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Isa Manu


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Real Name:Isa Manu
Ring Name:Isa Manu
Date of Birth: March 4,1991
Hometown/Billed From:American Samoa
Weight: 150 lbs.
Alignment: Heel
Pic Base:Tamina Snuka
Favorite Weapons:Barbed Wire table
Entrance Music: "What You Think " by CFO$
Entrance Description:"What You Think " by CFO$ blasts throughout the arena....Isa Manu walks out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then she walks down the ramp then she climbs into the ring
Fighting Style: Powerhouse
Year Debuted: 2022
20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves)
Knife-edged chop
Leg drop
Running Lariat into a cornered opponent
Running Big Boot
Swinging Neckbreaker
Vertical Suplex
Signature Move(s):
Isle of Samoa (Rock Bottom)
Samoan Sunset (Splash off the top)
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