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Aimee Rossi


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Ring Name: Aimee Rossi

Nickname:The Mistress of Chaos

Birth Name:Aimee Gail Rossi

Billed From:Brooklyn,NY


Weight:100 lbs.

Blood Type:AB-



Fighting Styles:

High Flyer

Similar To Wrestler:Liv Morgan

Tendency To Cheat:



Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting., Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best., Honor; they want to feel like they earned honor for themselves and for their family.

Signature Weaponry:


Signature Match:Death Match

Gimmick Description:

A wild child but can mix it up with employing slow and technically methodical styles too. Her arms and legs are very dangerous, she has major knockout power with every part.

Ring Gear:

A black sports bra, black AC/DC t-shirt, black wrestling boots with red/black soles & laces, long horizontal striped socks (usually black and white or red), black knee pads and a numerous amount of colored hair extensions to fill a rainbow.

Theme Video:


"Venom" by Eminem begins to play on the public address system, the sounds of the music engulf the arena and intermittent flames burst out from the ring posts. Fog rolls in and slow strobe lights flash as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi W/"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi, make their way out backstage then they pause as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi lifts up her fists in the air, then continue towards the ringside area. Aimee Rossi leaps onto the apron and flips over the top rope into the ring. The music to fades out.

Standard Move:

Back handspring tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, sometimes as a counter out of the corner

Belly-to-back suplex

Drop toe-hold to an oncoming opponent

Handspring back tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown

Jackknife hold

Leg-feed enzuigiri

Matrix evasion

Monkey flip

Running one-handed bulldog, sometimes followed by a kip-up

Running two-handed bulldog to a kneeling opponent

Single leg dropkick, sometimes done repeatedly in succession

Sitout hip toss


double stomp while opponent in on all fours

Primary Finisher:

Promise You'll Feel It -or- PYFI (Springboard Complete Shot)

Paradoxical Shift (Modified double knee facebreaker)

Secondary Finisher:
Chaos Screw (Phoenix Splash)


Debut Date:

12 May 2016

Titles Won:




Picture Base:

Liv Morgan


Aimee Rossi is the sister to "The Forgotton One" Sabrina Rossi and student to "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter

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