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Maple Leaf Uprising


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Picture Bases * Ethan Page, W. Morrissey, Kyle O’Reilly, Jacy Jayne, Wardlow, Rhea Ripley

Faction Name * Maple Leaf Uprising


Faction Members * Maverick Hart (Leader. Grandson of Stu Hart, Son of Bret Hart. He is 29 years old. Representing Calgary) 


Garrison Howlett (Member. Former Canadian Army Major. He is 29 years old. Representing Toronto) 


Jacques LaCroix (Member. Former Mixed Martial Artist from Canada. Protege of Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. He is 30 years old. Representing Montreal) 


Aurora Starr (Member. Canadian Fitness Model and actress turned wrestler. Representing Vancouver. She’s 25 years old)


Grant Hammer. (Member. Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Representing Winnipeg. He’s 24 years old)


Hilda Stark. (Member. Lifelong wrestling fan with a power & paint theme. Representing Saskatchewan, She’s 27 years old)


Combined Weight * 1, 224 lbs


Alignments * Babyface


Similar To *


Entrance Description * The “Team Canada” version of “Oh Canada” plays and the team comes out on the stage and it’s clear that while they’re all Canadian their personalities are different. Maverick is in the middle, Garrison and Jack are on his left, and Hilda, Aurora, and Grant are on the right with red and white pyro going off behind them. They work the babyface appeal with smiles to the crowd, poses, and touching the hands of fans with Maverick leading the team down the ramp to the ring and then Maverick stands in the middle, posing with his teammates in the middle.


Signature Moves * Double Superkick. Double Hiptoss. Double Elbow Drop


Finishing Moves * Hart Attack (Maverick & a partner). First Canada Place [Elevated Jawbreaker] (Garrison & a partner). Pont Champlain [STO-German Suplex combination] (Jacques & a partner). Poetry In Motion (Aurora & a partner). Helping Hammer [Double Spinebuster] (Grant & a partner). Doomsday Device (Hilda & a partner)


Motive * They're Canadian wrestling patriots. But instead of just opposing America and other countries they want to restore Canada's presence in the wrestling world. All of them are wrestling machines who wish to represent their country and themselves as young wrestlers

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