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Sarah Frost © -versus- Lauren Harris


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Sarah Frost was more than elated after she had won the Elevated champion. Now with Stardom right around the corner, she must defend her title against Lauren Harris, and she will defend her newly won title proudly. The scene opens up outside a coffee shop near where Stardom was taking place. She take a drink of her Pumpkin Spice iced coffee. She has her title over her shoulder, as she looks at the camera, and begins to speak.

Sarah Frost: I know a lot of people are mad cause I was good enough to win this title right here.

Sarah smirked a little, as she looked at her newly won title.

Sarah Frost: I'll let people have their opinion on things. They don't know what I've been through, and one won who thinks she knows me is Lauren Harris, my opponent for tonight.

She rolled her eyes, as she took another drink of her coffee.

Sarah Frost: Lauren, you must be so delusional when you said I complain about losing matches? Um when? When I did my promo for this title a week or so again, I said I know I didn't deserve to be in the match, but management saw something in me to put me in there. They know I don't complain about a damn thing. Yeah I have lost, but I always say that I will keep trying and trying until I make it to being champion. Get that through your thick sjull Lauren! Go back and listen to my promos. I'm not that stupid enough to complain about losing. Man, your so dumb.

Sarah took a deep breath, trying to relax. Since joining the AWS, she always wanted to make a good impression. Sure she's won some, but lately she had been losing up until the triple threat match for the Elevation championship. Now is the time where she will need to be even better. After her win, she knows management will be looking on to see how well she can take down Lauren Harris.

Sarah Frost: Lauren, I know you don't me, but I never wanted anyone to like me. I just wanted to make a great impression on management, and you know why they put me in the match? Cause they know I NEVER once asked for a title match. They know damn well that I NEVER complain about a DAMN thing. I never claimed to be the best AWS has to offer, but I'm a woman who tries as hard as I can do be better.

A lot of people knows how hard Sarah works to be better. Even in the other promotions she's worked for, she had lost a lot too, but finally got to be champion after months of working hard.

Sarah Frost: I'm glad I am finally champion, and I will show you Lauren just why I do deserve to be a champion. You think you can put me down for losing a lot? Well that will just push me harder to be even better, and successfully defend my title.

Sarah looked down at her necklace that her mom gave her, as she nodded her head. She knew she mom watched her win a title, and she knows her mom is proud of her.

Sarah Frost: I have been in the gym all week long, cause I know my first title defense will not be a easy one against you Lauren. I know your out for blood against me, but I've suffered through barbwire to get a title back in the other company I worked for, and if I have to bleed to keep this title, then I will do it. I'm not going down without a fight. I'll see you at Stardom Lauren.

Sarah gives one final smirk, as she finishes up her coffee, and the scene slowly fades to black.

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