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On-Air Staff


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Commentary Staff:
Salmia "Mia" Russo (Play-by-Play Commentary)
Mateo Capone (Play-by-Play Commentary)
Benito Manfrin (Colour Commentary)
Gidget Stephenson (Interviewer)
Laura Andersen (Interviewer)
Song Teng (Ring Announcer)
Officiating Staff:
Einar Furre (Head Referee)
Sassy CeCe (Referee)
Bongo the Clown (Referee)
Production Staff:
Tamara Paredes (Timekeeper/Props/Wardrobe)
Patrick Orr (Cameraman/Producer)
Shelley Purdy (Camerawoman/Producer)
Blind Sal (A blind dude that hangs around with Fat Bob, in a chair wherever he wants, especially in the audience. If a wrestlers bumps him he'll proceed to jump on his/her back and beat the hell out of them with a riding whip.)
Sign Guy Bob/Fat Bob (Sits in the front row or at a large table in catering smoking and handing wrestlers weapons or becomes a weapon himself)
Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat (Events DJ)
Groucho (A ventriloquist doll that is controlled by an unseen person)
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