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Julieta vs. Aly Kay ©


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How many pro wrestlers can say that their first official singles match was for championship gold? How many wrestlers can say that their championship match was a second chance for a match that they lost? And the biggest question was how many wrestlers had that second chance in their wrestling promotions event.


Julieta can answer those questions with an easy, honest, “Me!”


She lost the battle royal for the Temptress Championship at Queens Of Combat but she put on such a good showing she was the number one contender to face the winner of the battle royal Aly Kay. Who also represented the MVPs


Julieta wasn’t going to waste this one-on-one shot she had at Stardom. Not if she had any sense in her head


The Boricua-Mexicana wrestler did all the right things to prepare for her first event. The training, the ring work, practicing her moves, and staying fit for this work. But something didn’t fit right in her heart. Her spirit wasn’t in her preparation. And it had nothing to do it with Aly either because she believed that she could give Aly a short Temptress title reign. She wasn’t worried about the champ. It was her home life.


Mike Dimter was recently fired from the Asylum Wrestling Society shortly after her Queens Of Combat match. About a couple of days after the battle royal. In fact, they haven’t spoken since then; not in person, not over the phone. Nothing. And it worried her. She needed to contact him immediately just to put her mind at ease. Thankfully she still had his phone number saved as “Amor.” 


Julieta: I wonder if he picks up this time…


"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter is walking out of a store in Chicago when he hears his phone ring then he sees his girlfriend Julieta down the street waiting for him to pick up then he slowly walks up behind Julieta then he put the call straight to voicemail so he can hear what she is going to say on the voicemail


Julieta: It's me, Julieta. Your girlfriend. We haven't talked since you got released from AWS so I just thought I'd call you, check on you, see how you're doing and call me back as soon as you get this Mike. Okay? Bye. 


Julieta was an unpleasant blend of annoyed and worried right now. Was he okay? Had he found a new girlfriend? These were the thoughts that were running in the Latina's mind now that he didn't pick up the phone.


"The Bad Ass" Mike spins his gorgeous Latina girlfriend Julieta around then he passionately kisses Julieta's lips  then he pulls away smiling


"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter: Hello Gorgeous


Julieta let out a squeal in surprise. She had just come back to Chicago to clear her head before her match and wasn't expecting to see Mike. Especially after she just called him moments ago.


"I missed you baby!" She said gratefully before slapping Mike across the face, "don't you EVER make me worry like that again okay?" Julieta was happy to see Mike again and kiss him again, but making her nervous like that was not a wise idea.


"The Bad Ass" Mike looked into Julieta's eyes  


"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter: Again I’m sorry…I won’t ever disappear again


“The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter pulls a t-shirt that reads “The Kingdom” out of his bag and hands it to Julieta


“The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter smirked at Julieta


“The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter: Yes… I’m back & I didn’t come alone


Julieta was stunned. Mike was working on a whole team after being gone from AWS and out of contact with her for days while she was wrestling. She had one question on her mind that must be answered above all else.


Julieta: And you want me to be a part of this?


“The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter: Of course… you’re my queen


And this was all Julieta needed to hear. This time she was the one who kissed Mike. A public showing of love and desire since she not only saw him again but that he was coming back to AWS, with a new team that she was going to be a part of. She didn't know who but right now she didn't care. Just as long as Mike was back in her life.


Julieta: When I was learning how to wrestle my trainer told us on the first day and the last day. Find a reason to wrestle and keep it until you accomplish it. And my reason to wrestle…is to simply be the best.


Julieta’s voice over was given while she entered the Buffalo Riverworks Arena and was supported by slow, peaceful music. Suitcases in her grip and a T-Shirt that showed “The Kingdom” on the front with a little crown over the “h” and “i”. Perhaps sign of an upcoming stable or team Julieta wanted to support.


Julieta: I know it’s nothing deep or spiritual but that’s what drives me. I mean I’m living my childhood dream. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. From buying the merch to going to many, MANY, shows when there was wrestling in Chicago. 


Pictures of a young Julieta were shown. Wearing Rey Mysterio masks and other WWE merch, as well as meeting other famous wrestlers when she was a nina. A sign that her passion for wrestling was evident.


Julieta: And on top of all that I found the man of my dreams to go with my dream job.


Now Julieta was in the locker room, looking at romantic pictures of her and “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter on her phone that were expanded in the promo voice over. Kissing, hugging, bonding together as a couple. It was no secret that she was taken but it didn’t effect her popularity with the fans or lessen her babyface appeal.


Julieta: But in oder to show that I’m the best I need a championship. I need the Temptress Championship. Which means I need to beat Aly Kay tonight here at Stardom.


Then she looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of Aly Kay’s face which made her take a noticiable breath. A sign of where her mind was at and what she was focused on.


Julieta: This isn’t a battle royal. It’s just me and you in this Temptress Title match Aly Kay. Which means I have nobody to blame but myself if I win or lose, and the same goes to you. This is what I’ve been working towards since the very first second this match was announced. The sleep, the studying, the training, my first one on one match is for a title here at Stardom!


Then the camera showed the Stardom ring, stage, and seats. Things were ready for the show to start and the matches to begin like Julieta & Aly Kay’s.


Julieta: And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I believe that I can beat you Aly. In this ris ring tonight. Because everytime I have a little bit of doubt in myself. I think about those weeks where I wasn’t even on the card. Where I was backstage in catering. Watching the action. Seeing women like you, Zoey Epsilon, Summer Bliss, Martha Venegas all compete and have matches. Tonight is my shot and my first real chance to do something with my AWS career!


While Julieta was talking she was getting her gear out of her bag the heads of the wrestlers she mentioned appearing over her in images like bubbles. It was true that Julieta had some of the lowest amount of ring experience of any Lunatic in AWS. And in contrast Aly Kay and the rest of the MVPs have been around for months with multiple matches to their names. But this didn’t scare Julieta because she had her eyes on the prize and that was the Temptress Championship.


Julieta: So when that bell rings Aly you’re going to get the very best of Julieta. Everything I got. Because you may want to be champion but I NEED to be champion to show that all of this time was worth the wait. See you tonight at Stardom Aly. Adios.


Then four clips were shown in success while Julieta’s voice was heard. Her putting on her top from the front, pulling up her wrestling shorts from the back, zipping up her wrestling boots, and lastly crossing herself in Christian faith before leaving the locker room. Now she was waiting for her cue to go out to wrestle. The next time the fans would see the Chicago native it would be time for her match. Julieta versus Aly Kay for the AWS Temptress Championship!

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