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Mike Dimter vs. Cage Eames

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My first match on my own in a little while is against Michael Dimter, goes to show you what loyalty buys you in this business, a one-way ticket mediocrity with a bit player.

Michael I'm going to spell it out for you, your days in Asylum are full of fluke victories and miracles as far as I see. You are nothing more than a body filling up the show. You've won the most matches, but you've also lost the same number of matches, giving you credit where credit is due.

Michael you've however learned to stay mediocre and drift into "big" matches, nothing would thrill me more than to break you down piece by piece and dispose of you once and for all.

Sooner or later, you were going to run into someone of my caliber and what you expect is to win this match, nuh uh you better damn well expect that you'll lose this damn match because I'm coming in there to beat your ass from pillar to post. You might be expecting some jobber in there coming at you with puny moves and big egos only to be shot down, you'll never expect the killer instinct from me, you'll walk down the aisle, but you won't be expected to walk back the way you came into our match.

Michael your ass better run while you still can, come Ward your ass is toast.

Game over bitch!

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