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This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home.

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The show begins with a video review of previous shows, while Asylum by Disturbed plays in the background and we pan around the arena as Song Teng is standing in the center of the ring, and she pulls the microphone to her face.


Mia Russo: Guten abend! Welcome to Monday Night Ward, live from Munich! I am Mia Russo and I'm calling all the action with my broadcast partners Benito Manfrin and Gidget Stephenson.

Benito Manfrin: Mia and Gidget, I don't know about you gals, but this has been one of the best cities we've ever been to, the fanatics are some of the craziest I've ever seen.

Gidget Stephenson: Indeed, they are very passionate about professional wrestling and we're going to give them what they clamor for here tonight.

Mia Russo: Gidget and Benito, I know one thing is for sure that they (pointing to the fanatics) don't want us to continue blathering along without giving them what they want. So, without further ado let's go to the ring for our first match.

Benito Manfrin: Song Teng, take it away!

Song Teng is standing in the center of the ring, and she pulls the microphone to her face readying for the first match of the night.

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Singles Match
Ryan Marx -versus- Jeffrey Pendragon

This match went quickly, it was all a matter of who made the mistakes and unfortunately everything that could have gone wrong for Marx went wrong and nearly got spiked on his skull by losing his footing on the top rope in ill-advised attempt to go to the air. A tense few minutes while members of the medical staff entered and forced the match to be called off and rewarded the victory by forfeit to Pendragon.

Winner: Jeffrey Pendragon by referee stoppage.

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Non-Title Singles Match
TJ Alexander -versus- Night Rider ©

This match was one of the biggest mismatches as you had a highflyer facing off against giant powerhouse. Rider started the match trying to ground Alexander, brutalizing Alexander with suplexes, hitting him with a powerbomb at one point and getting a near fall. Alexander was able to begin hitting and running away after a wild clothesline didn't quite connect with Alexander. Alexander was like a jumping bean hitting several dropkicks in various spots on the body, smashing Rider with a series of martial arts kicks that toppled the bigger man for a two count. The match ended when Alexander got caught on the top rope and powerbombed into the ring apron, Rider stacked Alexander up for the win.

Winner: Night Rider by pin fall.

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Singles Match
Konrad Raab -versus- Sal Kulina

Raab and Kulina went to war, put on a clinic or whatever you want to call it. These two exchanged their arsenals so much in this 35 minute match, they each had near falls and it wasn't to be for either of them before Kulina brutally got bashed with a flanged German mace on the outside while the referee was knocked out cold. Raab smeared some blood from Kulina's own face on his own face as warpaint and pinned Kulina for the victory. Once a second referee was able to get the original referee revived the referee looked at Kulina's bloody face and called for the bell.

Winner: Sal Kulina by disqualification.

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Tag Team Match
Rene Volkov & Little Miss Malice (w/ Avery McCullen) -versus- The Hooligans (KD Feigel & Kassidy Dax)

A tag team match for the ages, 1 1/2 minutes to tell a story *really*. Dax went to go for a move only to get bashed in the face from an awesome Enziguri, Malice pinned Dax for an embarrassing victory.

Winners: Rene Volkov & Little Miss Malice by pin fall.

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AWS – Answer the Call Open Challenge

::Scene opens with Vin Halsted sitting behind Charlie Feigel’s desk in Charlie’s office at the OlympiaHalle. Halsted is brazenly sitting with his feet propped on the desk and has the AWS Pinnacle Championship title draped over the end of the desk haphazardly. Halsted smirks at the AWS Universe before addressing them as the new champion.::

Halsted: Once upon a time, this was seen often in numerous promotions. My phone would ring day and night with promoters begging me to come and give their top prize the Halsted rub. but something changed for me. I was always happy to oblige and take the opportunity to humble yet another random champion who thought they were the greatest thing that promotion ever saw. I’d walk in after doing some research and then I’d shred them to pieces physically, mentally, and emotionally, until there was nothing left but to put them on the shelf and be forgotten in the annuls of time. I loved doing that. I fed my unquenchable hunger to stand on top of every damn mountain until there weren’t any left. There was no Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, it was simply just Vin Halsted’s face at four different angles. Once I conquered every federation I walked into, I started venturing out in attempts of challenging myself.

::Halsted sighs and rolls his eyes.::

Halsted: That’s where I went wrong. I wasn’t content with just walking in, wreaking havoc, taking gold, destroying all comers, and leaving when no one else was left to challenge me. No, I had to go out and find challenges. Instead of finding the challenges in the ring, I found the world of backstabbing and backdoor politics. I learned that if you’re an outsider who wants to prove to be the best, then you’re gonna come face to face with guys who want to stay in their “spots” by any means necessary. After a while, I got tired of being the guys who gets used to make someone’s favorite look good. I was clearly better than all of them, but I hit a wall and got worn down. I felt as if I wasn’t needed any more, so I decided to go back to the Halsted Manor.

::Halsted shakes his head.::

Halsted: Sure, I’d venture out from time to time when some new promoter would call me, but it was always the same empty promise of opportunity. Each time the company would fold or swerve me before I could get my hands on the titles I deserved. However, AWS has always been that fed that would call on me to come back. I was one of the first heavyweight champions in its history and I just proved that I’m still worthy of being the top dog here. Necra and Summer found that out firsthand over a decade after I stood on top of the AWS Mountain the first time. I was unbeatable then, and I’m unbeatable now.

::Halsted takes a deep breath.::

Halsted: Necra, you failed to learn your history. You’ll forever rot in the Underworld for that reason and be constantly reminded that I was the God Butcher who sent you there for eternity. Summer, you were a tired champion who was waiting for the guillotine to drop, and I was the happy executioner who put you out of your misery, Two of the greatest talents in the history of AWS and I sent them off to the Ferryman in one fucking night. Now I have to ask the AWS Universe, who’s next? Who has the balls, or moxy, to step into the ring and face me for this?

::Halsted points at the AWS Pinnacle Championship and smirks.::

Halsted: When I was in my first year in HHW, I made a Call to Arms to anyone in that locker room to join me in fighting Joey Cranston’s Underground Alliance. Back then, I thought I was some kind of rebel, but I quickly learned who this business really is.

::Halsted chuckles to himself.::

Halsted: Let’s get down to why I’m here at Charlie’s desk. First of all, Konrad had apparently decided that he isn’t ready to face me. I’d say that I respect that, but I don’t. The opportunities to be in the same ring as the champion are far and few in between. I should know… It took me over ten years to finally regain something that was unceremoniously taken from me. I fought and grinded in several federations, including AWS, until I took what was rightfully mine. I jumped through every hoop, and grabbed every brass ring, until to be told that the princess was in another castle. So, Konrad go kick rocks because you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me. You’ll never get another opportunity after squandering this one.

::Halsted snarls and shakes his head.::

Halsted: So, with that said, I want to address a few talking heads. Yeah… I heard everything and it’s the same old whiney bullshit every time. When a new champion is crowned, everyone in the back starts crying about why that person got the opportunity and not them. I love it… Keep feeding me your tears, bitches!! I thrive on all of that because I get to hunt all of you down and shut all of your mouths. I’m still the hunter, even though I slayed the top talents, AWS had to offer. So, come one, come all and Answer the Call!! I want each and every one of you pathetic creatures to crawl out of your holes and stand across the ring from me. I will put an end to all of you and the Ferryman’s boat will be full by the time I send off the entire roster that AWS has to offer. I’m not here to be a hero. I’m here to prove that I am the greatest fucking talent AWS and the rest of the wrestling world has ever seen. I will never be beaten and I will never be forgotten, again. If any of you pieces of shit think otherwise, then prove me wrong. Get in line and be prepared to be absolutely ruined and wiped from existence by the one true Iconic King, the God Butcher, the Kingslayer, The Fed Destroyer, Vin Halsted. Until then, don’t ever put my name in your mouth again because I will make you choke on it. The Answer the Call Open Challenge has begun…

::Halsted flips the desk over and walks out of the office. END SCENE.::


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