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Necra Octavian Kane © & Rene Volkov • versus • Zoey Epsilon & Legion

AWS Ward

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Zoey Epsilon had been adding some unique characters to her episodes as of late. New opponents to test her skills against and even more interestingly new tag team partners to work with. She’s been teaming up with unique wrestlers who don’t have much in common with her aside from a drive to win. But Zoey was fine with that. While she was indeed friendly she never sought out friends or long-term alliances. Zoey was a solo protagonist of pro wrestling at heart which meant that while she may not have a lot of wrestlers over her house for film study (as in watching anime for about half a day) Zoey may have been a good, loyal, teammate when need be but she wasn’t looking to formally enter the tag team division. So she saw these tag matches as a mixed bag because of it and her fans knew it too.


This is why her tag team match alongside Legion against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov had extra appeal to her fans. She had no true idea what Legion was about but she had a damn good idea about Necra and Rene Volkov. This required Zoey to do some old school research and check out Legion just to be sure what she was getting herself into. While wearing a "My Hero Academia" UA High School shirt.


Zoey Epsilon: Legion…lets see here…


Zoey was doing some match research on Legion and she liked what she saw from her. She had more in-ring experience than Zoey but Zoey had more experience than Legion in terms of the Asylum Wrestling Society. Perhaps she could make a symbiotic bond with the older woman at least for the match. Zoey also liked how Legion wrestled. She was technically skilled, mean, and carried herself like a confident queen like her nickname said she was.


Zoey Epsilon: Whoa. I never saw anyone bend like that. Legion is MEAN. Okay let's see here…wow what a nice suplex. But what about her finishing moves..ITAI. That’s gonna hurt!


Zoey just saw Legion hit her “Queendom Come” into “Storytime” combo finisher which put her opponent out with ease. The more she saw Legion wrestle the more she liked her. But now came for the fun part…the promo research! Zoey was going to need this if wanted to include Legion in her promo.


And Zoey had some ideas pop into her head the second the “Queenslayer” on the mic. This is going to be FUN.


The core promo from Zoey was animated like a medieval anime. Swords clashing, dragons flying, and Zoey looking like she came directly out of "Sword Art Online", Legion herself looking like a beautiful and powerful queen with dramatic music playing in the background to add to the mood and scenery. Plus Rene and Necra looked like evil sorcerers with unholy armies and magic powers. Clearly depicting them as villains. That’s the mentality that Zoey had leading into their battle at Champion’s Carnival. Even if Legion didn’t see herself as a classic hero Zoey saw them both as more noble than their opponents.


And soon enough they were clashing during the intro. Swords against swords until they stopped right when the song ended with the four wrestler’s names written in Japanese kanji. Then on screen we saw the words “Champions Carnival” written in English and in Japanese before fading to black. 


Then once it was done it showed Zoey Epsilon, looking like a mighty swordswoman with her two friends Elijah Edwards who was in barbarian attire and Taylor Matthews who was like a melee rogue  alongside her on the way to Legion’s palace.


Taylor Matthews: I get Legion summoned you to prepare for your battle against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov but why do you need us?


Zoey Epsilon: Because I think Legion should see the people who were responsible for training me. Who made me so strong


Elijah Edwards: I've never met another wrestler before but if she’s your tag partner she must be pretty cool.


Taylor Matthews: And don’t worry, we’ll be on our best behavior. It’s not everyday we get to see royalty.


Elijah Edwards: Especially a kick-ass warrior queen


Legion was hyped up through images of her in the ring, throwing down against the likes of Hollie Holt, among other unlucky opponents. Hyping Legion as a tough, powerful combatant.


Taylor Matthews: But wait, are you sure that you’re on the same page? You’re facing off against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov. Not saying you can’t beat them but are you sure you and Legion are on the same page?


Zoey Epsilon: Sōda to ī. I really hope so. Necra and Rene are very creepy but also very talented. I don’t like them at all but Legion invited me here so we can get a game plan together. That’s what I hope this meeting will accomplish before we go to the Champion’s Carnival. 


It was another case of Zoey teaming up with a wrestler that she had nothing in common with. At least on a surface level. Legion looked different compared to her, wrestled differently as well. But surely they could come to a common ground and defeat their opponents in tag team combat. And Zoey’s optimism was drawn on screen with she and Legion shaking hands and performing moves on their opponents, Necra and Renee for Champion’s Carnival.


Elijah Edwards: Is that the palace up there?


Elijah pointed to this medieval palace just up the road. It looked like something directly from a fantasy movie. Mostly black and brown with hints of white among the main building and towers, overlooking a beautiful blue water lake with banners that had Legion’s logo hanging down from the windows with guards patrolling the area. Complete with two at the gate


Zoey Epsilon: Hai…that’s a palace alright


Taylor Matthews: Yeah right down to the guards waiting for you. Are you sure we can go in?


Zoey nodded before responding.


Zoey Epsilon: You and Elijah have been training me this whole time and you’re my companions. My friends. It’d be wrong if I didn’t take you with me and besides. You might have some input on our upcoming opponents.


Elijah Edwards: Alright then. One way to find out though.


That was the last thing he said before they crossed the drawbridge to greet the two guards at the front entrance.


Guard One: Zoey Epsilon…and guests. Our queen was expecting just you.


Zoey Epsilon: I may not have a royal escort but these two friends helped me along the way. Through training, through the forest on the way here.


Pictures were seen of Zoey, Taylor, and Elijah making short work of wolves, a bear, and bandits in the forest.


The guard on the left that finished talking to Zoey looked at his comrade on the right. As if wondering if they should let them in.


Guard Two: Fine. You may all introduce yourselves to Queen Legion. But we will be watching you and your friends…


Zoey Epsilon: Arigatou. Let's go…


And Zoey led her friends into the palace where they would introduce themselves to the beautiful warrior queen Legion. Surely the meeting with Legion would go smoothly and they’d be on the same page before their battle against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkoff...right?

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Act 1: Charlemagne


"Hermopolis is opened and my head is sealed. O Thoth, the eye of Horus is unblemished, the Eye of Horus saves me, and splendid are my ornaments from the brow of Re, father of the gods; I am this Osiris here in the West. Osiris knows his day, and if he does not exist in it, then I will not exist in it. I am Re who is with the gods and I will not perish; stand up, Horus, that I may number you among the gods."

Spell 8 - Book of the Dead


Voice Over: Germany is such a beautiful country. Filled with history, colorful villages and towns. Cities stretch along the sides of the Rhine River before fading into vast countryside. But the hidden truth, the secrets that have long since been buried sometimes make an appearance. The Concentration camps still dot the countryside, blood is still runs through the ground, bodies lay just under foot, while their spirits wander in search of either forgiveness or verification of what they did was right.  A land where druids and witches dwelt long before modern man ever appeared. Magic still exists and the place where the stones of Charlemagne stand it is still moving among the ground, the stones and the place where the Nazis and their so called power was once found... 


The scene opens on the beautiful countryside of Germany. The sun had already set for another night, and a light breeze moved across the beautiful city of Osnabruck Germany. The camera moves over the city and soon comes to a stop on the woods. The sound of wolves echoed through the night from somewhere in the distance, while crickets chirped loudly from the tall grass and bushes that lined the countryside. A trail wound itself through the woods, and soon we see an all to familiar face appear along the trail. Necra is dressed in a short dark shirt with The Eye of Horus on the front of it, a pair of what could be considered Daisy Duke shorts and sandals and a lantern in hand. She smiles a strange smile as she continues along the pathway with the rocks crunching under her feet.

Necra: Do you know what it is to feel magic, I mean real magic move through the land? To see things that shouldn't exist but somehow do? This place is filled with spirits, and other bits of the supernatural and no one even knows about it. Oh sure ghost hunters come here in hopes of seeing something but there is a secret that they don't tell you... Do you know where I am? I am in the place where Charlemagne forced the Germans into Christianity and then broke the largest altar stone where the pagans worshiped their gods. They say that even after he converted most of them to his religion witches and druids still performed their rituals on what was left of the stone on the solstice's and equinoxes. But now their spirits still linger here and even Charlemagne still rides through the countryside. 

Necra continues to move along as shadows seem to move around her. 

Necra:  The wild hunt has begun. and now he will arrive just as he always does. The great Emperor Charlemagne. He conquered the pagans, just as I have conquered my last few opponents, and this time will not be any different. The so called super hero Zoey... She will truly face off against a villain. A goddess among the rift raft of the world. Now she believes that I am an evil sorcerer. How wrong you are. I am a goddess not a wannabe magic user. My power comes from divinity, not study. There is a big difference. As for Rene she is a woman of science an knowledge, something you don't seem to understand when it comes to her. If I so desired I could raise an army and take over what I wanted but I don't need to. I am powerful and don't need lesser beings to do my dirty work for me. Zoey I don't think you have any idea of what you are doing in the middle of the ring, I mean when you faced off against Rene you managed to not only come out to a tie, but didn't realize that it wasn't over between the two of you. I don't think I've ever faced you but I guess there is a first time for everything isn't there?

She smiles as the sound of horse hooves moving across the ground are heard.


Voice Over: The Riders in the sky make their way across the land. Anyone that sees them is never heard from again. You have to humble yourself before the great Emperor Charlemagne, or be taken by the hunt. Me... I don't humble myself before the man that destroyed innocent priests of old gods... I am Death! I will stand before the great Charlemagne and live...


She climbs up onto the rock as a wind seems to come out of nowhere. Her long black raven hair whips in the wind as it moves around her. Her eyes glow blue before they go back to their normal golden color. 

Necra: Legion... You are not the True Legion. Legion means we are many. Unless you are hiding what you truly are inside... But I have a feeling that you are nothing more than another pretender that thinks they can stand against someone like myself. The so called Queen Slayer, is just another fool that is just as useless as your partner. You may have won titles in other companies but you are facing off against the one and only "TRUE" Goddess Champion. So what if you've beaten lesser foes, you have yet to face off against one that is truly above you in every which way possible. I am a Goddess while you are nothing, I am a Queen while you are a pretender, a slayer that has yet to stop me. There has only been a handful that have stood against me and managed to walk away, but you and Zoey have no chance at what you are about to face. I just hope you know what you are getting yourselves into. Evil will prevail as it always does.

As she laughs a heavy mist starts to roll across the ground. A figure of a man on a massive horse appears. This was Charlemagne. Alongside him rode several figures dressed in old cloaks and armor. Heavy helmets adorned their faces but red eyes could be seen coming from underneath.

Charlemagne: Who dares stand before Emperor Charlemagne?! 

Necra: The daughter of Isis, and Malaci. Death itself stands before you!

Charlemagne: Death? You are not the one that took my soul to the gates above!

Necra: No, I am not. But I am death. One that has come long after you. 

Charlemagne: Then I have no quarrel with you Lady Death. But what are you doing here?

Necra smirks as her eyes turn into a deep red.

Necra: To harness the power that still resides within this altar that you destroyed. 

Charlemagne: The altar of the heathens!

Necra: Witches, Druids, and others that you believed were heathens still came to this place and worshiped the old gods. There are still believers and we will never die. 

Charlemagne: One day death will no longer be needed! Nor will any of the heathen gods!

Necra smirks.

Necra: The day that death is no longer needed is when the world ends. We'll be the ones to put the chairs on the tables, turn the lights out and close the door behind us. Now if you excuse me I have to be on my way...

Charlemagne just turns and rides off with the others following behind him, leaving Necra alone once again.

Necra: As for my partner. Rene you and I are more than friends, we are family. Darkside will always be darkside no matter where we are. I know your talents, and your skills will be a great help in the middle of that ring. You still have unfinished business with Zoey and I will let you handle her while I take care of Legion. We will do whatever we have to stop them and prove that we are the best of the best in the end. This is where it all begins for us Rene and the end for the so called hero and the so called Queen Slayer. I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Alpha and the Omega, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it.

Necra laughs as the wind picks up once again, as the mist starts to rise around her once again. As the mist fades we see that Necra is gone, as the scene fades to black.





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The cameraman walked along the darkened hallway, where three torches stood lit in their holders.  A gold torch, a blue torch, and a silver torch.  The cameraman removes the gold torch from the holder, then the door opens.  The storm washed over the cameraman as the rain fell before him.  He stepped into the dark doorway; the camera came into focus on a darkened path before him.  The lightning cracked, as the sound of circus music is heard throughout.  The cameraman looks around then begins walking as someone appears in front of him, a ballerina pirouetting for him.  She giggled and vanished as the lightning in the distanced kicked up and a woman is seen lying against a tree.  The cameraman digs a small hole placing the torch within it, as he offered his hand to the woman.  She sits up giggling to herself, as the cameraman has seen her multiple times before.

 “the RINGMISTRESS awaits you in the distance.  The dark circus has corrupted this world for the longest time, we are all just players in her show.  You are just witnessing what she can do, go now she awaits you, I am tired…”

 The cameraman turns seeing the bridge beginning to form.  He watches as the woman fades to ashes, he then sees the bridge in its full form.  A loud cackle is heard through the realm, then a crackle of red lightning appears.  The cameraman moves along the bridge slowly, as the fog began to roll in.  a hand seen only by the fog begins to form, and the cameraman has no clue.  The hand crawls along behind him slowly, then tries to grab the leg of the cameraman, when the lightning turns and cracks again, this time hitting the hand sending it flying. The cameraman turns seeing the writhing hand sitting against the wall.  He then sees the long whip type strand sitting there pulsating with the red lightning.  The cameraman steps off the bridge, watching as the bridge collapses and falls back into the river of blood.  The cameraman ignores this and sees the doll sitting off to the side, where he slowly moves over to it, picking it up from the ground.  He removed the two pins within it’s throat, then it begins coughing hard, eventually spitting up two gold coins.  The cameraman sees them, and puts them immediately in his pocket, then he puts his hand out, and the doll stands up.

 “the RINGMISTRESS circus, a dastardly place, of mischief and sorrow.  She waits for you at the end of the small path, where the circus tent forms.  She has her team always prepared for the show.  Enjoy, now let me go…”

 The doll then pushes its way out of the cameraman’s hand.  It then runs across the blood red river, as hands reach out and take it beneath it’s depths.  The cameraman shakes his head, then turns to where the path has been cleared by the trees.  A soft giggle is heard through the trees and a woman in all white emerges from the trees.  She puts her arm out and the cameraman takes it as she looked at him.

”the Ghost” Tarja Kingston: This is always such a beautiful place when it comes down to her design.  She always has a flair for this, the world, the people.  Sometimes I wish I had this wonderful gift, but now the show is about to begin.  Follow me.

 Tarja walks along the path, then she walks up to the bouncer standing at the front of the tent.  She presents two tickets, winking, as the cameraman approached.  The man nodded then stepped out of the way he raised the curtain, and then disappeared afterwards letting the curtain fall back into place.  Tarja takes her place upon the bleachers that happened to be sitting there, the cameraman takes a spot next to her.  A woman in a single leotard happens to be standing in the middle of the ring, she has her head down as Tarja offers the cameraman some popcorn.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:  Ghost, how many times have we told you, we do not expect you to be in our audience, but in our show?  Regardless, we are so happy that you finally have come, outsider.  Tonight, is a very special performance when it comes to us, and we finally get our chance to prove ourselves against a champion in this place.  AWS last time you had us face that woman Hollie Holt, and gave us a win because that other person has issues with Ms. Holt, now we gotta team up with someone else who lost last time, Zoey Epsilon, against Necra and her mother…  Don’t worry, the show is about to begin.

 Legion then runs her gloved hand along the brim of her hat, and then she snaps her fingers, the lights go out under the big top.  Tarja claps as the cameraman looked over at her, as the lights come on, Legion is standing in the middle circle still, lifting her hand up, the spotlight goes on the tightrope walker with Zoey Epsilon’s face covering theirs.  They slowly begin walking the tight rope, as Legion looks up at them.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:    the last time we saw Ms. Epsilon, she had lost her spot for this very event.  Here she is now though, rebounding from that and teaming with the one person, whom most people consider the odds-on favorite.  That is us, and in a casket match, nonetheless.  Now, she might get very lucky, because if it comes down to throwing Necra and her bizarre mother into a casket, or throwing her, then we will not hesitate.  See Zoey, we are not friends, we are not enemies.  We are just common people, who have an interest to take down the ones known as Necra Kane and her deranged mother.  This fight will give us an edge because we’ve been buried before, set on fire, and even competed in a last Ride match.  Zoey do not go in thinking we will become friends, because the Queen does not have friends, she has her inner circle, and that’s about it.  Now as you can see the tight rope walker is very good at what they do.  Zoey, were just a hand away, and your confidence will thrive or die, depending on the moment.

Legion goes over and bumps the tight rope walker, who falls to the side catching themselves on the rope.  Legion then smirks, snapping her fingers and the lights go out, when Legion snaps her fingers again the tight rope walker is taking a bow, as they are on the other side of the platform safely.  Legion claps with them, then takes a quick bow.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:    Now, on to our next performance…

 Legion then points just off to the side, where two trapeze artists await, both wearing the face of Necra Kane.  She laughs then motions for them to begin.  She then steps into the shadows letting the two do their thing.

 “the Ringmistress” Legion:   Necra Octavian Kane, the current reigning, defending WXW Goddess Champion.  For the first time ever, we meet on a battleground, and in doing so we can create chaos.  See you believe in the macabre, those things that the world cannot explain, but can be seen by those who know.  See us though, we have already lived this world, we are a living curse.  Last week you defeated Roxanne, in a grueling match, we watched from the shadows among you.  Now, this time we get to face off in a casket match, and the stakes there can be interesting.  When you touch the fringe of our world, there is so much you can learn.  One day we will want to face you one on one because then we can see who the true better demon is.  For now, our trapeze artists will wow you, because they truly represent you, a high risk and a high reward.  See Necra, for now you can clutch your precious because you’re walking into a dark path, and you have your mother with you. 

 Legion then watches as the two do their act, above, flipping through the air, catching one another, then Legion motions back to the platform, where the two go.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:   Finally the fire hoop…

 Legion then looked over at the two pointing off to her side.  The hoop lights up, as two wolves emerge from the back.  The two handlers are wearing the face of Rene Volkov.  Legion goes over to join them, as she laughs silently for herself.  She snaps her fingers and the ghost disappears from the crowd, into the ring with her.  Legion motions, then Tarja lights the hoop on fire.  Legion sent her away, she came back carrying a black leather box, which Legion looked out for a moment.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:    We come to our final competitor in this Grave consequences match, or a casket match.  A woman who comes from home, and where is home you may ask?  Well, it’s a little forest just outside of the city, cursed place you would love it.  See we are prepared for every instance of an occurrence, but with unknown variables comes risks that are not something one can prepare for.  We are an x-factor in any match, but when you learn by watching a competitor that is unknown, is fun to compete against. 

 Legion opens the box pulling out a whip, she looked at the fire.  The Red lightning still pulsed through the whip, as the cameraman stepped down moving closer to get a better look at the weapon, Legion smirked.  She had her blue-eyed wolf, come off her chain, as she then turned to him.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:  You may be the reaper of death Necra, but you have never come up against a monster like us.  You could bring your mother, your father, your sisters.  Do you think it will be enough?  Your mother is in this match, and once we are done we will stack you up like cord wood and throw away the key, in the grave consequences.  Zoey, you are just on the right side.

 The Black Wolf appears next to Legion, as she cracked the whip again, the other wolf comes off its chain hopping through the ring of fire, taking its position next to Legion.  Legion then bows.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:  and this concludes our program, so let’s recap shall we?  Tuesday night we go into a Grave Consequences Match with Zoey Epsilon, against a woman who wants to be us, and her mother.  The Queen will be pleased, now cameraman if you do not mind the dragon awaits…

 Legion then gets the other performers to join her around her.  Ms. J & Tethys bring out the chest, the cameraman stands up looking down at the two coins in his hand, Legion laughs then motions for him to come forward.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:   the Sickness has always been a problem, even since we started collecting the coins.  Now it’s just a phase we have all gone through, in order to protect the sacred coins.  Return them now.

 The cameraman shakes his head, as Legion stands waiting.  Legion then motioned to Ms. J who goes over taking the two coins from the cameraman by force, then she takes them over to the chest.  She places them within the chest, then nods to Legion.

 “The Ringmistress” Legion:  Be gone, and remember death!

 She took a bow as did her performers then she snapped her fingers.  The Lights go out, and a door appears,  the cameraman goes over to it, where it returns him out.  Legion, Ms. J & Tethys walk by him, Legion smirks, as the door slams behind him.

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