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Troy Funk © vs. Konrad Raab


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Troy Funk was a proud professional wrestler. The grandson of Terry Funk and great-nephew of Dory Funk Jr. was happy to follow in their footsteps and beat up people for a living with a hardcore mentality. A professional wrestler who’d do anything to win. Damn the rules, damn the regulations, winning the match, finishing the fight wasn’t just the most important thing that mattered. It was the ONLY thing that mattered. He wasn’t afraid to put some bruises and rugged war wounds from wrestling on that pretty face of his.


No wonder Troy took to the Violent Generation perfectly. Earning the respect of Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley with ease. As well as being seen as a competent ally to his fellow men in the team Ben Reks and Zane Maritato. He represented the team, his family, and perhaps most importantly himself and made a lot of money in the Asylum Wrestling Society. 


And even got a championship title too. Troy Funk was the current, reigning, and defending AWS Underground Champion and he loved every second of it. It meant he got paid more than quite a few wrestlers and had more respect too. It was positive proof that he was a badass in the locker room and could be seen as a star in the eyes of the fans. This just meant that he had a target on his from wrestlers who believed that they were the toughest pound-for-pound wrestler in AWS. Including some that would be recurring pains in Troy’s ass. Like Konrad Raab.


The Troy Funk vs. Konrad Raab rivalry was a must-see battle for wrestling fans who liked matches with grit and hardcore violence in their wrestling match. They had arguably the most barbaric match in Champions’ Carnival where Troy won the AWS Underground Championship off of Konrad Raab and now he had to defend it in AWS Ward. In a Fight Pit match! Another match with close confines too for this meeting.


This was just right for Troy. He beat Konrad before and he believed he could do it again. Training was a breeze for the Texan. He was watching past matches, doing strength and staminina training at the AWS Performance Center and his private workout room in the Double Cross Ranch back at Texas. Getting his paces in with the weights and in the ring with one thing on his mind everyday leading up to the match.


Troy Funk: I’m going to beat Konrad Raab’s ass.


Troy Funk was sitting squarely in the ring. Wearing his street clothes as opposed to his pro wrestling gear. Red and black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots while looking squarely into the camera with stone cold focus. Ready to speak to the Asylum Wrestling Society fans and more importantly his opponent Konrad Raab.


Troy Funk: I’m Troy Funk and honestly at this point I don’t even know.else I can say about Konrad Raab but dammit I’m going to try make it clear and say something now about this son of a bitch Konrad Raab.


Troy sighed after a deep breath and returned his gaze to the production camera.


Troy Funk: I’m fighting Konrad again for the Underground Championship. This time though I’m the champion, and this time these ropes right her are going be behind four sides of steel. A damn fight pit. A match from a company that’s the furthest thing from AWS but damn is it Fitting for two badass man-beasts like us?


Troy made that statement and gave a little smirk at the end of his sentence while making note of the history that these two men had with each other.


Troy Funk: See that’s the thing Konrad. I don’t hate you. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like you, I don’t like your ugly-ass facepaint, your tacky-ass ring gear, or your blood fetish, but I don’t HATE YOU. In fact I respect the hell out of you because you can wrestle and you can fight. You wouldn’t have held this fine championship belt if you couldn’t. But here’s the damn thing. I ain’t giving this back to anybody. This Underground Championship right here is MINE. I earned it after kicking your ass, taking it from you and I ain’t giving it back anytime soon.


And then Troy gave a light chuckle.


Troy Funk: Well damn. I guess I got more a lot to say after all. I guess it comes from somebody you’re used to fighting against, bleeding with, and doing battle with. But this time Konrad the result will be the same as it was before. I’m going to kick your ass and RETAIN my AWS Underground Championship. And yeah we’ll have a hell of a match. I expect that from you but this time old man, I’m gonna put you down for good. See you in the Fight Pit.

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Konrad's in his haunted house he brought to do wrestling videos in Chicago, Illinois, three days before facing Dory Funk, where he has blooded windows, skeletons plastered all over the home, screaming coming from out of nowhere, wooden floors covered with red paint. There was a wooden chair in the middle of the haunted house. He had pieces of blood on the wall on tissues, labelled with many names, including some of the wrestlers in Asylum Wrestling Society. He sat down with an angry look on his face, with two red tins of paint with the mace sitting in front of him.

Konrad Raab: "Let's go over this shall we? I'm still at a loss how you beat me. There's no other way of looking at it because losing to you is the most embarrassing loss of my life. It's a joke I lost to you, and most importantly, it's a joke I lost to you for that title you did jackshit for. You beating me was an absolute fluke; you weren't even the best wrestler in the match. You didn't even defend well, you just made a move, and I couldn't kick out of it. I insulted myself by losing to a piece of trash that isn't better than me in the ring."

Konrad could not give himself pride in losing to wrestlers. It was one thing to lose to some of the top wrestlers, but he never felt that with Dory Funk, he never felt embarrassed, ashamed of himself, and it only made him angry. Konrad poured more red paint over himself, with anger without any source of reasoning about how he lost. There was no explanation for it.

Konrad Raab: "You can falsely pretend you've beaten me, despite what happened in that joke of a match and the records, but you didn't; you just did a move and beat me without doing much in the match. However, well fucking done on making me angrier for the pathetic excuse you are as a wrestler. Sure, you caught me once, but things have changed. Big fucking time. Last time you fought me in the ring, I didn't have this."

Konrad picked up his mace to show in front of the camera.

Konrad Raab: "This is the deadliest weapon the wrestling world has ever seen; it's called a flanged German mace. What a lot of guys on horses used in medieval times, which will be a massive advantage for me because I can cripple you in a matter of minutes. You failed to beat me down. You couldn't beat me with your arms tied behind your back because I'm far more dangerous, and more so now I'm coming for your fucking head. I'm taking back a championship that I shouldn't have lost in the first place, that Underground championship. That title should be around the waist of the best wrestler, not a wrestler who's a one-hit wonder with his fluke lucky win over me."

Of course, it did mean Konrad had to take a slightly different approach to the match. Sure, he hated losing and, most importantly, giving credit, but he couldn't. He couldn't give credit to someone he shouldn't have lost to. He pours more red paint all over himself and looks dead set on the camera.

Konrad Raab: "I don't give a shit what you'll say to me, but I have to take your fluke ass seriously now because I wasn't before. You can say I'm making excuses, but the match spoke for itself. I'm not making excuses when your ass is going to be brutally beaten. Your tag buddies will carry you out of the match because I'm ready for a massive comeback and beat you with an inch of your life. So much so that you won't be standing on your own two feet because that Underground title means more to me than it does to you, especially since you're more focused on tag quest than retaining the Underground title."

So much hatred Konrad had for his opponent and knew he had to be careful, so much so that he was blinded to his disgust and his power of wanting to destroy Dory literally.

Konrad Raab: "You got lucky once; it's not going to happen again because you will regret it fast, and this time, the results will be different. I'm going to take you fucking seriously, despite me shitting the hell out of you. It's how much I hated that match; I hated losing to trash that didn't deserve to be champion. I'm going to make you work for it harder than ever, but only you're going to be dropped like a ton of bricks, more so with my new friend."

Konrad raised his flanged German mace.

Konrad Raab: "I guarantee you that the odds aren't in your favour; they aren't because I will brutally and viciously beat you, and I won't be stopped until I'll throw you inside of the pit and burn you. You are well and truly fucked on Monday night, and this Ice Blood will be the new Underground champion again. No question about it. Prepare to be Iceinated by the new Underground champion because you can't do anything to stop this ice-cold blood killer from damaging you with my flanged German mace."

Konrad stood up and kicked the camera for it to turn off automatically.

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