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Sarah Frost vs. Night Rider


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He watched intently as the building went up in flames, knowing that this was truly the end. In some ways it bothered him but he knew it was for the best. He took one last look at his former home before grabbing his gear and starting down the road. Now, all he had were the clothes he wore, what he had in his duffel bag, and of course his best friend Uno. Uno is a pure breed Pitbull who is as lovable as a kitten. Unless he hears one word from him. He was used to starting over and the AWS seemed like the perfect place. He just hoped they would accept his buddy.


It wasn't long before the road turned into a highway and the traffic began to pick up. Uno stayed safely away from the traffic as Night Rider turned and stuck out his thumb for a ride to the nearest town. There he would use his card to get them a place for the evening before buying a vehicle and heading out the next day. He was anxious to get busy and get back in the squared circle. He even had his first match scheduled against someone named Sarah Frost. He figured she did a lot of chilling and was one cold person. Soon she would find out that life can be colder than she may like it when she steps into the ring against him. 

to be continued

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There are people who say that time heals all wounds, those people are idiots! Some wounds burn you so deep that they will never heal. At one time he was a person surrounded by a bunch of so called friends. People he loved and felt like family with. Only to have every one of them leave him when the going got rough. They turned and ran as fast as they could, leaving him alone to fight the demons. If it had not been for the dog he never would have survived. Uno showed up out of nowhere during the final battle when the last four of them had finally bested him. He remembered that he was just about to pass out when he saw this blur of white teeth flashing before him as the dog attacked. Two of the four ran off upon seeing the dog and a third has his throat ripped out in a split second. The fourth one barely had time to react before the dog was ripping him to shreds.

Night Rider shivered as he recalled the dog waking him up by licking him. He remembered looking around at all of the blood and carnage. He dragged the bodies into the old abandoned house that used to be his headquarters. He then set a few fires in the right places and left. He named the dog Uno because he was his only friend. All he had to do was call for help and somehow he knew that Uno would hear him and come. He looked down at Uno who was looking at him with a big smile on his face.

Uno: You got that right! 

Huh, what?

Uno: I said you got that right. What part didn't you understand?


Night Rider: You can talk?

Uno: Nope, not me. Who else would be talking to you, my shadow?

Night Rider: Oh so your a comedian too huh

Uno: Yeah, and at no extra charge. Now hush up here comes a vehicle

Night Rider turns around to see a vehicle pulling up beside him. An old man inside turns down Patsy Cline on the radio before beginning to speak.

Old Man: Looks like you could use a ride son. Where ya headed?

Night Rider: Just into town to grab a room for a bit before heading on to Albany, New York.

Old Man: Well I can get you into town, it's only bout twenty some miles further down the road here. Hop on in.

Night Rider: Sure as long as you don't mind my dog.

The old man looked down at the stuffed animal in the guys hand and nodded.

Old Man: Sure, your ah, dog is just fine.

Night Rider: Thank you.

Night Rider couldn't understand the odd look on the old mans face but was grateful for the ride. He closed his eyes for a bit as Patsy sang about walking after midnight.

Old Man: Hey, wake up. We're here. This is Miss Nellies bed and breakfast. She takes on boarders now and then and is a better bet than them high dollar fancy hotels.

Night Rider opened his door as he thanked the old man and turned to walk up to the front door. The door opened before he had a chance to even knock. In front of him stood a middle aged woman with long red hair and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. He couldn't really say she was attractive but she had a classy way of carrying herself. He could tell by the way she held her hand out to greet him.

Ms. Nellie: Hello Sir. Randolph phoned and told me he had someone who needed a room. Said you was one of them rassling types. He knows I have a soft spot for rasslers. I'll show ya to yer room so ya'll can get some rest. It's on the quiet side of the house away from the otha folks. 

Night Rider grabbed his gear and followed the woman, listening half heartedly as she talked about some hillbilly named Jim and a few wrestlers he vaguely remembered. Then he almost bumped into her as she stopped suddenly in front of a door and placed a key in the doorknob.

Ms. Nellie: Now, I don't allow no visitors after hours round here if you know what I mean. My own room is on this side as well and I needs all tha beauty sleep I can get at my age. Here is your key and goodnight.

He took the key and stepped into the room. He did nothing more than put his duffel bag in the soft chair before pulling down the blanket and sheets to check for bugs before turning in. It didn't take long before he was fast asleep. He had no ideal how long he had been sleeping before he heard someone shouting.

Uno: Hey, sleepy head. Wake the fuck up. Dreaming is for pussies.

Night Rider: Wha?

Uno: No, not Wha. Wake the fuck up. I want to talk.

Night Rider: It's Five AM. It's still dark outside.

Uno: I bet your opponent Sarah Frost wouldn't care if it was dark outside.

Night Rider: What do I give a fuck about what she cares about or not? All she is to me is an opponent, someone I have to get through to move on to the next challenge. I will do everything that I can to make sure I am victorious.

Uno: Not if you don't start training at Five AM. That way I can run ahead of you and get some exercise as well.

Night Rider: Okay, I got you. I understand.

He threw on his jogging outfit and headed quietly out the door and down the hall. Once outside Uno took off on a slow run allowing Night Rider to get started before picking up the pace. Uno would stop at intervals and Night Rider would do a set of push ups before starting again. This went on for a couple of hours and they began to make their way back to the bed and breakfast when a woman saw them and gave him a strange look. Night Rider swore he saw that look before but couldn't figure out why he was getting them. He didn't have jeans on so he knew his fly wasn't open. The Old Man. He looked at him that way as well. He went back inside without giving it another thought. He needed a shower and a bite to eat.


To be continued

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The sun was shining brightly as he stepped outside. He had just finished a hearty breakfast and a shower after doing his morning workout. He sat down on the porch swing with Uno by his side. The dog wasn't his normal self this morning and Night Rider was beginning to worry. It wasn't like Uno to be so quiet. He knew it was getting closer to his match against Sarah Frost and he wondered if that could be what was wrong. He wasn't worried about his match. He already expected to have some ring rust but once things got going he would be just fine.

Night Rider: What is it Uno? What's bothering you boy?

Uno sat there quietly staring off into space. His eyes completely blank.

Night Rider: Okay, you don't feel like talking right now. I understand boy. I get that way sometimes myself.

His thoughts turned to his match as he sat there petting his dog. He had done his research and he knew that his opponent, Sarah Frost, was no slouch in the ring. She has held a championship before and knows what it takes to win. His biggest mistake would be to underestimate her. She may only be 130 pounds but she is as strong as they come. Her Hurricanarana is rated among the best in the sport. He would have to watch out for that. All in all he felt that it would be a pretty good contest. He was confident enough in his own abilities to overcome whatever she would throw at him. He knew she had a tendency to break the rules quite frequently but so did he when it was done to him. If you wanted to wrestle a clean match then he could do so as well. One thing he was worried about was outside interference. He didn't know if she was part of any cliques here or not. He would have no one at ringside with him. Uno seemed to be skittish around other people. He would have to be left in his hotel room. It was always that way when you move to a new organization. New faces and new techniques to get used to. Nothing he hasn't done before. He hoped that this would be the last time he ever had to do it. When he signed the dotted line on his contract it was no temporary deal. He was in it for the long haul, win or lose. This was the only life he knew. He just about went stir crazy the time he was off. It got old sitting on the beach and drinking Coronas.


Excuse me, sir

A voice broke his train of thought and he turned to see a young man in a postal uniform standing in front of the swing. He was surprised that Uno hadn't barked at him or anything.

Night Rider: Can I help you?

Postal worker: I have a manila envelope for someone named Night Rider?

Night Rider: Yes, that's me. Before you ask, yes it is my birth name. My parents were dark people with a sense of humor.

Postal worker: Can you sign here please?

Night Rider took the device from him and signed before handing it back. Night Rider took the manila envelope and held it tight as he waited for the guy to pull away. He undid the clips and started to open it.

Uno: Are you sure you want to do that?

Night Rider: Uno, now you speak.

Uno: Nope, it wasn't me. It was the guy behind me. That envelope is bad news. I get a strange feeling from it.

Night Rider: It's just an envelope. What harm can it do?

He opened the envelope and saw  more than a few stacks of $100 bills along with a note.

"We know who you are and what you have done. Here is just a small advance of what your full payment will be when you finish what you are going to do for us. At a time when we are ready for you to do it. Don't think that you can escape or refuse to do our bidding. We have ways of getting things done"

Uno: I tried to warn you. It doesn't sound good. I would bet they want you to kill someone.

Night Rider looked at the money in the envelope again. Boy that was a lot. It wasn't just a regular somebody they wanted him to kill. This was something bigger than that. There was no post mark on the package, that seemed odd. Perhaps the postal worker didn't really work for the post office. It may have been a disguise. Why him though? Why choose him when he knew there were thousands of for hire assassins out there who could do their bidding? He would have to give it some thought before deciding what his plan of action would be. He took the envelope to his room and placed it under the mattress next to his gun. There must be some way he could find out exactly who was behind this crap. He would wait until they contacted him again, whoever it was. Tomorrow he would be leaving for New York. He figured they would make their move there.

Uno: You bet your sweet ass they will. Those are big city folks with big city pockets. This $h!t is serious!

Night Rider: I get that feeling as well, Uno. Maybe I should go to the authorities?

Uno: Sure, then I'll be searching for a new companion. 

Night Rider: Yeah, you're right about that. Going to the authorities is out of the question.

He grabbed his cell phone from off of the table next to the bed and called to confirm his flight. Then he called the local taxi and scheduled to be picked up one hour before his flight. There, now everything was set. Nothing to worry about at the last minute. Tonight he needed to unwind. He hadn't had a drink in weeks and he was getting mighty thirsty. He remembered seeing a bar not too far down the road on one of his early morning runs. He started to call a taxi for that but decided that the walk would do him some good and give him some time to clear his mind before he started drinking. 

He was right, the fresh early evening air really did help. The walk didn't seem to take very long at all. Before he knew it he could hear the music from inside. George Jones sang about taking a Grand tour as he opened the door and stepped inside. There were just a few empty tables and not many seats at the bar. It seemed like a pretty popular hangout. He walked slowly up towards the bar and found an empty stool. He sat down just as the bartender came over and asked him what he wanted. He ordered a Jack and Coke and turned towards the dance floor. With it still being kind of early not too many were actually dancing yet. He figured that would pick up once they began to get buzzed. The bartender brought his drink. He gave him a hundred and asked him to keep them coming.

It was then that he noticed her walk through the door. Her flowing red hair and emerald green eyes shouted out here I am as they demanded to be noticed. He watched her as she walked across the bar and through a door in the back. The bartender must have noticed him looking and began speaking to him.

Bartender: That there is Roxanne, or Roxy, as she likes to be called. Her daddy owns this bar. I hear he's one real bad ass.

Night Rider: Yeah? What's his name?

The bartender held out his hand and Night Rider shook it.

Steven: Names Steven. Nice meeting you. Yeah, I'm just filling in tending bar while Roxy was running errands. She will be taking over back here in a bit.

Night Rider: Oh wow, I meant no disrespect I just.

Steven: It's all good. Here she comes now.

Steven walked over and spoke to Roxy while Night Rider kept staring at her eyes. He couldn't stop. It was as if he were in a trance. He didn't even hear her when she walked over and said hello. When he did he awkwardly held her hand and could hear his voice cracking as he spoke.

Night Rider: Hello, I am Night Rider. It is a pleasure to meet you Roxanne.

Roxy: Please, call me Roxy. A pleasure meeting you as well. We don't get many new folks coming in here. Usually it's always the same old ones. Daddy says to keep the drinks coming for you and you would settle whatever was over the hundred you paid already. Night Rider, what an original name.

Night Rider: Yeah, my parents were dark people with a sense of humor. It was a real treat growing up.

Roxy: I'll bet it was. Is that why you turned out so tough?

Night Rider: Tough? Not really. I was always bigger than the other kids but I was never the bully type. I always kicked the bullies asses when I saw them picking on someone. No one was ever really bad enough to make fun of my name. I guess they knew it wouldn't turn out well for them.

Roxy: Your nice, I like you. Let me refill that for you.

She took his empty glass and turned away. It was then that he noticed what a great body she had. A perfect hour glass figure with a great ass that she knew how to move. When she turned around he noticed the beautiful breasts with the nipples sticking through her Johnny Cash T-Shirt. Damn she was so fine.

Roxy: Here you go hun. I'll be back in a bit. I have to make my rounds.

She winked at him and walked over to help out some of the other patrons as he looked back around the bar. A few more people had began gathering on the dance floor. In a second he could point out the ones who would be getting naked before the evening was over. They were the ones he always avoided. 

Roxy: I'm back. Did you miss me? So tell me Mr. Night Rider, what's your story? Where are you headed.

Night Rider: I am a professional Wrestler. I just signed with a new promotion and I am heading to New York tomorrow to join them. I have my first match early next month.

Roxy: Wow, I bet that's a lot more exciting than tending a bar all of the time. The same people and the same bullshit day in and day out. It really gets old and boring. I wish I were going with you.

Night Rider: What about your Dad? Wouldn't he be upset if you left?

Roxy: He would be for a little bit but he just wants his baby to be happy. He knows I'm not here.

Night Rider then began to tell her about Uno and was happy to hear that she liked dogs. They really seemed to hit it off and drank late into the evening. He didn't even remember the band coming in, setting up, and then finishing. He waited for her and her father while they closed the place down and then followed them home to make sure they were okay. He then told Roxy goodnight and he would see her the next morning before heading back to the bed and breakfast.

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It was early the next morning when Night Rider woke up. He splashed water on his face and wiped it with a towel before putting on his jogging pants and a sweatshirt. A nice run would do him some good this morning. He was supposed to meet Roxy at ten so he still had five hours before he had to be there.

Night Rider: Come on, Uno. Time to run.

Uno jumped off of the lounge chair and walked over to the door.

Uno: About damn time. I've had to piss for an hour now.

As soon as the door opened Uno ran out like he was shot out of a cannon. He ran over to the nearest tree and hiked his leg. Night Rider started towards the road on his normal routine. He knew that Uno would catch up with him when he was ready. He was just about to the gravel drive that led up to the bar he was at the night before. Only now it looked completely different. Today the driveway was overgrown with weeds. So was the parking lot. There was an old rusty chain across the driveway that said No Trespassing. He was startled by the drastic change and  stopped. He followed the driveway towards the bar and was shocked to see a partially burnt out structure with boards nailed over the doors he swore he walked through just the night before.

Uno: Tough way to find out isn't it?

Night Rider: Find out what?

Uno: All of this. Last night.

Night Rider: What do you know about last night.

Uno: You haven't figured it out yet have you? You are a magnet for the paranormal. Why do you think that no one else can hear me or see me like you do? To them I am nothing more than this stuffed animal that my spirit possesses. Last night you interacted with the spirit world and were transported back to a time before the tragedy.

Night Rider: What tragedy?

Uno: Whatever tragic event took their lives.

He felt devastated. How could it be? Roxy? Steven? Were they merely apparitions? It had all seemed so real. Right down to the touch of her lips against his when they said goodnight. He decided to head back to the bed and breakfast to ask Ms. Nellie about it and see if she could give him some answers as to what happened. He remembered her saying that her place was on the same side as his and there was only one other suite on that side. He went to the door and knocked. It took a few minutes before she opened the door.

Ms. Nellie: What is it? What can be so bad at this hour of the morning?

Night Rider: I apologize for disturbing you at this hour but it couldn't wait. Last night I went to the bar down the road. I went in and drank and met people. Today it is boarded up and a mess. What in the world is going on?

Ms. Nellie looked saddened as tears began to welt up in her eyes. She opened the door further and motioned him in as she closed it behind her.

Ms. Nellie: I'm going to put on a pot of coffee. Have a seat there on the sofa and I will be right back in.

She walked out of the room and Night Rider sat down on the sofa. He looked around and thought it was strange that there were no family pictures hanging on the walls or in frames on the stands. Nothing but the generic type of photos you find in doctors offices or hospital waiting rooms. The walls were a bland off white almost tan color. There was no carpeting, just a couple of multi colored throw rugs here and there. She walked back into the room carrying a tray with two cups of coffee on it along with creamer and sugar.

Ms. Nellie: I wasn't sure how you took your coffee so I brought the cream and sugar with.

Night Rider: Just two sugar please and thank you.

Ms. Nellie: No problem at all. Now, about the Four Seasons bar. That was it's name back then. Everybody loved to go there just for the atmosphere. Steven and Flora, his wife, seemed to have the perfect life. The bar was a success, they had a great home, and their daughter Roxanne was prospering as a waitress and barkeep. The money was rolling in for all of them, then it all started. First, Flora passed away suddenly in the middle of the night. Never been sick a day and just stops breathing. A couple of years later there was a band there, I forget the name. There was a short in one of the wires connected to their equipment. It was late and everyone was pretty buzzed. Steven and Roxy tried getting everyone out but the fire spread so quickly that they didn't stand a chance. Forty-Five people lost their lives that night. The place has been boarded up ever since. If you were there last night then you were somehow transported back to the past. More than likely to the night of the incident. This happens every now and then. A stranger will come through with the right connection and experiences what you did. Is that why you have that stuffed dog with you all of the time? I sense there is something more to it.

Night Rider: That, stuffed animal ripped the throats out of two people and saved my life.

Ms. Nellie: Ah, possession and transformation. You truly are gifted. What is it?

She could see the sad look in his eyes.

Ms Nellie: It's Roxy isn't it? You fell for her. Not surprising. She was very pretty. 

Night Rider: She was going to go with me to New York. We really hit it off.

Ms. Nellie: Perhaps she still will. You just never know with spirits. Sometimes they materialize just as real as you and I. Other times they are merely ghostly apparitions. I have a feeling you will see her again.

They finished drinking their coffee and talked for another hour before Night Rider headed back to his room. He sat down on the chair and turned on the television. The local news was on. He just halfheartedly listened as his thoughts turned to his match. He wondered what this Sarah Frost was like. He just hoped that she would be able to give him a good fight. He needed that much to vent some of the anger building up inside of him. He was confident enough in his own abilities to know that no matter what she threw at him he would be able to handle it. He has faced some of the toughest competition he could imagine and he was still here. No matter how hard they tried to take him out. He had won his share of championships and would do the same in the AWS. It was just a matter of time.

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The scene opens up at a fancy restaurant , where we see Sarah Frost with her big date with Ricky, who she saw at her high school reunion the other week. They had already sat down at a booth, and they begins to look over the menu.

Ricky: So do you know what your going to get yet Sarah?

Sarah looked through the menu, as she shook her head.

Sarah Frost: So many delicious meals. I still don't know what to get. I might decide to do the country fried streak with the white gravy. It looks so good.

Ricky: It does look good. I might get the meatloaf. I might need to start making meatloaf at home. I have my dad's recipe at home. I've just been too busy to take that kind of meal.

Just then, the waiter approaches them.

Waiter: Hello my name is Kevin, and I will be taking your order this evening. Are you two ready to order?

Ricky: Yes we are. I would like to order the meatloaf please. This comes with two sides right?

Kevin nods his head.

Ricky: Then I will take creamed corn, and some green beans. I would like a sweet tea to drink as well.

Kevin write down his order, then he turns to Sarah.

Sarah Frost: I think I will take the country fried steak with the loaded baked potato, and a side salad with ranch dressing please. And for my drink, I think I will have some lemonade please.

Kevin nods his head, as he writes down her order.

[colors=skyblue]Kevin: Alright. I will be right back with your drinks in just a little bit.

Sarah Frost: Thank you.

Kevin grabs the menus, and heads off to put their order in. Ricky then looks at Sarah, and smiles.

Ricky: You look beautiful this evening. I'm glad you agreed to have this date with me. I've always had a crush on you back in high school, but I didn't know if you liked me back.

Sarah Frost: Well I did like you too. I was just too shy back then to say something. Now I'm glad I got to go the reunion. I didn't want to go at first, cause I wasn't really feeling up to going, but now I feel better that I went.

Ricky: I know your a wrestler now. It must be hard to get matches. What made you be a wrestler though?

Sarah Frost: I was watching with my dad back when I was younger, so I really wanted to get to be one now. Not too many people thought I would make it in the wrestling business, but it's not hard at all. Yeah we all lose some and win some. I am just going to climb that ladder to be a champion.

Ricky smiles again, as the waiter brings their drinks and some rolls.

Kevin: Your food will out in just a little bit.

Sarah and Ricky nod their head, as the waiter heads off. They get a roll, and put butter on it. They both take a bite, as Sarah speaks.

Sarah Frost: Now I have to prepare for my match with Night Rider.

Ricky: Who is Night Rider?

Sarah shrugs her shoulders.

Sarah Frost: I don't know, but I do know that I have be more prepared than ever, cause I have no clue what he will bring to the table. I've taken on men my whole career, so I know how to handle myself with them when I'm in the ring.

Ricky: Hey I'm happy for you anyways Sarah. I don't know if I would like being a wrestler. I just want to be me in the regular working world.

Sarah laughed a little, as she was having a good time with Ricky.

Sarah Frost: We all have our opinions on things. I would never hate on someone who hates wrestling. I rather be their friend than try to argue with them. We all can agree to disagree.

Ricky: I love the way you think Sarah. You don't show no hate to anyone.

The waiter then brings them their food. He puts the plates down near them.

Kevin: Is there anything else I can get for you two?

Ricky: I think we are good for now.

Kevin: Alright well if there's anything else I can get for you two, then let me know.

Sarah Frost: We will.

As the waiter leaves, they begins to eat their food. They nod their heads, liking the food.

Ricky: Man this food is good. I want to end this date by saying I want to wish you good luck against Night Rider, not like you need it though.

Sarah Frost: I've never had country fried steak this good. Anyways, thanks for the good luck. I had fun on this date, and I hope we can do it again soon.

Ricky: I would love another date with you soon Sarah.

They look into each other's eyes, smiling brightly, as the scene slowly fades to black.

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By the time that the plane landed in Albany, He was already aggravated beyond belief. To start with there were no seats left in first class so he had to settle for coach. Then he was stuck in the middle between a heavy set female who would pass gas every ten minutes and then say oops, excuse me. The elderly guy sitting next to the window snored so loud it sounded like freight train rolling through. He was glad that they let him keep Uno with him. He kind of giggled when he remembered their looks when he asked if it would be okay for him to keep him. He forgot that all they see is a stuffed animal. He remembered how vicious Uno was when he savagely ripped a guys throat out right in front of him.

At least the sun was shining when he stepped outside after grabbing his bag from luggage claim. He figured he would take a Taxi to the motel and then get himself some wheels tomorrow. He hailed down a taxi and was about to get in when he heard a voice calling his name. He turned to see a female running towards him with a cameraman in tow. Well, here it begins. He knew it would sooner or later.

Laura Andersen: Night Rider, Can I have a moment of your time?

He waited for the woman to catch up to where he was at and was about to speak when she continued.

Laura Andersen: My name is Laura Andersen. I am with the AWS and I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your debut match against Sarah Frost.

Night Rider: Pleased to meet you. Of course, ask away.

Laura Andersen: I have heard that you have been inactive for quite a while. Do you think that will factor into your match?

Night Rider: Oh, of course, there may be some butterflies before the bell rings. More in anticipation and wanting to get back into action. As you can see, I keep myself in prime condition at all times. I don't see it really being a problem. I am sure that Sarah is a quality opponent who is going to give it everything she has but in the end it's not going to be enough.

Laura Andersen: How much will not knowing anything about your opponent affect you? 

Night Rider: Boy, it must really be early for you. That was a stupid question but I will answer it anyway. First, it's a non factor. She knows just as much about me as I know about her. Sure there may be old footage of me going to war in the shadows out there somewhere but who knows. That was a long time ago.

Laura Andersen: What about the age difference? She is a bit younger than you are.

Night Rider: Age means nothing to me. It is merely a number that is put on you to make you feel old when you are not. I have family members who lived well into their hundreds. I am just as quick and agile as I was when I was in my teens. I can do a standing drop kick that would make my opponents head feel like it was being ripped off their shoulders, and if that's not good enough there is always cheating.

Night Rider laughs at the look on Sarah's face before she responds.

Laura Andersen: You would resort to cheating against a female opponent?

Night Rider: Well hell yes I will. She is nothing more than another opponent to me. She is someone who is standing in my way and I intend to remove her by all means possible. Besides, look at her record. She would do the same thing the first time she gets the chance to. Just because she doesn't have a penis don't mean shit. She still has some balls though I will give her that.

Laura Andersen: Why do you say that?

Night Rider: It takes a special kind of woman to do what she is doing. Not every woman can handle the training and the hardships this sport will do to a body. I respect that.

Laura Andersen: Do you have any last words before I end this interview?

Night Rider: Just let me say this much. Sarah Frost, you don't know what you have gotten yourself into. I am the worst demon from your scariest nightmare. I am the creaking of the floor in the middle of the night. I have been places and done things that would give you the chills. Once that bell rings there will be no escape and I will have no mercy! Don't take it personal when I defeat you. Just accept it and move on. It will have no bearing on your future. I am sure you will win again in the future, just not against me. Just face it, you don't have it in you to defeat someone of my caliber. You see, it's like this. There are tiers in wrestling. You have the beginners and show openers, then you have the mid level talent, who are usually washed up champions and talent not quite good enough to be main streamers, which leads to the next tier, the main streamers. Those who bring in the big bucks and are always in the hunt for a title shot. You,Sarah Frost, are in the mid level category while I am above and beyond even the highest tier. 

Laura Andersen: Thank You, Night Rider, for your time. I wish you the best against your opponent. There you have it folks. Tune in or show up for the match. It is sure to be exciting. This is Laura Andersen signing off.

Laura turns and walks away with the cameraman in tow while Night Rider hails down another taxi and heads to the Hotel to check in. He could sure use a nice hot shower and a few hours of sleep after that crazy flight. He was surprised that she didn't mention him holding Uno but the guessed she figured it was none of her business. 

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