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Sammeal McBane -versus- Vin Halsted ©


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AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship
Hangman's Horror (aka Bloody Gallows of Retribution) Match
[Where a competitor must hang their opponent by a dog collar or chain until they submit or pass out.]
Sammeal McBane -versus- Vin Halsted ©

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{That old wooden chair creaked and cracked, as it rocked back and forth. From his fedora hat to his long black coat, to his boots. The Monster Within sat there calm as could be, as he stared at the crimson red stains on the wall. Back and forth he rocked}

Shadow Walker: How did you pull this off??

{Muttered the Monster Within under a heavy breath. He looked around the porch, as he lifted a bottle of whiskey to his lips that had been firmly grasped in his right hand and took a sip}

Shadow Walker: I know that somehow ...some way you can hear me, Sammy …

{He spoke, as he looked around the porch again. It was dark and dirty, the only light that shined in was from the moon that was high in the sky}

Shadow Walker: ...they're gonna identify the body that you put in that grave …

{The Monster Within looked around the dark, dingy yard as he huffed depressingly}

Shadow Walker: ...I'm coming after you, you know I won't stop until I put you down!

{The Monster Within took another sip from the bottle, as a tear streamed down his masked face. He looked at a photograph that he held in his left hand of a woman, the Monster Within, and none other than Sammeal McBane. They looked happy in the photograph. The Monster Within hung off McBane’s’ back while the woman looked on in laughter}

Shadow Walker: ...you did this, Sammy. You did this, the second you took my baby sister away from me!!

{The Houngan took another sip from the bottle that was nearing the bottom of the label}

Shadow Walker: ...I won't stop until I watch you take your last breath ...until you drown in a pool of your own blood …

{The Monster Within took the last sip from the bottle, and threw it against the porch pillar. He stood up from the wooden rocking chair, staggering to keep his balance}

Shadow Walker: Vin? What are you doing here? I thought you were out of town until next week??

{That voice …that voice sounded familiar to the Monster Within. Chilling him to the bone he stopped dead in his tracks, and closed his eyes}

Sammeal: ...no.

{He whispered as he placed his hands over his ears}

Sammeal: Ross?

{Soft footsteps were heard walking up behind the Monster Within}

Lilith: ...are you OK? You act like you just saw a ghost?

{The young lady's pale white hand reached out, and touched the Monster Within's shoulder}

Sammeal: ...you're not real ...you're not real!!

{He whispered to himself, as he hit his knees. His eyes were shut as tight as they could be}

Lilith: Sammy, you're scaring me!

{Cried out the young lady}

Sammeal: The boys will be home soon, please talk to them!!

{The Monster Within shook his head no and rocked back and forth. Several minutes passed before Sammeal finally opened his eyes. Tears streamed down his face as his phone vibrated on his belt next to his knife. Slowly he reached for the buzzing piece of plastic. He slid his finger against the screen to answer the unknown caller. He placed the phone to his ear}

Shadow Walker: ...do you want me to describe the way she smelled on that night, Sammy?

{The Houngan shuffles to get his body to get back to an upright position. He walked towards the edge of the porch and looks around the tattered yard once again}

Shadow Walker: ...I remember it very vividly. I remember her standing there in that white sun dress. The way the light glistened off her silky smooth skin …

{The Houngan listened, as he searched outside the hut with his eyes from the porch}

Shadow Walker: ...never would I expect, what she did to me ...to our family ...she took everything from us on that night, Sammy …

{The man on the other end of the line began to weep, as he recounts the tale}

Sammeal: ...where are you, Walker??

{Muttered the Houngan. There was a brief moment of silence from the other end of the line}

Shadow Walker: This is not a time for questions, Sammy. It is a time for listening ...speak out of turn again, and you may find yourself somewhere you shouldn't be …

{The Houngan breathed in deep, as he listened to the raspy voice on the other end of the line}

Shadow Walker: ...that's better, do you want to know what your baby sister's last words were, Sammy??

{The man on the other end of the line began to laugh, as the Houngan paced the empty porch}

Shadow Walker: She said to me, as she laid there with her brain spilling from her head …that there was indeed a Valhalla and Hades. She told me, Sammy …that I was the living incarnation of Hades herself. I looked up, and there stood little Michael …as he watched the woman that birthed him take her last breath. There was beauty in that moment, Sammy.

{Still there was laughter from the maniac on the other end of the phone}

Shadow Walker: You and I are connected, Sammy ...destined to do this until the end of time!!

{The Houngan slammed his fist against the wall, as he stepped away from the porch}

Sammeal: Listen you piece of shyte! There are no mountains, I won't climb. No oceans, I won't cross and no rules …I won't shatter to put you in the ground!!

{The laughter grew louder, as the Houngan spoke. He turned his attention back to the barn where he peered through the moonlight. There was a figure of a large framed man standing next to a tree in the backyard}

Shadow Walker: Hey ...Sammy!!

{Called out the man on the phone, as the Houngan dropped his phone to the ground. Rushing towards the figure, he struggled to grasp the homemade knife strapped to his leather belt. As he reached the main yard, he took a deep breath and tossed away the laundry that was on the hanging line. As the clothes were finally out of the way, he was greeted with the blunt end of a shovel that sent him crashing to the ground}

Shadow Walker: Honey, I'm home!!

{Called out the large framed man, as he stood over Sammeal. The Houngan struggled to keep consciousness and crawled towards his knife. Heavy footsteps echoed inside the empty yard as the large man came closer. As the Houngan neared his weapon, a large boot came crashing down on top of his hand}

Shadow Walker: Is that any way to treat a guest, Mister McBane??

{He called out to the Houngan, as he kicked the knife away}

Shadow Walker: I knew this day would come …our travels were destined to bring us together! Tell me, Sammy …

{The Monster Within kneels down beside the Houngan}

Shadow Walker: ...all your years of searching ...was it worth your whole life??

{The Monster Within drove the blunt end of the shovel into the Houngan’s head once more}

Lilith: Sammy ...hey man, are you here?

{Called out a voice in the distance. The Houngan lay slumped over on top of the bar nearly falling from his stool. He had a firm grasp on a bottle of whiskey in his right hand}

Bartender: I think this is the guy you're lookin' for, sweetheart!!

{Called out the man behind the bar. The girl walked over to the Houngan and shook his arm to wake him}

Lilith: Hey Sammy. Are you still alive in there?

{She asked, as she pulled his head up. The Houngan finally opened his eyes and looked at the girl. Softly he mumbled a few words}

Sammeal: Lilith ...you ...you shouldn't be here. You gotta run before he comes back.

{The girl let out a heavy sigh, as the bartender snatched the bottle from his hand}

Bartender: You gotta get him out of here before I call the law, little lady.

{The girl shook her head, as she wrapped his arm around her neck. She slapped him in the face to get his attention}

Lilith: Come on, Sammy …on the count of three, you gotta stand up, ok??

{She groaned, as she counted to three and lifted his dead weight from the stool. They made their way out into the street. It was cold, dark and rainy outside. Perfect night to be out rescuing drunks from a bar}

Lilith: I swear, you're going to drink yourself to death, Sammy. You really need to get some help.

{The girl loaded the Hougnan into the family truck. He was basically asleep, as soon as he hit the seat. She slammed the door shut, and let out a sad sigh. She looked up into the sky, and closed her eyes}

Lilith: If there was ever a chance that you were listening …please help him. I've already lost our Mother, I can't lose him too!

{She opened her eyes and walked to the other side of the truck, then climbed inside. She pulled out into the street, and after a few minutes of driving the Houngan finally spoke up}

Sammeal: How did you find me, Lilith??

{The girl cracked a half-hearted smile}

Lilith: Bartender is an old friend from college. He called me, and told me about some drunk rambling on and on about ghosts and shyte. I took my chances that it was you, given what day it is and everything.

{Sammeal placed his hat on his head, as he raised up in his seat}

Sammeal: I'm not drunk, Lilith. I haven't had a drop all night long!

{He exclaimed, with a false pride}

Lilith: Yeah right, and I'm the virgin f*cking Mary! Everyone in that bar said the same thing. You came in and ordered a double shot of Jack and drank yourself stupid, Sammy! Why can't you just admit it??

{Sammeal was visibly frustrated, as he shook his head and looked out the window}

Sammeal: I'm not crazy, Lilly. I swear to you, I wasn't drinking tonight. I don't even know how I got there ...the last thing I remember, I was sitting in that old wooden rocking chair.

{Lilith interrupted him, with a worried sound in her voice}

Lilith: Old wooden rocking chair? Sammy, did you go there again tonight??

{Sammeal stared out the window, as she questioned him}

Lilith: Hasn't that place brought enough pain to this family? Every time you go there, it makes you crazy! Why would you continue to put yourself through that? Sammy, you're my brother and I love you …but you can't keep doing these things! It's not healthy! She's gone, and nothing you can do is going to bring her back!!

{She grunted in frustration, as the Houngan stared out the window}

Sammeal: Lilly …

{He spoke softly, as he looked over at the girl}

Sammeal: I’m sorry, that I keep dragging you into this. I know, I still have a few demons to face inside. I just haven't figured out how yet.

{The Houngan reached over and placed his left hand on her shoulder. She took a hand from the wheel, placed it on his, and looked over at him}

Lilith: You aren't alone, Sammy. We all miss her and we all struggle to deal with it. You don't have to do it alone.

{The Houngan flashed a faint smile at his sister}

Sammeal: I know …you can drop me off here. You've got a family of your own to get home to. Nate is probably worried sick, that you're out in this weather.

{She pulled the car over to the side of the road, and the Houngan climbed out onto the sidewalk. He slammed the door and the girl drove off into the night. The Houngan looked up into the sky. The rain beat down on his face, as he closed his eyes. We fade into a shot of the mysterious man known as The Shadow Walker standing in the woods with his arms outstretched and his head pointed towards the sky, as the rain beat down upon his masked face. Slowly he lowered his head with a sadistic smile etched upon his face, as his eyes snapped open}

Shadow Walker: We are one ...mind …body …

{The Monster Within began to laugh maniacally, as a bolt of lightning flashed in the distance}

Shadow Walker: And Unholy Spirit …

{The Monster Within says, as he stared off ahead. As the view shifted, we could see Hougan standing on the sidewalk. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarillos. He placed one in his mouth and lit it, as he began to walk. He staggered back and forth down the sidewalk taking a hit from the cigarillo, and puffing the cloud of smoke from his lips}

Shadow Walker: You have been weighed ...

{Spoke The Monster Within, as he watched the Houngnan walk away}

Shadow Walker: You have been measured …

{The Houngan took another drag from the cigarillo before he tossed it

Shadow Walker: And you have been found …

{The thunder rolled and the lightning crashed. The Monster Within stepped out of the woods, and into the street behind the Houngan}

Shadow Walker: WANTED!!

{Screamed the man of mystery, as he began laughing hysterically}

~Part Two~

Sammeal: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? What if you would have stayed in bed, for just five more minutes? How much different would your life be, if you would have left the house on time …instead of twenty minutes late? Every decision in your life, has a consequence. We don't know the course our actions, will set us on until we take that chance. You can't stop the bullet after you pull the trigger. You can't fence time, and most importantly …you can't fight fate. Some men will live their entire lives without knowing their purpose. Others? They're the ones that live on the edge, because you can't live in fear.

{Sammeal sits in that ill-fated rocking chair, as he looks deep into the camera}

Sammeal: It's like a ripple in a lake. Once you start it, just grows. I guess, what I'm trying to say is …if you never ask the question, the answer will always be No. What does any of this have to do with our story? It's fate, brothers, and sisters. Every action you take, and every decision you make is by design. You're simply the victim of a mean kid with an ant farm, that just discovered a magnifying glass. No matter what you do, we all end up the same. Some just get a little better treatment, than others. The worms still have their fat feast, however …

{The rocking of the chair gets a bit more rapid, as a smile curls his lips ear to ear}

Sammeal: Halsted set his lives into a spiral, he could have never imagined. So full of life, those little rascals are. Unfortunately, none of that matters, because when your number is up ...into the abyss of damnation we go. If only they had known what path their actions would lead them to …would it have changed their direction? Would they have made a different choice? Perhaps one, that would allow them to continue their carefree way of life??

{The rocking picks up a bit more, as a sinister grin appears on Sammeal’s face. But suddenly, the rock stops dead}

Sammeal: I hate to steal a line from The Xtreme Icon, but …Victims, aren't we all? Some of us just don't see it until it's too late. We live our lives never thinking about the consequences of our actions. Too busy living in the now. Time is a cruel mistress because you never know when it's up Halstes will spend his days, without a single care in the world. Thinking that this encounter was by happenstance, and it's all a show. He'll be too blind to see, that it was designed by fate.

{Sammeal starts rocking again, as he lets out a small chuckle}

Sammeal: Sometimes when you plant a tree, it grows too fast and the roots don't fully develop. You have to chop it down to size, to allow the roots to catch up. Call me the proverbial chainsaw, if you will. Halsted, you aren't just clocking in for another day at the office this time. When the smoke clears, and the dust has settled …you will know the true origins of Valhalla and Hades!!

{Once again, the rocking becomes more sporadic. His eyes begin to dance with a deranged sparkle}

Sammeal: In case you didn't know, Hades is a very real place. Me? I told you, I'm the demon that crawled up out of it. I'm the one, that will lead you to the Gates of The Promiseland. If you have any hopes of survival, you must find yourself willing to do things …you never thought possible. Because to walk out the victor, you will truly have to go to a place very dark. It's time to let the monster out of his cage, Vin. Unleash the beast. When it's over …the entire world will know, who I truly am.

{By this time, Sammeal is rocking so hard. The chair is creaking and cracking, as he is humming to himself}

Sammeal: Will they like what they see? The man that stares back at you from the mirror, will change. No matter the outcome, the Halsted that walks into Pyscho Circus …will never be seen again. You will be forever changed. For better or worse, we will see just what you are. The storm is coming. How much are you willing to wash away? How far are you willing to go? Who do you have to prove anything to? The countdown has begun. Time to see what you truly are …Do You See, What I See??

{The scene fades to black, as Sammeal rocks back and forth in that old wooden rocking chair}



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AWS - Vin Halsted - The Devil Went Down to Georgia in a Blue Dress


::Scene opens with Vin Halsted sitting on a random porch near the Halsted Manor. He has a straw hat on and a piece of wheat hanging from his pursed lips. He’s wearing a pair of overall jeans, a flannel shirt and brown boots. He has a fiddle in his hands and picks at it while watching the sun go down.::


Halsted: Sammy, I’m the best that’s ever been. I hope you understand that but if you don’t you will at Psycho Circus. The simple fact is that you happened to just drop in and get a shot at the Pinnacle Championship. It’s not like you had to put down a god or a royal to get here. No, you just showed up one day and had your two buddies jump me. You couldn’t even do it yourself.


::Halsted smirks.::


Halsted: So you want to walk around AWS and claim that you’re some sort of devil incarnate, but all I see is a cowardly drunk who can’t even stand on his own two feet and fight me on his own. Your claim is a joke, just like your claim to being a man. If you think it’s gonna be so easy to hang me then you’re dead wrong. I’m gonna show you the real devil. The one that resides in me. You haven’t seen Hades, yet, boy, but at Psycho Circus, I will be the one introducing you to the Ferryman. He has such sights to show you.


::The sun begins to set.::


Halsted: Time is running out, Sammy, so you better make things right with your demons because I’m sending you down to Georgia wrapped in a blue dress as a message to Satan, himself, that you’re his new bitch for all of eternity. 


::Halsted stands up and tosses the straw hat off to the side of the porch as he stretches. He walks inside and grabs a gas can. He drags a wicker rocking chair out in front of the porch along with the straw hat. He pours the gasoline all over the chair and hat, then lights a Zippo lighter that he had in his pocket. He sets the chair and hat ablaze and then walks back to Halsted Manor.::


Halsted: See, Sammy, I’m gonna burn your entire existence down and send you off in a blaze of glory. You don’t deserve a warrior’s death but I’m gonna let you have a moment that will live in AWS infamy because I’m just that kind of guy. You get to be the next victim in a long line because I came here to show the entire AWS Universe that I am still the greatest champion in its illustrious history and no one's gonna say any different by the time I reshape AWS in my image. This is the Era of Halsted and it won’t end until I decide that it’s time for it to end.


::Halsted continues to walk towards the Halsted Manor and the black smoke billows from the fire behind him. He enters the Manor and walks towards his closet. He changes back into his workout clothes and makes his way to the Halsted Fieldhouse. Halsted steps into the ring and begins to spare with his trainer, Margot.::


Margoit: It’s good to see that you’re focused, Vin. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that look.


Halsted: You know, Margot, it’s a damn good feeling to know that I don’t have any more demons to put away.


Margot: They’ve all been put to rest and now you can be the champion we all knew you could be.


Halsted: Absolutely, I’m still the hunter of AWS, nothing has changed just because I finally took the AWS Pinnacle Championship into my possession. It may not be the AWS World Heavyweight Championship but it is the top prize that has eluded me for over ten years. No one's gonna swerve their way into taking it from me this time.


Margot: With each challenger, comes another soul to send on.


Halsted: That’s exactly it, Margot, I don’t have a list of souls to send on, now it’s everyone and anyone who dares to step into the ring with me. The Ferryman has been satisfied, now I get to send these bastards on for fun. I love hearing them beg me to stop before I land the final blow that sends them off. 


Margot: It’s like what we keep saying… Make them all pay, Saul didn’t know what the Hell he got himself into and he’s lucky you weren’t the one to end his pathetic existence. That was a stolen valor that Sammeal will have to pay for in full.


Halsted: The wounded animal was mine to finish but Sammy will feel my wrath for stealing that from me. He is a sick piece of shit that needs to be sent back from whence he came. I’m gonna make him feel pain like he’s never experienced before. He’s gonna bleed more than he has ever shed and when he is at his lowest, that’s when I will hang him. He will be put out of his misery at Psycho Circus for all of AWS to see.


Margot: Then he can face all of his demons as he passes on.


Halsted: AWS is my playground and I’m just getting started with the Era of Halsted. The War with Charlie ended with me standing over him as the victor and history will continue to repeat itself with each of these challengers who step up to face me. The level of violence has been elevated and I will tear each and every one of them to pieces until there’s no one left.


Margot: Keep moving forward, Vin. Nothing can stop you. AWS is your world. Now.


::Halsted nods at Margot as they continue to spare.::


Halsted: They will all suffer for the twelve years of Hell that I had to crawl, climb, and claw through to get to this point. I am the Iconic King of AWS. Sammy and everyone else will just be brief mentions in the annals of AWS History. Nothing will ever be the same so let the blood rain down on AWS as the Halsted Reign of Terror continues to flood the AWS arenas. If it’s Hell Sammy wants, then it’s Hell I’m bringing with me. Begone devil… and I can take yet another name, Demonslayer, at Psycho Circus. 


::Scene fades to black. END SCENE.::

























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