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Summer Bliss © & The Samoan Dynasty • versus • Zoey Epsilon & The Violent Generation

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The winning team chooses their match's stipulations on PPV.
Summer Bliss © & The Samoan Dynasty • versus • Zoey Epsilon & The Violent Generation

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Part One: Uncommon Allies.


In the art of professional wrestling sometimes you could see wrestlers team up with each other even if they had nothing in common from the viewpoint of a wrestling fan. Even just for one match. Strange partnerships and one-time alliances with reasons ranging anywhere from common enemies, reasons to please the fans, or in some cases both. And Zoey Epsilon and The Violent Generation were in the latter of three cases and it wasn’t hard to see why if you know about them.


The Violent Generation wanted gold plain and simple. They had no allies in the tag team division or with other stables and every team in AWS wanted to bring them down. They hung out among themselves, bonded with only each other, and had enemies across the tag team division like the ruthless Samoan Brotherhood who didn’t care whether they’d be facing Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley or Troy Funk, Ben Reks, or Zane Maritato. TVG knew they had enemies and embraced every challenge. In other words, they had the mentality of “TVG versus everybody.”


Zoey Epsilon however was totally different.


Zoey behaved like an anime protagonist. She was a beacon of positivity and friendliness and was social out of the ring. Even hanging out with some of the friendly women after the show. Of course, she had rivals too and women who wanted to defeat her but very few women were her outright enemy. She believed that nobody was beyond friendship…but if any woman tested that believe it was Summer Bliss. That woman was every bit as mean as Zoey was nice. The opposite of her in every way.


This is why Zoey was optimistic enough to believe that unifying with TVG over enemies they had would bring them together. And it all started with one meeting backstage of a live event with Troy and Ben immediately seeking Zoey out.


Troy Funk: Howdy Zoey.


Zoey Epsilon: Kon’nichiwa Troy, you too Ben


The differences were evident between the two. From Zoey giving a proper, social greeting with “otaku” flair and Shannon just getting down to business with a vaguely friendly tone in her voice. Complete with Zoey in “Sailor Moon” ring gear and Troy and Ben. Dressed in the black and red colors of The Violent Generation, in “ECW” font


Troy Funk: Just thought I’d get an understanding with you before we get ready for our match. See if everything is on the up and up. Especially since I know you and Summer had problems in the past


Zoey Epsilon: That’s putting it mildly. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to help you in our match. I don’t want Shannon and Dina mad at me.


Zoey joked but she knew that Shannon was the vocal leader of The Violent Generation. The team captain so to speak. So if Zoey did wrong by her team Shannon would likely try to kick her ass with Dina adding to the punishment.


Troy Funk: Smart girl. Also, don’t let this get to your head but Shannon respects you. You’re good but you stay out of her way. Help us kick Samoan Brotherhood ass and we’ll watch your back against Summer.


Zoey Epsilon: Ryōkaishimashita…you got it.


Zoey had to remember that The Violent Generation cared little for anime or Japanese culture as she did.


Ben Reks: Good. You look nice too.


Zoey couldn’t help but smile from the praise of the superheavyweight wrestler next to Troy.


Zoey Epsilon: Thanks! I’ll give us some matching gear for our match.


Troy Funk: What? You ain’t got to do that.


Zoey Epsilon: Awwwwww but I got some great gear ideas too.


Troy Funk: No our TVG gear is good as it is. Let's go, Ben.


Zoey decided to get goofy since and Troy and Ben cleared some air with her. This even made Ben chuckle softly from Zoey’s banter with Troy. All while Troy was wondering just what he got himself into in this match…


Core Promo: Bōryoku


Zoey wanted to be in charge of the promo’s direction. Thinking it’d be more fun than a stripped-down, basic Violent Generation promo of themselves in a locker room or a bar. Especially since Zoey herself didn’t drink. But she would make this promo fun and have Troy and Ben written like badasses.


Especially since they were willing to allow Zoey to use their likenesses and appearances for her promo!


Zoey, Troy, and Ben were animated like fantasy warriors. Zoey with two daggers, Troy with a sword, Ben with daggers slaying and cutting through monsters and other warriors to the sound of pulse-pounding rock music that would get the viewers excited. And after carving and crushing basic enemies they stopped at Summer Bliss who was dressed like an evil warrior princess and Mark and Titus Manu who looked like two marauders ready to kill with their blades. They charged at Zoey, Ben, and Troy before the anime opening stopped right before the big clash with the words “ZOEY EPSILON” in a font similar to that of “Akame Ga Kill” appeared in the middle.


Then the anime scene took place with them chatting it up in a tavern.


Zoey Epsilon: I see you two have been busy waiting on me. No wonder you waited for me at a tavern.


Zoey introduced herself opposite the larger men. Looking at their tall steins of ale.


Troy Funk: This is how me and the big guy kill time. Ain't that right big Ben


Ben Reks: Yup


Zoey Epsilon: That's fine. So now they were here… Let's talk about strategy


Zoey laid out pictures of their three opponents. Summer Bliss and The Samoan Brotherhood


Troy Funk: Strategy? We run in smash our targets, and get gone. There you go.


Zoey Epsilon: Seriously? Aren't you guys supposed to be some tag team specialists? What's your big strategy?


Ben Reks: It works for us. We're damn good at that.


Zoey Epsilon: Wow. Okay, how about any finer points like double team move ideas? How long do you want to be in the ring? You know the Samoan Brotherhood,,,


Troy Funk: I’ll stop you right there Zoey. Now I appreciate you takin’ this serious. Ben does too but once that bell rings we’re gonna start smashing heads and making Alex and Titus Manu our bitches out there. That’s what Shannon told us to do, you just carry your weight out there against Summer.


Zoey had an incredulous look on her face


Zoey Epsilon: So that’s it? That’s your strategy? Just beat up the people you hate?


Ben Reks: It’s simple enough to work. Besides what about you and Summer. You don’t need a strategy to put her down right?


Troy Funk: We know you got history. We’ll keep those tribal assholes away while you beat the hell out of your target


Zoey Epsilon: Well when you put it that way…I see we got our strategy!


And as they left the watering hole Zoey’s actual voice was talking in the background while the three competitors went in direction of their mission with the open road with trees slowly but surely transforming into the AWS Ward arena backstage.


Zoey Epsilon: They made it sound so simple. Find their targets, defeat their targets, and leave victorious. Nothing complex or over the top. Just be willing to cause some mayhem if you have to. No surprise that this is from The Violent Generation’s guys. They love to get to the point while hurting their enemies and I’m just trying to be a good teammate. But they do have a point.


Zoey Epsilon: Futatabi. It begins again for us Summer Bliss. Like the big bad boss villain that the hero thought was defeated only to be brought back by two villains who have nothing in common with you other than some evil plot to defeat two enemies of yours. Now I’m not saying that Troy and Ben are heroes. They’re mercenaries who answer to their own but they’re more trustworthy than you. I like them more than you Summer and they have my back against you and I’ll have their back against the Samoan Brotherhood! 


Zoey Epsilon: The Violent Generation and I don’t have anything seriously in common. We won’t be hanging out after our battle, and I won’t join their team, but for our match at Ward, the one thing I notice is that we don’t like to lose and that is our common goal facing against Summer Bliss and The Samoan Brotherhood. And yeah Troy and Ben are…yaban. They’re damn good in the ring no matter how barbaric they are and Titus and Alex Manu are in for a world of hurt. Though as for Summer Bliss…she knows exactly how good I am and that means that things don’t look good for her. But at AWS Ward. She and the Samoan Brotherhood are free to try.

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Mark and Titus Manu of The Samoan DynastyW/Isa and Alex Manu are seen sitting in the backstage area of The RGO rena in Gdansk, Poland

Mark Manu:Tonight we're in a six person match to determine the fate of the tag team championship match at the pay per view 

Titus Manu:To us...WE don't care what you throw at us 

Mark Manu:We don't care because we are the number one tag team in all of AWS and you bitches will be proven  

Titus Manu:We're not even swearing Zoey because she's not our problem

Mark Manu:The only two problems we have are Ben Reks and Troy Funk 

Mark Manu:Summer you handle your business with Zoey

Titus Manu:And we will handle our business with TVG 

The Samoan Dynasty walk away 

Scene Fades

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