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Jacob O’Grady


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Ring Name: Jacob O’Grady

Real Name: Michael Cortez

Also Known As: The Judge 

Picture Base: Young Corey Taylor (late 90s, early 2000s) 


Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 218 lbs

Age: 20


Fighting Styles: High Flyer

Similar to Wrestler: CM Punk

Entrance Theme: Rain When I Die by Alice In Chains 

Entrance Description: The lights go out, a red light illuminates Jacob. He’s dressed in a long black jacket with a hood. He slowly turns around and faces the ring, before slowly making his way down the ramp and climbing up into the ring using the stairs. 

Basic Moves: Running Knee Smash, Senton Bomb, Swinging Neck Breaker, Flying Elbow Drop, Suicide Dive

Signature Moves: Curb Stomp, Phoenix Splash 

Finishing Moves: Swanton Bomb, Sharpshooter, Go To Sleep

Biography: Not much is in known about his life before wrestling, he’s a very secretive person. It’s known that he was raised by an abusive and alcoholic father on small farm in the Great Plains. He learned to defend himself when his father would get belligerent. This led to him to seek out pro wrestling, he cut his teeth in small promotions around the South and Midwest. 


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