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General Guidelines

Charlie Feigel

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These are the general guidelines that all handlers need to know before even joining our league.
  • Picture Base Rule: Two (2) Create-a-wrestlers; One (1) Real wrestler allowed.
  • Handlers will be allowed "Reals" and CAWs, "Reals" cannot be complete ripoffs of the characters you see on television and cannot use WWE, AEW or any real promotion's music without permission.
  • We do not tolerate promos that are rips of other people's work, you will be warned and banned.
  • Be Respectful of Others: There are NO tolerances for racist, sexist, and/or intolerant messages and/or images in AWS.
  • NO Drama Policy: Please don't be an asshole and bring it here. This includes personal attacks in promos and fourth wall excursions.
  • NO Backstage political garbage, you can find the nearest exit. If for ANY reason that any private win/loss discussion with anyone actually does become a public affair (Chatroom, Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and/or any other form of Social Media); the handler(s) will be released from AWS immediately.
  • All decisions are final! By submitting a superstar profile, handlers are giving members of AWS Management and/or AWS Writers to write character(s) within the context of AWS events and other in-character content. AWS Management will always make the final decision on who wins and loses each match. If a handler(s) does not agree with any match result, please contact AWS Management privately on the matter for a discussion and/or an explanation. If handler(s) are displeased with losing a match that, but PLEASE DO NOT make any complaint a public affair (Chatroom, Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and/or any other Social Media outlet); please discuss it with a member of AWS Management privately and calmly. Thanks!
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! The object of this game is to have fun, so do it.
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