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the House of Wolves

the Hive

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Picture Bases : Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell

Tag Team Name : the House of Wolves

Tag Team Members: Danae and Kassandra

Combined Weight: 326 lbs.

Alignments: Heel

Similar To: Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell

Entrance Description: The arena is currently buzzing, as “Timber and Winds” by Paola Bennet is gently playing over the speakers. The fans are wondering what is going on, as the song begins to play a bit louder, then the song begins to fade after, the fans hear…

Lady Catelyn alone had the river’s sharp ear
Heard dancing reels turn to the Rains of Castamere.

Right as that last phrase is spoken, the lights go out in the arena. The screen flickers on, and a video is shown as “the Rains of Castamere” begins playing quite loudly, thunder cracks and as rain begins to fall in the area. There are two women there, both in black robes, walking along the path of the black forest, one carrying a torch of blue flame, the other carrying a torch with a silver flame. A White wolf with red eyes follows behind them for a moment then moves around then, trotting to the far side of the fire. The blue torch bearer drops her torch into the fire and in the arena blue pyro shoots up from the stage. As the first woman moves to her left, then the silver torch bearer moved to where she was, and she tossed her torch onto the fire, as Silver flames shoot up on the stage. The video then cuts out while “the Rains of Castamere” continues to play. The Silver and blue Flames shoot up from the stage once more, as the two women appear on the stage. “the Rains of Castamere” finishes, as “Lilac and Violet” by Miracle of Sound begins playing.

Lilac flowers
And berries where we lie
Behind these violet eyes
A fire

Tragedy's child
Born into cruelty and crooked form
The hateful twist of rejection
Bends my heart

The two women then turn and face each other, as they flip down their hoods as they turn their heads staring into the ring. The robes fall to the stage, as Kassandra turns first, grasping her wrist flexing her hand, followed by Danae who comes over resting her arm on the shoulder of Kassandra, looking smugly out to the crowd. A loud boom is heard behind the two, as a new banner drops, revealing the logo for the House of Wolves. The two women begin to walk down to the ring side by side, as they are focused on the ring.

Lilac flowers
And berries where we lie
Behind these violet eyes
A fire
No price or power
Can ever satisfy
Behind these violet eyes
A fire

The two give the occasional high five, as they make it to the bottom of the ramp. Kassandra and Danae look into the ring, and then go opposite ways, as Kassandra goes left, and Danae goes right. They climb up onto the ring apron at the same time, the ring announcer looks at the two of them as they step underneath the bottom rope. The Ring announcer puts their microphone up as the two women look at them.

“At a combined weight of 326 lbs. representing the Hive, they are the team of Kassandra and Danae, the House of Wolves!”

Kassandra lifts her hand with Danae’s as they look out at the fans. They spin in a circle, then look up the ramp, as the two watch for the opponents coming. Kassandra then goes over to sit on the turnbuckle while Danae stands in front of her.

Signature Moves :

1. Double Suplex
2. Spinning Spinebuster followed by a Backstabber
3. Samoan Drop followed by Diving Neckbreaker
4. Assisted Swinging Side Slam
5. Wheelbarrow Facebuster followed by a Double Knee Facebreaker
6. Delayed vertical Suplex combined with a Lariat
7. Double Spinebuster
8. Double Dropkick

Finishing Moves

Wolves End (Shatter Machine (Flapjack (Danae) while Kassandra hooks the opponent in a Double-Knee Facebreaker.))



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