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Armando Ramon B. Quinto - Introduction Video Package

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There's a camera shot that seems to be focused toward a doorway leading into some sort of living room with brown and orange-hued furniture breaking up an off-white wall background. Footsteps are picked up as a person walks through the doorway wearing a plain navy blue V-collar shirt with all the buttons unbuttoned and a pair of khakis. He reaches out of frame and pulls a plastic chair in front of the camera and sits in it, wiping his forehead with his hand. There's beads of sweat along his hairline, but as the camera focuses, we see a rather good looking man that bears an uncanny resemblance to the linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

???: Hi. Nice to meet you.

The person reaches across the screen and seems to shake hands with another outside of frame. The person outside of the camera shot speaks to the person in front of the camera.

Michael Russo: Welcome. Tell the people watching you right now your name.

The man sits down and looks at the camera, clears his throat, and responds.

???: Armando Ramon Bayong Quinto.

Russo: Where are you from? 

Armando: San Isidro. 

Russo: Where's that at?

Armando: Philippines.

Still photos are shown through multiple camera shots as they sweep across a shelf in the living room. Most of them reflect Armando as a child with his family. He speaks in voice-over in Tagalog, with subtitles translating his words.

Armando's Subtitles: My family grew up in the shadows of Mount Hamiguitan, on the southeastern tip of Mindanao Island. I was the second of four brothers. My older brother, Mateo, was a Junior National Champion Boxer, Strawweight. My younger brothers, when they came of age, also took up the sport. In the Philippines, the three biggest marks of our culture come down to the B's: Boxing, Basketball, Beauty Pageants. Me? I was a Judoka.

The next segment shows older footage of teenage Armando in judo tournaments, throwing other kids around, getting gold medals in competitions, until it stops at a newspaper clipping showing Armando in an action pose.

Armando's Subtitles: In grade 9, I competed in the National Youth Tournament, where I was defeated in the Round of 32.

The next couple pictures show a defeated Armando with another kid's arm raised in victory, followed by Armando beside a coach that's consoling him with an arm on his shoulder.

Armando's Subtitles: In grade 10...I became national champion.

A montage of successes follows in both video form and picture form.

Armando's Subtitles: After graduation, I was offered many scholarships to continue my Judoka. I chose to accept one to Ateneo University in nearby Davao. Between studying and attending classes, every waking moment I had was dedicated to Judo. My Freshman year in 2014, I attempted and failed to qualify for the Asian Games in Incheon. Then again for the World Judo Championships. My first success on the international stage didn't come until 2016.

More footage continues, this time showing the 2016 National Judo Tournament, where Armando rose through the ranks, leading to a heavyweight final graphic.

Armando's Subtitles: Leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, I had finished runner up in my division at Nationals. And in Olympic Qualifiers, I had surpassed my rival of two years. Rio was in my sights. But it wasn't meant to be. I sustained a severe leg injury in training, and my Olympic dreams ended.

A new set of pictures show an injured and unhappy Armando.

**Armando's Subtitles: I had broken my tibia and fibula, and torn my calf. The recovery time was 9 to 12 months. I fell into a deep depression. Judo had been my life. Without it, I couldn't focus. I lost my scholarship and returned home to San Isidro. My body took long to recover. My mind hadn't yet. I was lost. Then, in 2019, my youngest brother introduced me to New Japan.

Highlights of Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada show for a moment during the next voiceover. This is soon followed by a series of New Japan's greatest hits from matches over the last 10 years. Included: Okada/Shibata, Ospreay/Takahashi, Ibushi/Ospreay, Tanahashi/White.

Armando's Subtitles: A whole new world opened up for me. These men were athletic, visually appealing, and impressed me greatly. They were storytellers, while being modern samurai. The more I watched, the more I needed to watch more. It were these matches that got me out of my depression. I had a new vigor, and renewed purpose. I wanted to become a professional wrestler. I inquired how to join from New Japan. They told me of their dojo system. I applied, and was rejected.

Footage of Bad Luch Fale and Chase Owens marching to the ring appear, followed by still photos taken with Fale, Armando, and others together.

Armando's Subtitles: But somebody within their company saw me and took interest. I was invited to Aukland, to join the Fale Dojo. I accepted. All the money I had in the world, I used to gain a visa and enlisted my services to learning wrestling. It was much like learning Judo; a different discipline, but the same regiment. I learned some Japanese and strengthened my English there as well. While the world went into chaos from Covid, I worked on my new craft. Two years I worked in the Fale dojo, going across the water to Australian independent shows. But time came, I could no longer stay. If I wanted to become a professional wrestler, I needed to go to a stronger promotion.

The camera returns focused on Armando, sitting stoicly looking toward the announcer out of frame.

Russo: So, why did you pick Asylum Wrestling Society?

Armando: The owner has agreed to sponsor my work Visa here on one condition.

Russo: What's the condition?

Armando: ...Win.

Footage of Armando doing hardcore and death matches in Australia flash on screen.

Armando's Voiceover, this time in English: The heads of Asylum have given me one month. Three matches. If I am to stay on the roster, I must win one of those three to earn a contract and stay in America.

The camera cuts back to focused on Armando.

Russo: What happens if you don't win?

Armando: I don't have that option. I must.

Armando stares at Russo for a moment, straight-faced. Only in the last moment does he crack a small grin to the side of his face. The final shot ends on a highlight graphic. It's a half-body shot Armando, wearing a gi and posing in a fighting stance. "Armando Quinto's Debut Match" reads beneath him.

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