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BGM Firing Squad

Bluegrass Mafia

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Picture Bases       Guerillas of Destiny

Type of Group     Tag Team 

Booking Preference   Mostly Tag but will occasionally do singles

Name    BGM Firing Squad

Members   Manaia | Fetu

Combined Weight   493 lbs

Alignments Tweeners

Similar To   Guerillas of Destiny | Usos

Background:  The brothers started training under their Godfather, Matthew Kurtis, in a ring at the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment training school in Kissimmee, Florida. Eventually the brothers signed up with the Team 3D Academy, where they would continue their training for a year before rejoining their Godfather at the Bluegrass Mafia Training Academy. 

Entrance Description   Venue goes dark then out of the darkness “Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep hits the speakers followed by pyros blasting as a highlight reel of "the Firing Squad" hits the monitors and the lights come back up. Manaia and Fetu then make their way to the ring led by advocate "the Show" Chad Kurtis.

Signature Moves  

Double-team signature moves

Aided Tongan Twist

Powerbomb (Manaia / Neckbreaker (Fetu) combination

Powerbomb (Manaia) / Reverse DDT (Fetu) combination

Finishing Moves 

Double-team finishing moves

Mafia Hit (Aided double arm DDT)

Nightfall (Belly-to-back suplex (Manaia) / Neckbreaker (Fetu) combination)

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