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WARD 15 • GDANSK • 6.27.2022

AWS Ward

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MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2022

The lights flicker as a very loud air raid siren wails into the night, two Polish police cars enter the arena with sirens blaring drive towards ringside and suddenly stop, the passenger door of the lead car swings open and AWS Founder Charlie Feigel steps out of it and he climbs into the ring. Feigel smirks as the police cars back up and the sirens are shut off, waving as he pulls a microphone from the back pocket of his jeans.

Charlie Feigel: Welcome to Monday Night Ward!!!!

Feigel allows the fanatics to celebrate this night with wild cheers and a few jeers along the way.

Charlie Feigel: The fanatics want to see live professional wrestling action, then that is what we'll provide. Without further ado, the lunatics of the Asylum!

Everyone from the backstage area minus a few notable ones come out through the curtain and the fanatics pop insanely as they blow kisses and point to the fanatics while several are throwing swag into the fanatics. Song Teng even gets a standing ovation as she enters the ring, she looks ready to announce the first match in a sparkling light blue and yellow dress reminiscent of the colors of Poland's neighbor Ukraine's flag. Feigel hands over the microphone and heads backstage as we cut to the commentary desk.

Salmia Russo: Good evening, we're mere moments from the first match of the night, the Chicago made Vin Halsted takes on Uh Oh in their double AWS debuts.

Benito Manfrin: Let's go to the ring, Song take it away!

The cameras pan the fanatics before returning to the ring as Song Teng raises the microphone to her mouth.

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Vin Halsted • versus • Uh Oh

This was a match of brutalization on the part of Halsted, brutalizing Uh Oh from the opening bell to the end which saw Halsted hit the Halsted Hangover off the top role; it was all in a days work that seen Uh Oh taken to a waiting ambulance where Halsted had a little fun following the match, driving a forklift over and destroying the ambulance with it, trapping Uh Oh inside. The sirens still blaring as the forklift lifted off the ground and the tires turning but couldn't go anywhere.

Winner: Vin Halsted by Pin Fall (11 minutes)

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Adrian Cole © • versus • Sarah Frost

Cole and Frost began cautiously, they locked up and began to exchange impactful moves, Cole took advantage of the size difference but he couldn't maintain it for much longer than a few moments. Frost hit every move she could muster against the reigning Zero Fear Champion but it was inevitably the mismatch in size and strength that made it easier for Cole to power through. However in the closing moments a fatal error by Cole allowed the lighter Frost victory roll Cole up and secure the surprise victory.

Winner: Sarah Frost by Pin Fall (18 minutes)

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Konrad Raab © • versus • Deaglán Murphy

This match between two hardcore competitors was only limited by not allowing weapons as these two hit their whole arsenals against one another. Back and forth they went for what seemed like forever, in the end Raab hit the Blood Infection on Murphy after leveling him with a powerful lariat that sent the tag team specialist head over heals.

Winner: Konrad Raab by Pin Fall (12 minutes)

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Necra Octavian Kane © & Zane Maritato • versus • Talia Areano & Jada Phoenix ©

Benito Manfrin: What a night it has been so far.

Salmia "Mia" Russo: That it has. And we still have two matches left to go.

Benito Manfrin: That's right. Lets head to ringside and get this match started.

Song Teng: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the way, Mexico City and weighing in at 125lbs she is Talia Areano!

Say You Will" by Evanescence is heard. Talia Areano comes out from behind the curtain wearing a leather jacket. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that, she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.

Benito Manfrin: This is going to be an amazing match.

Song Teng: And her partner, hailing from Corpus Christi Texas and weighing in at 120lbs and the AWS Pure Champion! She is Jada Phoenix!

Fallen Angel by Poison plays as red white and blue lights circle the arena. Zara walks onto the stage and turns around showing off her long legs. She walks down the ramp swinging her hips. She jumps onto the apron of the ring and climbs the turn buckle on the outside. After blowing a kiss to the fans she jumps over the top rope and into the ring. She dances and then runs her hands over her body and then puts her hands on her knees. 

Salmia "Mia" Russo: Jada and Talia look like they are ready for anything their opponents can throw at them here tonight.

Benito Manfrin: I hope you're right. This match isn't going to be an easy one.

Song Teng: And their opponents, introducing first, hailing from "Little Italy" New York and weighing in at 242lbs he is The Italian Stallion Zane Maritato!

He represents the Violent Generation proudly with his entrance alone. Spelling out the “TVG” once he hits the stage before walking down it. Flexing his biceps with a shit-eating grin. Then he enters the ring by sliding under the bottom of the ring and standing in the middle which his hands over his head and legs parted to look like an “A” before once again flexing directly for the camera.

Benito Manfrin: The only one we need now is Necra.

Salmia "Mia" Russo: Don't say her name to loud. 

Song Teng: And his partner, hailing from The Grove Atlanta Georgia, and weighing in at 127lbs she is the AWS Goddess Champion The Queen of the Dead Necra Octavian Kane!

The house lights go down, as a blue light goes over the crowd. The tron comes to life with scenes of graveyards, and old tombs filled with bodies. The scene changes once again to a pyramid shaped tomb where we see Necra lying on a slab of stone. She opens her eyes as "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie begins to play. The scenes change to her matches as a coffin rises from the stage. The door opens and Necra steps out wearing a strange looking mask and dressed in white and black robes. She carries the Goddess Championship on her shoulder as she makes her way to the ring with staggered almost like zombie movements. She reaches the ring, and walks up the stairs and gets into the ring. She raises her arms as lightning hits each corner of the ring and erupts into fire. She removes the mask, and the long robes revealing a pair of tight black leggings with silver designs running along them and a short shirt that seems to cling to her in all of the right places. She moves to the corner and waits for the match to begin.

Benito Manfrin: After that win against Talia and Dakota Necra is looking for her next win.

The bell sounds, as Zane and Jada start the match off. Zane grabs Jada and hits a back suplex and put her to the mat and tried for the pin but she kicked out after one. She sprung up and hits him with a drop kick as he sits up on the mat. She then tagged in Talia. Talia goes to the top and hits a moonsault but it doesn't connect as Zane rolls to his feet and then tried for another pin... 1...

Talia kicks out but still rolls in pain as he tagged in Necra. Necra drags Talia to her feet and hits the Orca Special sending her back to the mat once again. Necra tries for the pin, but Talia hits Necra with a hard slap to the face, sending her to the mat. Talia gets to her feet and waits for Necra to get up. She runs at Necra hitting her with a spear and sends Necra head over feet and Talia went for the pin... 1... Necra kicked out

Talia gets to her feet and tags in Jada. Jada gets into the ring, as Necra starts to get to her feet and Jada tries for a spear but Necra sees it coming, and side steps Jada sending her through the ropes and to the floor outside. Necra laughs as the ref counts...

By the count of 4 Jada is back to her and climbs back onto the edge of the ring. Necra spits a purple liquid into her face as Jada clutches her eyes and falls off of the edge of the ring once again as the ref starts to count once again. Zane laughs as he sees Jada trying to get the liquid out of her eyes. Talia is screaming for the tag as the ref counts to 6 before Jada gets the liquid out of her eyes and rolls back into the ring. 

Necra stomps down on Jada, but Jada catches her foot and shoves Necra back to the mat. She drags Necra to her feet and hits The Phoenix and goes for the pin... Necra kicks out at 2. Necra claws Jada in the eyes and goes to her corner and tags in Talia. Talia gets into the ring, and moves to Necra who is starting to get to her feet and Talia locks on Crossing the Border. Necra struggles against it and soon Talia lets go and Necra hits the mat. Talia goes for the pin and Necra kicks out and hits Talia with a hard shoulder to the face. She makes the tag to Zane.

Zane gets into the ring, and hits Trinita and sends Talia to the mat and goes for another pin... The ref counts to 2 and a half before kicking out. Zane gets to his feet and drags Talia up to her feet. He tags in Necra and she grabs Talia and hits The Mummification" sending her to the mat just as fast. Necra goes for the pin...




The bell sounds as Necra gets to her feet as Zane gets back in the ring. The ref raises both of their arms in victory.

Song Teng: And here are your winners Zane Maritato and Necra Octavian Kane!

Benito Manfrin: What a match!

Salmia "Mia" Russo: That it was. And once again, Necra has shown why she is the AWS Goddess Champion.

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Summer Bliss © & The Samoan Dynasty • versus • Zoey Epsilon & The Violent Generation

This six person tag team match went to the limits of the human minds involved, everyone had offensive flurries multiple times throughout, at times over 20 near falls and in the end it was a triumph for the #1 contender for the AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Champion  Epsilon scoring a victory over Isa Manu for the ultimate momentum booster going into Champions Carnival. Following the match Epsilon stood face to face with the reigning AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Champion Bliss and said "That title is coming back to me."

Winners: Zoey Epsilon & The Violent Generation

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