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The Samoan Dynasty

The Bloodline

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Members pic Bases Jimmy Uso (Mark Manu) & Jey Uso (Titus Manu)

Type of Group *

Tag Team


The Samoan Dynasty

Members *

Mark Manu & Titus Manu

Combined Weight *


Alignments *



American Samoa

Similar To *

The Uso's

Entrance Description *

"So Close Now" by David Dallas blasts throughout the arena...Mark Manu & Titus Manu walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp....Mark Manu & Titus Manu climb into the ring then they wait for their opponents

Signature Moves *

X Marks The Spot (Double Superkick)

Finishing Moves *

Samoan Flight (Double Splash off opposite corners of the ring)

Samoan Destroyer (3D)

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