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Don Master


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Wrestler Info

Wrestlers Name
Don Master

The Dungeon

Home Town
Boston, Massachusetts

(Choose Male/Female)



245 lbs


Pic Base (With picture)

Pure Wrestler

In Ring Info
Entrance Music

Don Master walks out to silence as Reno Vega leads the way he cracks his wrists and stretches his arms and neck.  Reno walks up the steps and Don master follows.  He holds the ropes open and Reno climbs in and then Don steps in.  He goes to his corner and uses the ropes to stretch and then stares down his opponent with a cold, quiet, intensity.

Wrestling Style
(Choose two)
Technical and Submission

General Moves
(Up to 15)
Cross Armbreaker
Figure Four Leglock
Indian Deathlock
Camel Clutch
Cobra Clutch
Crossface Chickenwing
Double Chickenwing
Fujiwara Armbar
LeBell Lock
Bridging Armbar
Various Suplexes

Signature Moves
Incarcerated- Gutwrench Suplex into Butterfly Suplex into Fisherman Suplex (False Finish)

Apprehended- Straight Jacket Neckbreaker (Set up for any Finisher)

Imprisoned - German Suplex held on for the Tiger Suplex Held on for the Dragon Suplex held on for Regal Suplex (Set up for the Dungeon)

Captured - Capture Suplex into a brainbuster (Set up for The Prison)

Commited- Straight Jacket Backcracker (Set up for Asylum)

(A Min of 2, and a limit of 3, with description.)
The Dungeon - Texas Cloverleaf

The Asylum- Straight Jacket Camel Clutch

The Prison- Dragon Sleeper camel clutch
Don Master was a high school wrestling champion.  He went to college on a wrestling scholarship and has the record for most pins, fastest pin, and was undefeated.  he went to the Olympics and won a Gold metal in Men's Greco-Roman Heavyweight and Freestyle Heavyweight.  He became a pro wrestler but abhors all the pageantry forgoing music and pyros.  He refuses to use closed fists and beats his opponents with a plethora of suplexes and then makes them tap out to the multitude of submission moves he has mastered.

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