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Aliyah Ford


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Real Name:Aliyah Ford




Ring Name:Aliyah Ford




Date of Birth: June 1,1996




Hometown/Billed From:Phiadelphia,PA




Height: 5'7"




Weight: 150 lbs.




Alignment: Heel




Pic Base:Bianca Belair




Favorite Weapons:Anthing and everything


Entrance Music: "Bodak Yellow" by Card B


Entrance Description:"Bodak Yellow" by Card B blasts throughout the arena....Aliyah Ford walks out on to the stage as the crowd boos then Aliyah Ford walkd down the ramp then she climbs up on the apron then she climbs into the ring then she motions for the fans to kiss her ass 
Fighting Style: Technical/Striker/Powerhouse




Year Debuted: 2017




20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves)
K.O.D. (Kiss of Death)


450 splash

Fallaway Powerbomb

Delayed Suplex

Gorilla Press Slam

Olympic Slam
Muscle Buster


Signature Move(s):
Whirlwind (Blue Thunder Bomb)


Elevator Drop (Glam Slam)
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