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The Violent Generation vs. The MVPs


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Tag Team Match
The Violent Generation vs. The MVPs

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The Violent Generation was very observant. They moved in silence and studied the opponents they wrestled before the match. They knew who was trending up and trending down, who was getting more ring time, and who was off the show. And their opponents for the upcoming Stardom event were the heroic MVPs. Their old rivals were indeed trending upward and getting plenty of match time.


They crossed paths before in the ring but this was different. The MVPs were getting fast popularity in the eyes of the Asylum Wrestling Society fans as likable, athletic, babyfaces. This made them prime challengers for Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley who just wanted to see how good they’d gotten after all this time. 


Eliana Gomez and Hailey Scott were going to get the very best version of Shannon and Dina. They’ve been preparing for this match from the very moment that the show card was made public so fans could get their tickets. Doing tandem workouts to prepare for their match which is where their passion and chemistry were extra-evident. Not just by spotting each other on the bench press but by doing sit-ups, pull-ups, and even doing squats and battle rope drills on each other’s shoulders. 


In other words, their goal was simple and evident and that shows that they were still relevant in the Asylum Wrestling Society tag team scene.


And in Dina’s case, it was similar to how her mentor Bully Ray was showing that he was still relevant in the professional wrestling scene. She was watching Bully Ray’s return at Impact Wrestling’s “Bound For Glory” event.


Shannon Douglas: Are you still watching that match, Dee? 


Dina Dudley: Yeah. I can’t get it out of my mind for some damn reason. And I don’t even care for the match it’s the moment itself. And he won too.


Shannon stood next to her in the locker room of the AWS Training Center after a tough, fulfilling, tandem workout


Shannon Douglas: I don’t care about Impact but I heard of that moment and I know it hit you hard. In a good way though. I mean…


Dina Dudley got a bit reminiscent of the situation and began to get lost in thought while talking with her tag team partner.


Bully Ray: All of you are going to be damn good wrestlers in this business but only one of you has the honor and the opportunity of holding the name of Dudley. Because you graduated top of your class. You are “Magna Cum Dudley!”  Danica Marelli come up here!


A younger, smaller, Danica Marelli walked onto the small stage on the one floor “Team 3D Wrestling Academy” with calm composure on the outside but inside she was beaming with glee.


D’von Dudley: Danica you hauled ass from New York down to Florida just to learn how to wrestle and you gave it everything you got. Of all the men and women here you earned the right to wrestle with the last name “Dudley.” Do you choose to accept this name?


Danica Marelli: Yes! Yes I do.


Danica relaxed after giving her answer. Drawing chuckles from her classmates. 




She looked out at her classmates. Some of them would have careers in wrestling themselves like her in due time.


Shannon Douglas: Dee… Dee?... DEE!


Dina’s eyes widened with a start. Her best friend and fellow Violent Generation member were talking


Shannon Douglas: You were spacing out…


Dina Dudley: Yeah, I was. I was just reminiscing about my last day in wrestling school. How I earned the name “Dudley.”


Shannon smiled following an understanding nod.


Shannon Dudley: Well we have our match against the MVPs tomorrow. Make your teacher proud okay?


Dina Dudley: You know it.


They bumped fists to end their conversation and left the building soon after. Dina was going to do her absolute best to not only win the match for her team but make Bully Ray proud of her.



The Buffalo Riverworks arena was packed to capacity. Just like how the Violent Generation liked it. Things were just right for Shannon and Dina to make their statement clear to the WXW fans at home and abroad.


Time to get it started! Shannon and Dina were backstage in full “Violent Generation” gear which consisted of their latest T-Shirt you can buy at the AWS shop with Dina in black pants and Shannon in black booty shorts.


Shannon Douglas: Stardom. It’s an appropriate event since Dina and I are two of the biggest stars in Women’s Extreme Wrestling. Every match we’re in is the one match you as a fan must see. Even if it's against opponents that we faced before. Like The MVPs.


Dina Dudley: Eliana, Hailey it’s nice to see that you’re relevant again. Meanwhile me and Shan never stopped being relevant in AWS. Because we fight hard, we work hard and find ways to keep people talking about us as contenders. Because we’re that damn good and we haven’t fallen off the map like you two clowns have.


Shannon Douglas: Whether it’s AWS, WXW, or any promotion Dina and I come in and take it over. We win matches, we run the division, and we put the world on notice. What do you two do Elina & Hailey? Hell, what does the whole MVP team do? Aside from choking in big matches, getting close to victory but not close enough? Sure, you all are great athletes. Some of you won medals and college trophies, but we’re better at wrestling and we damn sure fight hard.


Dina Dudley: And we’re going to prove it here tonight. You see. My mentor Bubba Ray Dudley returned to the ring recently and wouldn’t it be great…if we put one of the MVPs through a table Shan?


This made Shannon grin while Dina pulled in a wooden folding table off screen.


Shannon Douglas: That would be a great idea, Dee! In fact,…


Shannon stepped off screen to grab a table of her own.


Shannon Douglas: How about two? 


Dina Dudley: Hailey James-Scott, Eliana Gomez you’re going to lose tonight in Stardom and you’re going through tables and those Goddess Tag Team Championships are OURS.


Shannon Douglas: Enjoy picking splinters out of your body. We’ll think of you while we’re polishing our titles.


And with that confident smirk the promo ended, and the camera transitioned to commentary. The next match was underway.

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