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This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home.


The show begins with a video review of previous shows, while Asylum by Disturbed plays in the background and we pan around the arena as Song Teng is standing in the center of the ring, and she pulls the microphone to her face.


Mia Russo: Guten abend! Welcome to Monday Night Ward, live from Berlin! I am Mia Russo and I'm calling all the action with my broadcast partners Benito Manfrin and Gidget Stephenson.

Benito Manfrin: Mia and Gidget, this city loves professional wrestling, I'll say it's a hotbed of professional wrestling fandom.

Gidget Stephenson: I agree very passionate fanatics here in Berlin and tonight they'll be getting a great Depravity episode.

Mia Russo: Gidget and Benito, I know one thing is for sure that they (pointing to the fanatics) don't want us to continue blathering along without giving them what they want. So, without further ado let's go to the ring for our first match.

Benito Manfrin: Song Teng, take it away!

Song Teng is standing in the center of the ring, and she pulls the microphone to her face readying for the first match of the night.


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Singles Match
Aria Knight -versus- Shiloh Stevens

Shiloh Stevens is standing in the ring as the cameras show her to those watching at home, the camera pans to the entrance way where they await the entrance of Stevens' opponent Aria Knight.

Song Teng: Here is Shiloh Stevens!!!!

"Home, Finally" by Dana Fowler and The hits the pa system and she begins a slow, methodical walk to the ring focusing on the task at hand. She is not worried about fanfare or crowd reactions. Knight wears a long robe without sleeves and has one line of paint going down her eye. With her British nature, she wipes her feet before entering the ring to show respect to the mat and the sport.

Song Teng: Here is Aria Knight!!!!

The bell is rung soon after the music dies down.

Stevens and Knight lock up but immediately Knight hits a Belly to Belly Suplex that sends Stevens sliding a bit across the ring. Knight doesn't wait for Stevens to get onto her feet and runs towards her hitting the V-Trigger on Stevens. Knight follows up by grabbing Stevens and hits her with Bangers and Mash, Knight stacks up Stevens for the cover. ONE! TWO! THREE!

The bell rings after the three count and "Home, Finally" by Dana Fowler and The hits the pa system.

Song Teng: Here is your winner, Aria Knight!!!!

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Suddenly, the music dies out again as Knight celebrates her first win in AWS, the lights flicker and finally go out. A grainy video of a lockeroom full of snakes shows on the video walls.

Necra Octavian Kane: Welcome to the Asylum, good luck on getting to your gear.

Kane lets out a maniacal laugh, suddenly the lights return inside the arena and Knight gets grabbed by Kane inside the ring and hit with the Crook & Flail leaving Knight flat on the canvas. Moments later the lights have gone out again and when they return Kane has vanished from the ring.

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For a future AWS Cyber Championship Match
Six Pack Elimination Match
Mike Dimter -versus- Dante Stark -versus- Captain Silver Tongue -versus- Jigsaw -versus- Ace Sky -versus- Fetu w/ Manaia

All six competitors made their way to the ring for the match, six entrances later and the music dies down for the last entrant and the bell is rung soon after.

Immediately after the bell rang everyone branches out and begins brawling with one another. Jigsaw is the first to eliminate Ace Sky after hitting him with a dope ass moonsault, Jigsaw is dropped by Cap who is then eliminated by pin fall by Dimter. Dimter went after Stark and nearly ended his chances with a roll-up and then Stark reversed the roll-up and got a two count. Jigsaw and Fetu went to war, hitting various moves on each other including suplexes and DDTs, several submission holds to no avail before Jigsaw eliminated Fetu after hitting Sleep Medication on him and secured a pin fall elimination.

It was then down to three; Dimter, Jigsaw and Stark.

Jigsaw distracted Stark who was then rolled up by Dimter and was eliminated from the match. Jigsaw then hit Another Diversion off the second rope and then pulled Dimter off the canvas hitting Dimter with Sleep Medication to secure the victory by pin fall.

The bell rings after the three count and Riddle Box hits the pa system.

Song Teng: Here is your winner and NEW! Number one contender for the AWS Cyber Championship, Jigsaw!!!!


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Jigsaw is backstage when the rest of The House of Paine enter the Lockeroom to celebrate the victory with him. They have chocolates, champaign and a tray of sandwiches, Jigsaw throws the sandwiches into the trash and the chocolates he gives to a passing female jobber, she kisses him on the mask.

Jigsaw: Look guys, this is all nice, but I have a huge opportunity here to bring more gold into our family.

Scotty Paine: Yeah, you do have a huge opportunity, celebrating tonight doesn't work for you then fine. We'll celebrate when you bring more gold into the family's coffers.

Jigsaw: Right. No reason to celebrate this victory yet.

Jigsaw then walks back to his gear bag and The House of Paine discuss something else as Jigsaw walks towards the exit.

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AWS Cyber Championship
Ironman Challenge Match
Jeffrey Pendragon -versus- Ryan Marx

The lights fade as Eyesore by Janus begins to play. Ryan enters through the curtains with a smug look on his face as the fans begin to boo. Ryan picks out a select fan and starts mocking them and getting in their face. He smirks as he continues down the ramp back talking the fans that boo him. He slides into the ring and runs towards the hard camera putting his right fist to the side of his face. Ryan then goes to a corner and climbs to the middle rope still mocking the crowd as they boo him. He jumps down and sinks onto the bottom rope awaiting his opponent.

Song Teng: Here is Ryan Marx!!!!

After Ryan Marx is set; then "Darkness of the Unknown" begins to play as the entrance ramp starts to fill up with light blue eerie smoke. Jeffrey Pendragon emerges and looks into the crowd with his cold-piercing blue eyes, walking methodically to the ring. He climbs into the ring and lets out some kind of dust in his left hand, emitting a small puff of blue smoke from his hand.

Song Teng: Jeffrey Pendragon!!!!

The two men lock up in the center of the ring, Pendragon with a quick go around to the backside and hits Marx with a hard forearm to the back of the neck, after Marx got up, he exposes his back to Pendragon who then locks on Cold As Ice and proceeds to choke out Marx.

The referee calls for the bell as Eyesore by Janus begins to play on the pa system.

Song Teng: Here is your winner and NEW! AWS Cyber Championship, Jeffrey Pendragon!!!!

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After the commercial break, we cut to a camera peeking into a slightly ajar doorway. A momentary focus shift shows we're eavesdropping on the general manager's office. Inside, we see Kaleb Steele. He seems to be speaking to somebody out of camera shot as the door hides their identity at the time.

Kaleb Steele: So you see the problem I have with just handing you the opportunity just because you say so. Because you've been given so many in recent history. However, I do see your perspective and you've raised a good point tonight. And quite frankly, I'd rather do all of this with more civility than has been shown. I'm all for chaotically crazy, not crazily chaotic. After all, we're Asylum Wrestling Society, not Anarchy.

The phone on his desk bleeps twice. Soon, an intercom speaks.

Sophie Masterson: Mr. Steele, The Network is on the line two.

Kaleb Steele: Thank you, Sophie. Give me a moment, I need to take this.

Kaleb clears his throat for a moment and picks up the phone. He gives himself a moment of hesitation before pushing the button to let the call through.

Kaleb Steele: Yes, hello! This is Kaleb Steele speaking...Right, yes, no, of course I was expecting a call from...All right. 

There is pause as Kaleb smiles at the other person in the room. But the smile clearly conveys trepidation. After a few seconds, the smile fades to a frown.

Kaleb Steele: Sir, I...

The frown on Kaleb's face is quickly followed by a furrowed brow and a look of worry.

Kaleb Steele: Yes. Yes. I know we were likely to receive a hit to the ratings after Scotty's last match...Yes...Sir, as I explained, my bump card over the ye...I fully believe we can bounce...Sir...Sir...I really don't think that's necess...All right. Yes, sir. Understood.

Kaleb is slow to lower the phone back to the receiver. As he does, a low click can be caught from inside. His lips purse, now showing concern and almost externally showing racing thoughts in his head.

Kaleb Steele: We're going to have to continue this conversation another time. I've just been informed that the network is sending an executive representative to come take a look at production first hand. I'll be needing to prepare for that.

Chad Kurtis' Voice: Right. Meanwhile, you want me to call off the hounds, if you will.

Kaleb Steele: Yes, I don't need any more injured wrestlers coming to me because of your crew's reckless behavior. So cut that shit out, and maybe we can revisit the Tag Title situation. 

Chad Kurtis opens the door to the office wider as we get a full view to confirm who Kaleb was speaking with.

Chad Kurtis: I'll make sure the boys play nice for your little executive. But, I do expect something nice and gold in return. Otherwise, we'll make certain heads will roll.

Kaleb Steele: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, excuse me.

Kaleb brushes his hand away trying to shoo Kurtis out of the office as he hits the intercom.

Kaleb Steele: Sophie, my office. Pronto!

Kaleb leans back in his office chair, swiveling in place back and forth. He stares up toward the ceiling, with a hand placed on the desk. The tapping of his fingertips on the wood sounds out, drumming them, a nervous habit. Clearly in thought, he doesn't react immediately when Sophie appears and rushes past the camera, shutting the door behind her.


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Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Bluegrass Mafia & Manaia w/ Fetu -versus- The Violent Generation ©

"My Old Kentucky Home" by Villebillies and Nappy Roots is heard as highlight footage of the Bluegrass Mafia shows on the monitors and Manaia, Fetu, Matt and Dom make their way down the entrance ramp exchanging high fives and fist bumps with their fans. Dom then does a rope flip into the ring as Matt steps over the ropes. Manaia, Fetu, Dom and Matt then meet in the center and flip off their opponents.

Song Teng: Here is The Bluegrass Mafia!!!!

Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley walk out on stage with their "Down with The Sickness" theme music playing with the swagger of a pair of runway models. Cool and composed faces while walking down the ramp as if it was a catwalk with Shannon flipping her hair. But once they get into the ring that’s where the differences between the two ladies shine. Shannon stands on the turnbuckle facing the camera with her arms spread wide and talks a little trash to the crowd while Dina strikes the classic “3D” hand sign that one of her mentors D’von Dudley did. Then they stepped right to the center of the ring. Troy Funk also heads out to the ringside area before the music dies down.

Song Teng: Here is The Violent Generation!!!!

The referee calls for the bell.

The six competitors all branch off but immediately Fetu is on the apron distracting the referee, the referee decides to eject Fetu from ringside. Distracted by Fetu's situation, Dom doesn't notice Funk coming up from behind rolling him up for a pin fall. The referee is distracted and doesn't see the pin fall, but when she does go down for the count. ONE! TWO! NO! Kickout by Dom and Funk quickly pops up cracking both Dom and Manaia but Matt cracks him and the three men are immediately on top of Funk. Funk managed to get off the canvas and fight his way out tagging in Douglas and she pokes Manaia in the eye, before he knew it Douglas, Funk and Dudley coming inside and hit the 4D. Dom and Matt are suddenly pulled off the apron by Dante Stark and NEW! AWS Cyber Champion Jeffrey Pendragon but they didn't make any further contact, the distraction was enough to allow Douglas to pin Manaia after hitting him with a DDT. ONE! TWO! THREE!

"Down with The Sickness" hits the pa system, the factions and the makeshift tag team of new Cyber Champion Jeffrey Pendragon and Dante Stark have a standoff as the show goes off the air.

Song Teng: Here are your winners, The Violent Generation!!!!

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