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Maverick Hart -versus- Konrad Raab

Singles Match


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Singles Match
Maverick Hart -versus- Konrad Raab

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Maverick Hart was a proud, hungry, young wrestler that loved competition. He wasn’t content sitting on his athletically toned ass. Biding time and doing the bare minimum while other wrestlers actually competed and performed in front of packed crowds.


But unfortunately that’s what he’s been doing lately.


Maverick had been watching and staying ready while other wrestlers actually wrestled and it was eating him up inside. He wanted to be booked, he wanted some action in that ring and his bad mood backstage was evident of it. Luckily AWS Management heard his campaigning and booked him in a match for Friday Night Depravity. But could he handle it? He was facing Konrad Raab after all.


Konrad Raab had a reputation for testing younger wrestlers to the fullest. The hot-blooded twenty-somethings that may have had passion but were green and still growing their experience. He was a status check, a true test for young wrestlers. Except at 29 years old Maverick had already had a successful career on his own. Wrestling in the Canadian circuit and winning titles there. He even started a faction of fellow young and fiery Canadian wrestlers in the Maple Leaf Uprising.


So needless to say this was going to be a hell of a match. And he couldn’t wait to fight Konrad. He studied matches, practiced with his Maple Leaf Uprising teammates that also had a lack of ring time, and got ready for battle. When he did face Konrad Raab at Friday Night Depravity he’d face the best version of him but not just in the ring though. He was trying to figure out what he was going to say too in his first promo in a while. The fans were going to love it, and Konrad was going to hate it. That’s for sure.


Maverick Hart liked simpler promos that had a bit of an old school look and feel to them. Just him backstage going all out on the microphone about his latest opponent. And since he was going to do battle against hardened veteran Konrad Raab Maverick had to make a hell of a vocal statement.


And he knew just how to do it too…


Maverick Hart: You know it’s been a long time since you’ve seen me on your screen so allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Maverick Hart, I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I’ve been wrestling since 2011 and I am competing tonight in Friday Night Depravity against…Konrad Raab. You think I’d be scared right? This is my first match in a while and I’m competing against one of the toughest men not just in the Asylum Wrestling Society but in all of professional wrestling. That’s a hell of a way to knock off ring rust. But I’m not scared. I’m excited.


Maverick made his statement with a smirk at the end between footage and pictures of Konrad Raab so the fans could see his opponent. Konrad was older than Maverick and his partially painted face had been through tons of matches. Even more than Maverick. But for some reason the third generation wrestler wasn’t scared in the slightest.


Maverick Hart: I’m excited that I get a chance to wrestle again. I’m excited because I get to put my wrestling skills to the test against one of the toughest men in the wrestling world today, Konrad Raab. I’m from the Hart family after all. We don’t fear anyone.


Maverick couldn’t help but hype up his family given the situation at hand. He took pride in his family name and the clout that it had. Not to mention the responsibility that came with it in terms of being a wrestler and that meant that he couldn’t be afraid of any opponent no matter what advantages they had over you.


Maverick Hart: Friday Night Depravity is my reintroduction match to show everyone what I can do. My time to show every fan in attendance and every fan at home why AWS signed me to make me an inmate. And yeah I wouldn’t mind facing an easier opponent. Konrad Raab wouldn’t be my first choice but hell. He wouldn’t be ANYONE’s first choice of opponent. But since I’m facing him I’m going to give this match everything I got that way nobody, whether it’s Konrad, AWS Management, or you watching this promo, will ever forget the name Maverick Hart!












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Cologne, Germany. Sunday 2nd April (Off-Camera)

It was so good to come home because I hadn't seen my home for many years now, and the fact I got the chance to perform in front of my home crowd was something I hadn't had since two thousand sixteen when I fought against an up-and-coming star at the time, Xavier Reid and he won that match against me. But it was meant for him to win, and he's won many titles since I made him a hall of famer of a specific wrestling company. Sadly, none of the wrestling companies I'm a part of want to travel outside of America or the UK in the case of one company. Anyway, I was cleaning up my home as it got pretty dirty since I hadn't been back here for years. But I always wanted to keep a place in Germany as a place to stay in case European tours happen, which in this case, I did.

Although I debated with AWS staff about wrestling on the Cologne show since Night Rider is out of action with some injury, there was no way I would allow these Cologne fans not to see me wrestle. I've wrestled in Japan enough times in my career; I even lived there for a bit. I instead pick Cologne to wrestle over Japan any day of the week. So we got that sorted. Anyway, as I was cleaning my home, I had a doorbell which was odd to hear the sound again because I hadn't heard it in so long. I stopped cleaning and opened it, and it was my psychologist and wrestling talk guy, Aaron and John.

Aaron Tyrone: "Wow, what a great home you live in here."

Konrad Raab: "Well, when I come home, that is. Please, take a seat."

I took them in the living room as I needed to prepare since I flew straight to Cologne and not long after just arrived since I had to do the Xfinity Series race in Richmond, seeing I was a title contender for that after all. I closed the front door and did some shopping before I started cleaning the place, knowing it would be dirty. But I finished it up and went to the fridge to get a couple of cans of coke for them, and I got a large metal bottle of water from the fridge I made myself since I refused to touch plastic. I sat down and got down to business.

Aaron Tyrone: "Obviously, things are a lot different this time that you only get put behind bars eight hours before you wrestle since we want you to promote for the event before then."

John Cunningham: "Well, because Charlie, the AWS boss, told me to about promoting the event, which is why you're not in yet. We know you've only just got here, but tomorrow, until three in the afternoon, you got interviews to do here, as I'm aware you're a massive star here."

Konrad Raab: "I am as it's not only where I was born, but I did a lot of things with the TV, music contests, game show and sports events I used to run, even played poker and made a few pieces of music myself."

Aaron Tyrone: "Ah, that's why you got some golden discs on the wall. Makes sense now."

It wasn't something I talked about much, if at all, because I prefer to leave things in the past, and I did need to move on with my career, so without any choice since I was with my ex-wife at the time done wrestling. Many people said I wouldn't last long as a wrestler, but I put my fingers up at them and am now known for being a wrestler and a NASCAR driver. However, Aaron wanted to get down to talking about something very noticeable.

Aaron Tyrone: "So why aren't you going for the Pinnacle title yet?"

I knew this was where I would make up bullshit because I was not going to tell them the real reason why, although this reason was valid as it did come up during my time in Phoenix.

Konrad Raab: "I got things to sort out in Phoenix, Arizona first. I was going to go for the title, but there was this kid, Jamie telling me I'm his dad, and then I had all the DNA tests done, and he's legit my son. I've not been able to focus since then. I feel I'm an absolute failure to that kid; he's got kids of his own."

It wasn't bullshit; I had to spend a lot more time with Jamie, especially when he told me before I did the COTA race that he wanted to become a professional wrestler, which another son of mine, Sebastian, wants to do as well. I banged my head on the coffee table.

Aaron Tyrone: "Wow, that must've been one hell of a shock."

Konrad Raab: "It was, considering it happened when I was here with this lady, Mila. I was an irresponsible twenty-year-old at the time, being so drunk because my work was causing me stress, and I spoke and sat with her for hours. Then as drunk people do, we had sex, and then the next morning, I had to leave for work after vomiting for fifteen minutes without realising I could've been with her if I had left a number."

Aaron Tyrone: "Why didn't you search for her?"

Konrad Raab: "Because when I returned to the abandoned house, she was gone. Little did I know she only came to Germany to sort businesses out by opening her restaurant here. So, of course, I knew I wouldn't see her again. I got a confession to make to the pair of you that will not leave this house or anywhere except when we have these therapy sessions on why that incident happened."

Aaron Tyrone: "You know everything you say to me, and John is confidential."

Of course, I knew that, but I always worry about some wrestler from any company I'm a part of listening in and hearing about my dark secret, something I'm fucking ashamed to have. Still, sometimes, you must tell people you hate talking about yourself with the truth.

Konrad Raab: "I'm a sex addict outside the ring."

Aaron Tyrone: "Oh god, it's worse than I thought. Were you not loved enough as a kid?"

Konrad Raab: "No, and that's partly why I fuck every woman I see, including Mila. I wish I could control it, but I can't. I mean, if you take me out of this house and you saw me talk to a woman who would ask me to pay her to have sex, I would. I've got such a high sex drive that I can't control myself."

Aaron Tyrone: "Konrad, you know this is unhealthy; what's Luiza going to think when she hears you being a sex addict?"

Konrad Raab: "You are not telling her fucking anything about that. It would make me feel guilty even more. I can't help it because I seek love every single day. I crave for human intimacy to keep me happy. To feel love and security in my life."

I knew what they would say, and I feel ashamed to admit I have this issue. Mostly because I craved love and affection so severely, I resorted to having sex with any woman I saw, even if one asked me to pay her. Half of the time, I was drunk when I had sex with random women, but it made me feel temporarily happy that I got their love. If only they knew how much AJ was more than my best friend, I couldn't tell anyone that, even if Luiza agreed with that part. I drank some water as I was sweaty and felt pain and ashamed.

Aaron Tyrone: "You're going the wrong way about that, Konrad. You got more than just the violent addiction to sort out. Having sex with any woman you like is only making the situation worse. We need to get you a sex addict therapist as well."

Konrad Raab: "I just thought it would be a way to feel love and secure again. I don't know how many kids I've brought into the world because I'm so out of control."

Aaron Tyrone: "You drinking alcohol is also out of control. All of this is you trying to figure out a way to cope with stresses at work, and it's not working, Konrad. No wonder you aren't ready for the title shot because you got a lot of shit to sort out."

All John could do was slap himself in the face after hearing all of the issues of my sex and alcohol addiction all at once and knew that was why, on top of sorting things out with my son, were the things that stopped me from going for the title. I was mentally unprepared for it, but I told them a big lie, and I feel good about it, although it wasn't a lie about the discovery of my son and being a sex addict. John was going to talk, but Aaron shook his head.

Aaron Tyrone: "You need help, Konrad. You can't feel that sex is the only way you get love. It's only going to make you hate yourself more. Same with alcohol drinking. Granted, you don't drink alcohol when you do wrestling or NASCAR races, but still, you need to tackle it before it leads to something worse like you fucking the female roster."

Konrad Raab: "I haven't done that because I don't mess around with that line of work or in NASCAR. Just women I don't work with is an issue."

Aaron Tyrone: "Next time we talk, I'm bringing in a male sex therapist to get you under control because this is not healthy or normal. John, take things away."

Of course, it was hard for John to ignore anything I said about my personal life, primarily because he was only meant to be there to talk about wrestling, but it was hard to move on from anything but what I confessed to them and only they know about it. It only made the pair of them drink coke because of how scared I made them feel by telling them like I wasn't in any way shaking or paranoid telling them in the first place.

John Cunningham: "Anyway, what are your thoughts on Maverick Hart?"

Konrad Raab: "I don't know, I've never watched tag team wrestling because I refuse to take part in that horseshit show, and I refused to take part in them cos they are bullshit."

John Cunningham: "Just as I expected an ignorant ass hat to say. You should pay more attention to tag wrestling Konrad. Luckily, I brought a video of Maverick's last match with the team so you can study overnight, and maybe you'll have more to say about Maverick."

Konrad Raab: "I'll make this kid a welcome to the solo's division he will never regret, regardless of what he can do in the ring. That isn't going to fucking matter because tag team stuff is irrelevant, despite him being a former faction champion. That doesn't mean shit in the solos wrestling world."

That I always thought the tag or faction tag belts were utterly worthless. Sure, it's to make you have a big break in wrestling, but I never needed tag belts, heck I was never a part of a team for too long to get a tag belt, although I did win one with Samuel Jackson back in GZWA; I tend to forget all about that because again, I prefer it stays in the past. 

John Cunningham: "One thing I say, though, he will be devoted to being a Canadian. He loves his country. He's very uptight about that, so that could be something to use to piss him off. Maybe involving his tag partners of Hilda Stark and Aurora Starr in your ammo too. I suggest watching this match, and you get to know him more with his skills and abilities in the ring."

Konrad Raab: “Yeah, I got it. Canadians think they owe the world something, it seems, with this dickhead. If only he knew that personally, being a part of a team keeps any wrestler from filling their potential. But the guy wants to make a break on his own, and what a perfect test for him than to face me in a match, huh?

John Cunningham: "Indeed, and gives him a chance to prove to himself what he can do by himself when going against you. I think this match should've been made before the title match anyway."

Konrad Raab: "I've been the Underground champion, done that, you know no need to hold it again. I will give this kid a nightmare he will remember for the rest of his life. Now leave."

I just got bothered right there, and I knew it was the end, or for now, because I hated talking about my past and my previous stuff. The nerve to think Aaron would've contacted Luiza, and that wouldn't fucking shock me, but I would fucking kill him if he ever did tell her. They left my home, and I could get a bit more cleaning done before I put the video in the machine and watched the last tag match Maverick was in and got more than enough info to work with for my trash talk tomorrow.


Cologne, Germany. Monday 3rd April (On-Camera)

So here I am in the alleyway of my home city because I don't trust you fucks to do videos in my own home for it to be attacked. I loved coming home and smelling like I belonged here, like it was really my home. Chicago and Atlanta have been good to me, but Cologne is where I was born, and it's such a fucking honour that Asylum Wrestling Society chose to select my home town as a wrestling venue. 

Of course, I had to fight to get myself off Japan show to switch to this one, but even so, I didn't care about not being a part of the main event; I didn't need to be. I had another load of interviews to do, but I didn't have one until two hours later, so this was the only time I got to do the video against Maverick Hart. I found an abandoned chair in the dumpster behind me and sat on it like nothing was wrong with it.

Konrad Raab: “Don't worry, Maverick, I won't flat-out trash you. Of course, a bit, but not as much as usual. Why? Because the crowd are going to be more behind me than you. With every move you make in the ring, the crowd will boo the living shit out of you. Especially if you preach about being a fucking Canadian wrestler, which you'll likely drone on about, considering you're so passionate about your country. Well, too bad I got to say this, but fuck Canada, and Germany is a far better country.”

I knew that one thing I wanted to do was to piss the kid off but knowing me, this would get a massive reaction from the crowd and be cheered, which is precisely what I was expecting.

Konrad Raab: “Kid, I know you've not wrestled since you lost the faction titles against The Internet Technology team, but this is your biggest break. You've not wrestled a solo's match in your entire life, so should you be scared? Yes, because you've never been in a situation where the villain will be more liked in this match than you'll ever be. It will hurt you so badly that I will step into the ring in Germany and beat the living shit out of you. You were always held back from being in a tag team because you were much better than those stanks you hung around with Hilda and Aurora Starr.”

Of course, I had to be a bit of an asshole, although I knew my reasons to compete against Maverick, to get him to gain experience from me, seeing that I had more experience than he did in the professional wrestling world. I like sitting in the alleyway, feeling the cold for a change, although I had a lighter in front of me that I put close to feel the heat.

Konrad Raab: “How come I've never heard of you until recently if you've been wrestling for twelve years? I don't buy that, considering it would mean you'd be in the business longer than me. Still, unlike you, the problem is that there were no wrestling schools in Germany, as I explained in the story from my last video against Sal if you're bothered hearing about it. I won't get into that because I'd be repeating myself on tape, but you are mistaken if you think I'm going to take it easy on you because fuck no, I won't.”

It made me so happy to be in my home city and doing what the fuck I wanted; I guess that's the perks you get if you go to your home city. I loved it here, and I loved being at home. If only I could've stayed here for a week but couldn't because I had to do this stupid dirt race for NASCAR.

Konrad Raab: “Even though I'm a little kinder today than usual, I'm still going to beat the shit out of you because it's who I am and what I do in the ring. Plus, I don't know what the fuck you're going to say about me, but for someone to call you a cosplay wrestler is the stupidest fucking thing I've heard. We're all fucking wrestlers in this company, and I know you take this business seriously, but not as seriously as me. I'm extremely violent and ready for a fucking war because I will treat you as my enemy as always with all wrestlers I face in the ring, friend or not.”

I really wanted to say a lot more, but there's such limited information that I couldn't talk much, if anything, about him. Still, I had to do my best, even if I ignored that he had ties with wrestlers I couldn't talk about, seeing I'd never heard of them, nor did I want to pay attention or acknowledge them.

Konrad Raab: “The point is you may act tough, but you're no match for me. This match will make you better and a star, but nothing else because I'm making you the most hated guy in Germany, and you will be booed, you will get chants of you suck, and people will chant my name. Notice I've not poured red paint over me? Because this isn't the right time for it when I want to embrace the light of my home country.”

I paused briefly as I meant what I said about not pouring red paint over myself today because I couldn't be so evil and despicable. I did have a few more things to say. 

Konrad Raab: “You should be fucking happy to face me and take full advantage of me, but I will take full advantage of your stupid maple leaf ass. I will spit on the Canadian flag and be cheered for it, maybe even burn it because I want you to be pissed off so I can do everything I can to beat you to win. That's what I will do because I will win in front of my home city fans and have fans walk home happy that their home city guy won a match in front of his home crowd.”

Another short pause and I was just too excited not to stop talking because it was a one-off opportunity to impress my home fans. I drank all the metal bottle of water.

Konrad Raab: “You're in for a rude awakening because you don't stand a fucking chance against me. I will beat the shit out of you until you don't move. Prepare to be burned by burned in blood because you will be by the end of this match, and I will aim to make you bleed and have burns in my home town, and you won't like it. You'll hate my guts, and you'll hate the German fans once I'm done with you, bitch.”

I wipe my hands dry with everything I've said to the kid, and I had an hour to kill before I had even more interviews to do, although I do fancy doing something well, not going to say as I turn the camera off.


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