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Konrad Raab © • versus • Troy Funk

AWS Ward

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Every now and then a professional wrestler had a match that just seemed fit for them and their style. A wrestling match that was fit for them and what they loved to do in the ring. Sometimes it was something basic like a tag team match. Other times it was something higher risk and needed more technique like a ladder match or submission match. And then there were matches that were entirely different. Outside the means of regular pro wrestling or even the norm for it. Matches that had different settings and venues aside from four corners and a live, hyped crowd watching them.


And that match in this case and context was a Fight Pit match at Champions Carnival and this match seemed just right for Troy Funk of The Violent Generation.


Troy Funk was the grandson of Terry Funk, great-nephew of Dory Funk Jr. His parents had no interest in becoming wrestlers themselves but he got the wrestling bug hard. He loved the sport, and growing up he was a decent jock who was unafraid to fight. But much to his parents' chagrin he chose pro wrestling instead of college sports but made money quickly, and gained the reputation for being a tough young brawler who despite the handsome face would punch you in yours if you tried to mess it up. No wonder he was a shoo-in for the first male member of The Violent Generation. Shannon, Dina, and of course AWS management saw talent in him.


No wonder he gave them a positive return on their investment as a wrestler with racking up wins, making money, and even helping Ben Reks and Zane Maritato settle into the promotion and TVG. And made him just right for the Fight Pit match 


This brought us Champion’s Carnival. A pay-per-view event in Berlin, Germany. A beautiful city with beautiful ring rats. Make no mistake though Troy had to be careful not to enjoy the city TOO MUCH. He had his girlfriend at home waiting for him after all. Vanessa was in his heart. Which also drove him to fight hard in every possible match that he could and hold nothing back. Vanessa, along with the desire to elevate The Violent Generation, and his own self drive motivated Troy for every match


Which led us to the Fight Pit itself. Four sides, all steel, fully set up and just waiting for the lights to come on and the fans to watch. But Troy Funk was sitting right in the middle of it. Wearing his street clothes and looking clearly into the camera. Ready to speak and address the fans directly. Getting settled in before his upcoming war against "Ice Blood" Konrad Raab. A grizzled veteran from Germany who was no stranger to fights and was a personal rival of his. 


Though let's see what Troy Funk would have to say about him…


Troy Funk: A fight pit for the Underground Championship Damn this just feels right for us doesn't it Konrad? We’re not too far from your hometown of Berlin too. So these fans, especially the German ones, are going to see us have a damn fight right here. In these four walls of steel, close quarters, a rowdy crowd ready for us to steal the show…and ready to see me win this sonuvabitch…


The AWS cameras showed slow, steady shots of the steel sides of the pit as well as seeing Troy Speak. Showing the setting and adding to the mood for the fans at home. 


Troy Funk: This match right here. This is something that my grandfather and great-uncle would be proud of. An enclosed space for a match, can’t escape, climb at your own risk, and yeah pinfalls and submissions are needed but the real goal is to beat the hell out of your opponent until they lose their will to fight. Cripple them until they CAN’T fight back. That’s the point of this Fight Pit match. Winning it isn’t even the only thing that matters and it damn sure isn’t what people want to see. Not that I care. But that’s the goal though. To beat your opponent so bad that three counts might as well lead to the AWS doctors or WORSE for the loser.


The Texan-born wrestler was now adding some hype-up to the match. Letting the fans know just what to expect when he and Konrad went to war in the steel-covered square-circle. It wasn’t just hype though. He really was prepared for a bloody, barbaric, battle against Konrad where even if he won. Which he was expecting to do. He’d be living with some visible, unignorable, pain. Troy was just going to make sure Konrad was in worse shape.


Troy Funk: I remember when we had that triple threat match with Alleigh Marie. You talked shit about how being a part of a team is a sign that I can’t get things done on my own. That I’m weak because I have comrades, allies, friends, a team of people in the Violent Generation who want me to win every match. Now I won’t get sappy and say that “I’m fighting for them” and “my friends make me stronger.” But I will say this about us. Even if The Violent Generation wasn’t around or better yet if I wasn’t in it you can bet your ass I’d still be one of the best damn wrestlers in the Asylum Wrestling Society. We ain’t some team of misfits and losers that couldn’t do shit on their own and decided to band together to stop the losses. No, we’re young, hungry, men and women who believe the fastest way to run this business and run it early in our careers. Hell most of us got gold in this company. Singles or tag team, and nobody in The Violent Generation has been wrestling for more than a few years. We ain’t just hungry for success. We’re starving but we wanna hunt big game as a pack.


Troy was making it clear while he was a part of a notable stable. A true team in wrestling. That didn’t mean he was any less of a wrestler and a weak man... Just that he wanted a lot of success in a short period of time with like-minded people who liked to bust heads and make a lot of money in this business in short order.


Troy Funk: But like pack predators they can still be a damn problem one on one and you don’t wanna get in an enclosed space with one of them and you’re not ready for it. And Konrad, you’re not ready for me. Not now, not at Champions Carnival. You wanna talk about “Ice Blood?” I'm gonna paint this cage with it. Konrad it’s going to be you versus me. This hungry pack-hunting predator who you disrespected and he’s going to leave with your AWS Underground Title.

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