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Vin Halsted © -versus- Sal Kulina

AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship Singles Match


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AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
Vin Halsted © -versus- Sal Kulina

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AWS - Vin Halsted - The Reign of Terror Begins


::Scene opens with Vin Halsted sitting at his elongated dinner table in the Halsted Dining Hall. The hall was designed with the intention to look just like King Arthur’s dining hall in Camelot. Halsted has always fancied himself to be a king and he has been able to attain everything he could have ever wanted to have in this world and the next. Everything was in his grasp and then it all faded away. He fought undisclosed wars, fended off greedy souls, and fell into a darkness that he never thought he’d ever escape. Now, as he looks across the table he gazes at the AWS Pinnacle Championship Title that is seated at the head of the table and thinks to himself that he is vindicated. His gaze breaks when he hears Scarlett enter the hall. He overhears a conversation that she is having on her cellphone. He looks over at her as she sits at the seat in between himself and his new prize. She nods to him and he smirks and shakes his head.::


Halsted: What’s going on, Scar?


Scarlett: That’s the tenth call I’ve taken today, Vin?


Halsted: Oh?


Scarlett: Don’t be coy. You knew this would happen.


Halsted: Did I now?


Scarlett: Don’t let it get to your head like last time.


Halsted: Whatever do you mean?


Scarlett: Vin, you told me that if we ever made it back to this place that you wanted me to step in and remind you how it almost destroyed everything you ever built for yourself and the rest of us. You finally climbed back up from the darkness you once were in and I’m happy to see that. I’m just not going to stick around when you fall to pieces again.


Halsted: Look, Scar, I where I’m going this time and that’s not gonna happen again.


::Scarlett takes a deep breathe and sighs.::


Scarlett: I don’t know. I saw the way you were looking at that title when I walked in and it scared me, Vin. I just can’t watch you go down this road again.


Halsted: That’s why I need you, Scarlett. That’s why I need Margot, Mr. Hand, Joey, and Anjolie! Even, Caden, for that matter


::Just as Halsted mentions Caden, a small arm reaches up from underneath the elongated table and the hand of a child grabs the AWS Pinnacle Championship title from the table. It pulls it down and the title disappears from sight.::




::Halsted jumps out of his chair and yells out at Caden.::




Scarlett: VIIIINNNNNN!!!


::Halsted stops and looks right at Scarlett with a look of regret.::


Scarlett: This is what I’m talking about, Vin. I’m not gonna let you get so consumed by that thing and AWS that you destroy everything and everyone around you, again.


Halsted: But I…


Scarlett: No… I know you suffered. I know you spent hours wallowing and wondering who you are without the spotlight when it faded. I know you spent years fighting everyone and anyone who took it away from you. I know you spent sleepless nights training like there was no tomorrow and talking to people who weren’t even there.


Halsted: Ok, Scar, you’re right.


::Caden scurries away while clutching the title to his chest. He raises it over his head to taunt, Halsted, but he doesn’t react.::


Halsted: What do you want me to do, Scar?


Scarlett: I want you to make a change. I want you to remember what you have and focus on the good in your life.


Halsted: Again, This is why I need all of you.


Scarlett: We’re not going anywhere, Vin, but you need to keep your head on straight.


::Halsted stands up straight as Scarlett stares him down. Mr. Hand walks in and joins the argument.::


Mr. Hand: What’s going on here?


::Halsted and Scarlett freeze and slump the shoulders as if they were scolded children. Both try to raise their arms to point at each other.


Mr. Hand: You two need to stop and get on the same page. 


Halsted and Scarlett: Sorry, Mr. Hand.


Mr. Hand: Now, pick your heads up and talk this out. The jackals are starting to circle the lion’s den and Vin needs to be able to fend them all off.


::Halsted and Scarlett both stand up straight and lift their chins from the floor. They look at each other and nods.::


Mr. Hand: I told you that you need to make all of them feel your pain, Vin, and I meant it. You took the prize that was unjustly taken from you. Stop getting distracted and start pushing back.


Scarlett: I’m not taking any other calls from here on out. You have to defend that championship and keep it here. That title is everything this place needs to keep the lights on here and in you.


Halsted: You’re both right. I will die before I let anyone take it from me again.


::Halsted walks out of the dining hall and goes back into his bed chamber. He changes into his workout clothes and rushes down to the Halsted Fieldhouse. He starts out by doing a warm-up lap. As he rounds the first bend, he spots Margot as she walks over to meet him. He nods and jogs over to the ring in the center of the building.::


Margot: It’s about time. We need to get back to work.


Halsted: Indeed, we do, Margot. Indeed, we do.


Margot: So, I did some research and this next guy is something.


Halsted: How so?


Margot: I don’t think he understands the levity of the situation he’s been put in. Maybe it’s from the recent smashing of his skull that he took but he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to who you are and what he’s about to experience.


Halsted: Well, if he thinks a little bump on the head is bad then he has another thing coming.


Margot: He was pretty wrapped up about some relations with a girl and thinks he can put his fist in your throat.


::Halsted rolls his eyes.::


Halsted: What does that even mean?


Margot: I don’t think he even knows what that means.


Halsted: Well, I guess when I send him off to the ER they’ll do a CAT scan to make sure he even has a brain.


Margot: I think they’re gonna have to look really hard.


Halsted: Anyway, we need to get back on track and show the AWS Universe why I’m the greatest champion they have ever seen and will ever see. The rumor mills on fire with old threats looking to return while new threats are rising up the ranks and I have to put them all down.


::Scene fades to black. END SCENE.::























































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