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The Agents of Anarchy

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Picture Bases: Damian Priest & Dominik Dijakovic 

Tag Team Name: The Agents of Anarchy

Tag Team Members
-Lucian Reinhardt 
-Clint Carter
-Shyla Brooks (Manager)

Combined Weight: 517lbs

Alignments: Tweener

Similar To: 

Entrance Description: "Shut 'Em Down" by def rebel begins to play throughout the arena, the lights dimming down until there's a single spotlight on the stage. Under the spotlight are the trio of Lucian Reinhardt, Clint Carter, and Shyla Brooks, all three have grins on their faces. Shyla nods her head, looking towards the crowd. Clint bounces on his feet, throws some elbows and a knee while Lucian raises his arms up, the arena lighting up. Lucian and Clint fist bumps then the three heads to the ring, Clint popping his knuckles, and Lucian pops his neck. Once the trio reach the ring, they walk up the steel steps, Clint and Lucian holding the second rope open so Shyla can enter first, the two entering the ring afterwards. The three walk towards the middle of ring, standing there for a few seconds, looking around then raises their arms up, causing pyro to go off. Shyla wishes the two good luck then exits the ring. Clint takes off his jacket while Lucian takes off his vest, the two tossing their stuff to the side. They turn and face the entrance way, backing up to the ropes. They get themselves into the zone, Clint doing some shadow boxing and Lucian rolls his wrists, Shyla shouting some words of encouragement from the outside.

Signature Moves
-Double Chokeslam
-Double Suplex 
-STO (Lucian)/Big Boot (Clint) Combination
-Powerbomb (Clint)/Neckbreaker (Lucian) Combination
-Stinger Splash (Clint) followed by a Spinning Side Slam (Lucian) Combination
-Sky Lift Slam

Finishing Moves
-Anarchy Reigns (Running Single Leg Dropkick [Lucian]/Spinning Legsweep [Clint] Combination)
-Last Rites (Double Crucifix Powerbomb)

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