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Promo Guidelines

Charlie Feigel

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These are essential policies that must be adhered to:
  • Promos mustn't break the fourth wall.
  • Promos must be original, not copied and pasted from someone or somewhere else.
  • Each handler is asked to cut at least 1 promo, but you may post unlimited promos.
  • Video promos that are cut MUST BE linked into the promo threads and Discord. The promo(s) MUST be at least posted onto one of our official social media accounts and onto our forums or Discord.
  • Promotion(s) (cutting promos) activity is a MUST! We want to have promos cut in a timely and efficient manner. So, it fills up the downtime between events.
  • Three Strikes Rule: No-showing THREE (3) events without an explanation will have handler(s) released from AWS immediately upon completion of any event that took place. Going on a hiatus is fine just let any AWS Management member know. If handler(s) no-show our events unannounced, the character(s) will be immediately be written off/used in any manner that the members of AWS Management and/or AWS Writers deem fit.
Promo Scoring Guidelines:
There are four criteria we look for in a promo, remember scoring is subjective depending on whomever scores the promo. That means in a nutshell, the person doing the scoring has his/her own opinion and that doesn't necessarily mean it's the same opinion expressed by another scorer, or the efed. There is a maximum of +100 points on the line. Perfect scores are NOT always achievable!
  • MATCH RELEVANCE (+25 Points)
    • Was the opponent(s), match and/or event mentioned enough? If you researched your opponent, is there accuracy in the information?
  • ENTERTAINMENT (+25 Points)
    • Has the writer kept you entertained throughout the promo?
  • DEPTH & FLOW (+25 Points)
    • Does it have a logical structure and makes sense? How long is it?  How short is it?
  • ORIGINALITY (+25 Points)
    • Did you just stand there and talk at the camera? Are you always doing interviews for every promo? Are you just showing up at "televised house shows"?

Clauses & Advantages Guidelines:

  • There is a rematch clause for all former champions, the former champion or champions will have one opportunity to regain the title or return to back of the line.
  • There is a championship advantage, if a champion ties or nearly ties (within +1 point) an opponent then they will likely retain the championship; unless otherwise specified by the match writer or there is an agreement between the champion(s) and challenger(s).
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