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The Bluegrass Mafia & Manaia w/ Fetu -versus- The Violent Generation ©

Six-Man Tag Team Match


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Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Bluegrass Mafia & Manaia w/ Fetu -versus- The Violent Generation ©

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- The Ward commentary team prepares the audience for the main event match of tonight's Ward in Munich. As they do, they take time to highlight an important member of the production team, DJ Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat, the unofficial head of the sound crew.

Mia Russo: Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting set for tonight's main event coming up after the commercial break. But before we send you off to pay the bills, we here at Ward want to send an extra special happy birthday to the man who drops the funkiest of beats around here, Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat! 

- The camera shifts into a corner of the arena, where a spotlight comes down onto skybox. Mix and his equipment are set up inside. He begins to scratch a dope track. The mic picks up about 10 seconds of his DJ solo when from behind him, a quartet of familiar faces appear. Two hands get placed on his scratching records, while another hand grabs the microphone at the top of his system. That hand belongs to Chad Kurtis.

Chad Kurtis: Hey there, Mix. We of the Bluegrass Mafia wish to extend the most heartfelt appreciation toward you and your kin for your bless-ed birth, and our gratitude to you continuously hitting the mark when we request our music be played each and every appearance.

Manaia: Yeah!

Fetu: That shit's tight, uce!

Chad Kurtis: However, we have an unfortunate predicament at this current moment in time, that the powers that be in Asylum are choosing to not allow us our Freedom Of Speech rights. Even though this isn't exactly America, we do believe we should be entitled to the right to speak our mind, especially when it comes to such injustices as our match this Friday on Depravity.

- From behind Mix, Matt and Dominic Kurtis grab onto Mix's shoulders and drag him backward, out of the skybox. Manaia and Fetu follow. They disappear for a moment as Chad grabs the mic and shifts it to a more comfortable position. Soon, Matt and Dominic return to stand on each side of Chad.

Chad Kurtis: You see, with these lot runnin' Asylum, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We have offered the easy way time and time again to Asylum, but time and time again, our requests fall upon deaf ears. So once again, Bluegrass Mafia makes a formal request. My boys, Matt and Dominic, get a Tag Team Title match. No extra teams. Just them versus the champs. Matt and Dominic here are *The. Toughest. Strongest. And Best. Tag Team in Asylum. Nay, the entire world!* Yet at every opportunity, Asylum has put them in handicap matches to cut the legs out from underneath'em. Darkness Falls, you put us in a 3 teams on 1 match with the Tylers, The MVPs, and Violent Generation. And despite your best efforts, we nearly ruined your plans. Feigel Cup, Dominic takes that worthless Dean Tyler and puts him through glass. Instead of letting him finish the job, somebody calls for the bell and stops him from taking home the Elevated Title.

Dominic Kurtis: You tell them, Unc!

Chad Kurtis: Were we represented in Apocalypse Chamber?

Matt Kurtis: Hell no we weren't!

Chad Kurtis: Hell no. If either of these two boys were in that match, Bluegrass Mafia would be the new Pinnacle Heavyweight Number One Contenders. But no, Asylum doesn't want that.

Dominic Kurtis: No they don't!

Chad Kurtis: They want to cripple our power. They want us to stay below their chosen few. Well, Bluegrass Mafia don't acknowledge your plans anymore. Until we get what we want, Asylum won't be havin' what they want.

Matt Kurtis: Let's go!

- Matt gestures to Dominic, and Dominic opens the window to the skybox. When it's opened all the way for the live audience to see them and jeer, Matt and Dominic lift up the DJ Booth and set it on the edge of the skybox. With one final look over the crowd, the trio give a mighty push as Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat's whole setup gets pushed over and dropped 40 feet to concrete below, smashing and shattering vinyl records and the sensitive DJing equipment. As Bluegrass Mafia make obscene gestures to the audience, commentary chimes in making a stark realization.

Gidget Stephenson: And there goes Mix's mixing stand! Come on! That was uncalled for!

Benito Manfrin: Ladies, do you think that Mix can salvage any of that for the main event tonight?

Gidget Stephenson: Our main event may be without entrance music tonight!

Mia Russo: Hold on, I just received word. A match has been made for Friday Night. The Violent Generation will answer the call! Trios match, Bluegrass Mafia and a mystery partner against The Pinnacle Tag Team Champs!

Gidget Stephenson: I wonder who it's gonna be!

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Friday Night Depravity was a great follow-up to AWS Monday Night Ward. As a wrestler, if you didn’t compete on Ward you wanted to compete on Depravity in some way, in any kind of match. And The Violent Generation was no exception to this rule. They loved to compete, FIGHT, and let the entire wrestling world know just how good they were. And this five-piece stable never met a match they weren’t down to fight. Even if it was against opponents they had experience against. Like the Bluegrass Mafia.


God, they hated the Bluegrass Mafia….


Matt and Dom Kurtis were frequent enemies of The Violent Generation and between them and their occasional enemies, the Bluegrass Firing Squad The Violent Generation had frequent problems with the team. And now was no exception. They were booked to face them at Depravity which was no big deal…except the Bluegrass, Mafia had a mystery partner.


And that was what TVG was worried about. The shit they couldn’t prepare for.


Shannon, Dina, and Troy decided to take this matter directly since they were the frontline forces of the Violent Generation. The founding three. Also Ben and Zane had other matches to focus on. But this didn’t mean that they couldn’t discuss this as a team in the privacy of their locker room.


Shannon Douglas: So let's get down to it. Any guesses on who this mystery opponent is?


This earned shrugs and looks head-shakes


Troy Funk: Hell if I know. I wish I had a clue for us shit.


Troy said while chugging down a bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.


Dina Dudley: Dammit…this why I hate “mystery partners.” How are we supposed to train for this shit?


Dina was rightfully angry. That was the issue with these types of matches. You couldn’t account for the surprise. They had no clue who BGM was going to bring to their match which meant they had no clue about how to prepare for the match.


Ben Reks: Want us to hunt people down and beat em up?


Zane Maritato: Yeah because we don’t seeing you two mad. 


Shannon Douglas: No. That won’t be necessary.


Shannon waved off the worries of her companions


Dina Dudley: What do you mean that won’t be necessary? You really think the BGM has nothing for us?


Shannon Douglas: No I mean they are just as confused as we are. I know how these mystery partner matchups go around here Dee. Dom, Kurtis, they won’t know who they’re teaming up with until the last minute. By the time they come out of that damn curtain. They’re going through the same thing that we are.


Dina smirked at what her blonde comrade said.


Dina Dudley: Well when you put it that way that’s not so bad but it still sucks. But at least we know it ain’t just sucking for us.


Zane Maritato: That’s the spirit. You two ladies kick ass out there


Shannon Douglas: That’s our favorite thing to do.


Shannon kept her team members cool and calm right now. Which they needed to be. Especially Dina’s case since she was going to do battle alongside of her against the Bluegrass Mafia at Depravity.



The night of Depravity had Shannon and Dina and Troy mixing things up a bit. They were going to the AWS ring with microphones in their hands ready to speak with pissed-off looks on their face. This was going to be a nice, hot, promo. To match their hot looks of course.


Shannon Douglas: Tonight, we decided to mix things up for all of you. Cut this promo in a way we don’t usually do.


Troy Funk: We gotta do something new to spice things up since we’re facing the Bluegrass Mafia again, and we’re going to beat them again.


Dina Dudley: But this time they have a mystery partner to help them out to try and change things up. Like that’s supposed to scare us at all.


The Violent Generation took this time to make their opening statements of pure confidence to the crowd one by one. All three of them though had no faith that the Bluegrass Mafia and their tag partner would give them any sense of a challenge. And they were only getting started.


Shannon Douglas: You can find the toughest man in your middle-of-nowhere hometown or the toughest guy here. It doesn’t matter. Because for one, we know how to deal with you two like it’s nothing. But the second thing is that everyone in that locker room is scared of us and what we can do.


Dina smirked and Troy nodded at this statement


Troy Funk: So we know you had your fill of wrestlers you had to pick and choose from to get their asses kicked by us. So you three come out here and get this Violent Generation ass-whuppin'. It won’t take long.































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