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BGM Firing Squad -versus- The Violent Generation

Tag Team Match


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Tag Team Match
BGM Firing Squad -versus- The Violent Generation

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Friday Night Depravity was a great follow-up to AWS Monday Night Ward. As a wrestler, if you didn’t compete on Ward you wanted to compete on Depravity in some way, in any kind of match. And The Violent Generation was no exception to this rule. They loved to compete, FIGHT, and let the entire wrestling world know just how good they were. And this five-piece stable never met a match they weren’t down to fight. Even if it was against opponents they had experience against. Like the Bluegrass Mafia.


God, they hated the Bluegrass Mafia….


Matt and Dom Kurtis were frequent enemies of The Violent Generation and between them and their occasional enemies, the Bluegrass Firing Squad The Violent Generation had frequent problems with the team. And now was no exception. They were booked to face them at Depravity which was no big deal. Except this time the Bluegrass Mafia’s firing squad decided to step up. Manala and Fetu


This was something a little different than what the Violent Generation was used to regarding their arch-enemies in the BGM


Shannon and Dina decided to take this matter directly since they were the frontline forces of the Violent Generation. The founding two. Also Ben and Zane had other matches to focus on and Troy was going to help them get ready. But this didn’t mean that they couldn’t discuss this as a team in the privacy of their locker room after a live event


Shannon Douglas: So let's talk about this BGM Firing Squad. Any thoughts on them?


Troy Funk: Not a lot. They’ve been around as long as the rest of their damn team. The Kurtises. But they ain’t ever had a lot of action. I can’t tell you the last time they had a match.


Troy said his answer before sipping his Samuel Adams Boston Lager beer


Dina Dudley: So we’re basically facing their backup guys. It doesn’t make a difference to me as long as we beat them down.


Ben Reks: Yeah but at least we’re fighting something different.


Zane Maritato: But yo this is the best they got? A team that doesn’t even have any actual match experience? You girls got this in the bag!


Zane boasted with his statement. While Shannon kept things cool.


Shannon Douglas: I know but Dee and I aren’t going to get cocky. You and Ben focus on your matches. Troy, keep them in check. We’ll get ready.


And with Shannon’s statement being made her teammate got an understanding of the matter at hand. Shannon and Dina had this under control. They were going to get ready for their match against the BGM Firing Squad.


Friday Night Depravity was sold out in Fukuoka, Japan and the crowd was hungry for action and eager to see the AWS stars. Which meant this was the right time for Shannon and Dina to introduce themselves.. It was a unique promo simply due to the fact that Shannon and Dina weren’t doing this in their typical Violent Generation fashion of being backstage in their locker room. But since they were facing off against different members of the Bluegrass Mafia then why not speak their minds differently.

Shannon Douglas: The Bluegrass Mafia… Me, Dina, the rest of the Violent Generation we know them VERY well. They were one of our first opponents, we were one of theirs, we've had great matches, sometimes the best matches of the night. But most of the time the result is the same and it reads "Violent Generation wins. Bluegrass Mafia loses."

Dina Dudley: But check this out. This time they're bringing out the BGM Firing Squad, Manala and Fetu against us as if me and Shannon are supposed to be scared. Have they even had a match before? I mean I know that we take time to develop our teammates and train them for a bit. Look at how we did with Zane Maritato and Ben Reks but WOW! Their first match is against the best two-person team AWS has ever seen!

Shannon Douglas: Exactly. Manala, Fetu, you two boys are going to hate your mentors after this one. We've beaten men, we've beaten women in this ring, Dina and I RULE the tag team division here and even though we're not champions right now there isn't a single team in the Asylum Wrestling Society that's as good as we are. So you're going to get pissed at how your first match on AWS Television is going to end up in a loss.

Shannon and Dina usually didn't come in with so much ego but they couldn't help themselves with this promo. They felt damn good about challenging wrestlers that had so little in-ring experience than them.

Shannon Douglas: So for all of you people in Fukuoda and everyone at home spoiler alert. This match won't take long. Because after we get done with the "Firing Squad" Bluegrass Mafia might finally know their place and that's beneath the Violent Generation.
















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