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The Violent Generation © • versus • The Samoan Dynasty

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Things were looking up for the Violent Generation as of late for just about all parties involved. Zane Maritato was wrestling now, in fact he was training with Ben Reks. The Violent Generation’s superheavyweight for even bigger training since Troy was getting more match time.


And speaking of match time the men were getting more action lately. Shannon and Dina entrusted Troy, Ben, and even Zane to represent the stable more often.


This includes the Asylum Wrestling Society Tag Team Titles. 


Troy Funk and Ben Reks were a pair of fight-hungry wrestlers that defined the toughness of AWS and helped put the violence on The Violent Generation. Troy was a brawler that liked to throw fists, feet, and use a lot of fundamental-focused wrestling moves, Ben was a super heavyweight powerhouse that wasn't afraid to go to the air on occasion. And they were chosen to represent their stable in their title match at AWS Insanity against the Samoan Brotherhood. Mark and Titus Manu.


The Samoan Brotherhood had been on a classic rising star tear in AWS. Winning matches and building a rep for being tough as hell with great tag team chemistry. They were a great matchup for Troy Funk and Ben Reks for a battle that might steal the show.


But right now the men of The Violent Generation were having one friendly beer at Vanessa’s bar, the Smiling Cat. Getting discounted beers considering how Troy was dating the lead bartender


Troy Funk: So you got your passport ready?


Ben Reks took a sip of his Heineken beer while Troy sipped his Sam Adams Boston Lager and waited on his larger teammate’s answer.


Ben Reks: I forgot I even had one. Shannon told me to get one the moment I signed with AWS. I’ve never been east of Boston and now I gotta go to Italy? Holy shit.


Troy Funk: I know. And management recommends you leave early in case of a layover or if you wanna do some sightseeing. 


Ben Reks smiled and shook his head.


Ben Reks: Damn. Hey, does Vanessa know you're gonna be gone to Italy?


Troy Funk: Yeah and she hates it. We're dating and she doesn't even like it when I'm out of Texas.


Ben Reks: I think that just means she loves you. Besides she's a civilian, you ain't one so of course she's gonna miss you.


Troy was taken back by the wisdom of his huge tag team partner. He looked at him and then at Vanessa at the bar.


Troy Funk: Damn dude that's smart holy shit. And you're right too.


Ben smiled from Troy's praise while taking a swig of his beer.


Ben Funk: Thought so. Just try not to fall in love with any Italian chicks.


Troy Funk: If I do then I better not come home.


They laughed at this joke before going right up to the bar to order another one. The other patrons gave them a berth since they were wrestlers.


Vanessa: Pro wrestlers coming through. Ready for round two boys?


Troy Funk: You know it. 


He confirmed with Ben standing sitting right next to him.


Vanessa: Thought so. Coming right up.


Vanessa poured up two beers for them. It would be their last beers for tonight since they had to leave for their flight. Luckily both men could hold their booze.


And once they got to Bologna, Italy they would be looking to hold onto the AWS Tag Team Titles. Complete with their proper promo


Troy Funk: There’s a lot of things I love about being an Asylum Wrestling Society inmate. You wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world, you make a lot of money, hell you may even make a friend or two. But one of the things that stand out to me the most is the travel. Holy hell I’m going to Italy with my badass tag team partner Ben. Getting ready to fight The Samoan Brotherhood. 


Troy’s voice came in a voiceover in the background while the plane he and Ben were flying right to Italy.


Ben Reks: This is my first match in another country. There’s no way Troy and I can blow this.


Troy Funk: Mark and Titus are gonna be in for hell against us and I mean that. We didn’t come to this damn country for a vacation. We came here to fight and retain these AWS Tag Team Titles.


Then the video feed showed them heading backstage of the Bologna, Italy arena. Suitcases and travel bags in hand that held their ring gear and their championship titles.


Ben Reks: I could use the exercise. I never pass up a chance to bust heads and put down a tag team that thinks they’re doing good because they won a few matches.


Troy Funk. The big man’s right. There’s levels to this and The Violent Generation is on a higher level than the Samoan Brotherhood and we love putting contenders in their place.


Troy and Ben were now speaking from their backstage locker room in full TVG gear.


Troy Funk: Plus we wanna do right by Shannon, Dina, and Zane. We gotta impress them too by leaving Italy like we came in. With the AWS Tag Team titles. But it’s okay Mark, Titus. You can drown your tears in some overpriced, overrated coffee after we beat your asses

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