money for the successful victory.


And now Shannon had to transition from a mixed martial arts opponent to tag team competition. Time to focus on the Bluegrass Mafia.


The promo itself took place in Steelworx. The gym where Shannon honed her craft. But this time she was in full Violent Generation gear with her teammate Dina Dudley. Midriff-flaunting tops that showed a bit of cleavage for confidence and sex appeal before they verbally tore into The Bluegrass Mafia. One of their first wrestling rivals. They had all the time in the world and a lot to say before their match at AWS Ward.


And it was time to let the world know!


Shannon Douglas: I’m Shannon Douglas. That beautiful, talented woman to the right of me is Dina Dudley, and we hate our situation right now as a part of The Violent Generation. And no it’s not because of a tough stipulation or because we’re scared of our opponents for AWS Ward, trust me we’re not afraid of anyone but it’s because we’ve faced this team so many times before and we’ve got to beat them AGAIN. 


Dina Dudley: And for those who don’t know we’re talking about the damn Bluegrass Mafia. I guess we have to renew this rivalry. Matt and Dom Kurtis you never beat us when it mattered most. Hell you had trouble with Troy Funk in singles action and now the alpha females of the team are hunting you down and are going to beat the hell out of you at AWS Ward. This is going to be fun.


The dark-haired woman said with a smirk and a look that was shared with Shannon Douglas in pure confidence.


Shannon Douglas: We’re ready for you boys. Especially me. I’ve been working on my mixed martial arts training, I’ve competed in professional fights. I know Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu know. With a black belt. I’m even more dangerous than before.


Shannon said this with short videos of her throwing punches and kicks at a combo dummy and locking up another Steelworx trainee in a Kimura Lock.


Dina Dudley: Now hold on girl I haven’t been sitting on my ass while you’ve been kicking some ass. I’ve been putting more time in the gym, more time training, waiting on a chance to team up with you again and I know I not only keep up with you but when it comes to beating the hell out of Matt and Dom Kurtis I might just steel your thunder!


Dina grinned with video footage of her lifting weights and throwing down against other AWS opponents. A sign that she was getting ready too and wasn’t going to be carried by her blonde tag team partner.


Shannon Douglas: See that’s what I like to hear and that means that things don’t look good for you. We’re stronger than ever, tougher than ever, and more dangerous than ever and we have what it takes to give you the worst Violent Generation ass-kicking you’ve ever experienced!


Dina Dudley: They say the more things change the more they stay the same and one thing that will stay the same despite all of our changes is that The Bluegrass Mafia will lose to The Violent Generation. See your asses at Ward.


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