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Jacques LaCroix


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Picture Base * Kyle O'Reilly


Ring Name * Jacques LaCroix


Real Name * 


Also Known As: Le Guerrier


Hometown/Billed * Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Height * 6’0


Weight * 210


Blood Type: B-


Age * 32


Debut Year * 2021


Alignment * Babyface


Cheating Tendency * None at all. He’ll break his opponent’s bones with his submissions and strikes. Not with weapons


Fighting Styles *Striker, with a little bit of high-flying


Similar To Wrestler * Matt Riddle


Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version)


Entrance Description *  “Oh Canada” plays and Jacques walks to the stage. But instead of simply posing or just walking down the ramp he plays air guitar to his theme music and throws some martial arts strikes as signs of his training and background. Sure he’ll pose with the fans and touch their hands at ringside for babyface appeal but after he scrambles up those steps and backflips over the ropes into a perfect back roll in the ring he immediately gets back to playing “Oh Canada” on air guitar before heading towards the corner and finally calming down with some stretches.


Wardrobe/Ring Gear * He wears red and white MMA-style trunks that go above his knees and show off his muscular, athletically toned legs. As well as red and white wrist tape or an armband. But that’s all. No boots, no outfit, that’s all.


Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick. European Uppercut. Gut Kick. Chop. Snap Suplex. Russian Leg Sweep. Arm Trapped Elbow Strikes. German Suplex.


Signature Moves (5-10) * Diving Crossbody. Superkick. “Cerveau” (Brainbuster.) Half Nelson-Backbreaker. “Papillon” (Double Underhook Backbreaker). Triangle Choke. Slingshot Apron DDT. “Moonshock” (Standing Uranage to a standing moonsault.) Ushigoroshi. Sleeper hold suplex. Kimura


Primary Finishing Moves * War-Cross (axe kick and forearm smash combo)


Secondary Finishing Moves * Cross Armbar. Critical Hit (Axe kick to a kneeling opponent while using their knee for leverage)


Title Histories & Accolades * A light heavyweight Championship in Canadian Fighting Company but that’s it.


Brief Biography * Despite entering the world of martial arts at age six by way of Enshin Kaikan karate he was a fan of wrestling at about the same age. He would rarely miss a show when it came to Montreal and would watch it regularly as a fan but being a pro wrestler never appealed to him as a career path. He was too busy honing his martial arts skills and then diving deeper into the sport as a protege of legendary mixed martial artist Georges “Rush” St. Pierre. Jacques would still watch it as a casual fan though.


Jacques even fought for Northern Combat League. Canada’s largest mixed martial arts company shortly after high school, black belt and all as a representative of “Rush Combat Club.” Belonging to his sensei. And he did damn well at it, winning their Lightheavyweight title and holding it for about a year. Until he got knocked out in the first round to lose the title and once again in his rematch. Jacques left the MMA scene soon after and dove right into professional wrestling. 


That’s when he met Maverick Hart and they became fast friends. And made him an easy fit for the Maple Leaf Uprising. While he’s the oldest member he’s got a low amount of wrestling experience. But his legit combat background makes him a good fit for the group.


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