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Jonny Trip -versus- TJ Alexander


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The camera pans in at the front of a gym. A bit rundown, scaffolding outside, not fully set up yet. There's a work crew actually leaving the scene, but there's a couple standing around looking a bit dismal, depressed almost. The camera pans the sidewalk and you see some sort of mob of suits, business' executive type charisma, and you can almost hear the snaps and bites of gum over their shiny new shoes. You don't know what to think, as the scene is not revealing to much, but the camera snaps away, and you're inside a car, modern, clean, and leather interior. You hear some sort of Metallica song quickly be lowered by a hand wrapped in tape, that appears to have a heavy bandage. It is Jonny Trip, in the passenger side of the car, and you see the view from his perspective. 

"Hey, Jon.. I really appreciate you taking me to Best Buy to pick up these new Google Glasses, it's so cool how I can actually stream everything I see, and actually I think I can request a stream token with this remote"...

Trip reaches down and grabs a remote that falls between his feet and as he goes to grab, snap, crackle, and ... oops... Trip hits his head on the dash, and his glasses bend and the left lens is shattered. The right still works actually. He sighs...

"Fuck Man, we have to go back to Best Buy... I hope they underst..." ...

Trip realizes he didn't take the warranty, for accidental damage. He returns to his hands, with his cheeks becoming warmer as his disgust builds...

"Oh well, I Guess... hmmm.."

He Presses the request live feed stream token key on the remote. The glasses still work, one side clear, the other side cracked to oblivion. 

The scene cuts to a triple monitor setup, and you see through the eye and a crack of Trip, the stream site feed which shows a couple viewers connecting, and one of the most disturbing, ridiculous pictures. A scene of men in orange jump suits, surrounding what appears to be a man in a back ally... The camera cuts to just Trips perspective, with panoramic angles now of a ally. Trip sees what's going on and hesitates, as anyone should, but as everyone should not, he act on pure adrenaline instinct opening the door and surprisingly waits for the car to stop to around 3mph. He hops out, skips his way into full run attack mode, and gives no regrets to what is about to happen. He piles his way, step by step, like he's floating through Heaven about to enter Hell, and what is described as an assault robbery remains the same, with an ending of insanity. He belongs, to what should be, annihilation and devours the victims recollection to only be remembered as "Thanks." The scene ends with the man being helped up, his wallet and bracelet being returned from the ground, and a picture of his daughters picture with the inscription in pink pen, "Big Dad Much". 

He looks at it, and the first signs of sadness that always come after you're in the hospital and your hands are being casted, when adrenaline only turns against you, then for you, and results in stress on pain. They conversate.

"Thank you so much sir, you're by far the most whole man I ever knew. Are you Holy affiliated?"

The men embrace... Trip takes a second, as only those who do not believe in one religion, but believe in A religion, would only speak such. 

"Yes, I am a man of different driven truths, but it is all from one direction.."

Trip declares as he also acknowledges that he ..

" I believe in multiple endings are possible, but we all had to come from the same universe. How nothing turns to something, is something that will NEVER be completely understood, but I've understood so much knowledge from my old trainer, Michael Dam.. .. ee. ... ee.. "

He gets the entire name out, but he mutters into more tears.

"I'm Sorry, Michael Dame was my trainer, he was my teacher, a father, a most honorable man only honored by the prestige of men and women alike."

 He wipes his face and crunches the glasses that were already broken.

"I'm sorry I can't go into much deeper then this, I have to go back to Best Buy.. It is now a relived thought, that you need to have a warranty on everything, including life." 

Trip embraces the man, as he goes into his pocket and reveals a flyer for this upcoming match on AWS, against young and upcoming star, a current champion among other promotions, looking to add more gold to his collection. He hands it to the man, along with a VIP PASS and Tickets for the ringside opening introductions/weigh ins and gestures to the man as he speaks for one more time.

"TJ Anderson, I mean, Alexander.."

He stops and remains calm as clearly Michael Dame, enters thought...

"Mike always told me, that no matter what happens in life, life always moves at the same speed. It's up to you, to declare the ability to stop those moments, and rewrite your thoughts, knowingly you can not write the future or rewrite the past, and prepare before all mistakes overtake you." ... he continues.. "TJ Anderson, is what appears to be a young, upcoming talent who MIGHT be overproducing. What I mean by that is, he might be taking on too much to handle, too quick... Orr...., " And he pauses, obviously practicing his thought training process, knowing that the last remarks you make are your highlight that don't set the tone, but highlight who you actually are as a man...or woman."

He continues..

"TJ Alexander, there are men in life that you need not cross, and I am one of them. Although, there's only ego that comes from energy that creates my ego to be negative, or positive... It's you're choice what ego you want me to Trip on. "

The Camera fades as Jonny Trip shakes the hand of the saved soul, and he quickly jogs to the gym to see what he has forgotten, in all the quick action of things, has serious changes happening. Black Fades in.

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The camera slowly fades in and you see Jonny Trip outside a Taco Bell. Access from the street, is visible, as you see a line of about 10, with what appears to be a flock of “fans”. Possibly a flock “Haters”. This is what Jonny Trip is all about, and lives life for, though, and around. The sound of his deceased trainer’s son is heard behind the group.


He pauses as before the camera pans around from the street and divides towards the straight on angle of Trip’s face, you see the heat of Jon Dame’s demeanor look shock..ingly, confident. As Jonny hears the J, and realizes his realization of life is all about attack on human demeanor and what you initially feel, he is ready like he always is. Jonny Trip was always told, that if someone is being lied to, they must not know why or believe that they’re being lied to for reason. Although Michael Dame wisely always said there is always someone listening, and there’s always someone telling the truth. That indeed, if you cannot believe what is being said, and feel it sincerely for more than a moment, then you do not know who has told ALL the LIES and why. Jonny was also once told by his 8th grade Science teacher, that the world consists of more than 8 billion people by trillions, of worlds, or souls, or something. This made him wonder his whole life about who has control over such. His teacher explained that nothing turned to something, somewhere, and someone lives by that. If not, someone must act appropriately. With that said, Jonny never had the chance to explain to Michael about his understandings he recollected AND collected through his on goings, but it goes like this. If you talk to people that know why people lie, and what they look at when they lie, but explain you about truth and the truth that everyone knows, YOU look at THEM as the controllers. It’s remarkable.

Jonny Fists up as this thought always goes through an explanation, that if someone has to feel for you, like you, and understand what you may believe the word “Not” is always said with an answer. If they like you, believe you’re about to TRY and believe something, the NOT will come after the word you're expecting to be true. It would be DICK to not think it through from there. Trip with this in mind, acts aggressive as the pack closes in and stands smiling. He realizes, they are believers of him and what he’s been through. They embrace.


“Jonny, tell us about your training for TJ Alexander, and the training center where your fallen trainer, Michael Dame was slain…. It appears to be reopening in…a week??!!?!”…

They all look back as the children of the mob run up to Jonny. Remember, a parent’s love can never shed lies when you like eternally their and ours future. They all embrace, jump together, and the pack stops as Jonny Smiles, sips his Sprite, and speaks.

“TJ Alexander has apparently taken his time to formulate his words, for better or for worse. For worse for me. Wrestling is all about tone, and all starts with the tone of words. I’m preparing as hard as I can… although, the facility I’m using is mother nature, and overtime in the renovation of the new gym. Although, what I can say is this. TJ, is gearing up for a battle…Then he’s mistaken. I only bring war. I do not trip, on anything, unless they’re prepared for. If you read through the details of my biography, it clearly states, I do not punish those not needed to be punished, and that’s why I’ve been punished in life. As those, only punish those because they cannot tell them who they are. As of days now, I know exactly who I am, and what I’ve been put through, is true, to who I am. To lie to the world, would destroy the world, if the lies were lies. If you lie to the world, to survive, the lies survive through the world. TJ Alexander, you will survive, but you may be in a different world. I await our match. Good Luck.

The camera fades as you hear random chatter from the crowd around the circle of people. You overhear a conversation.

“It has to be true… I can’t help but think differently. Eventually, different, but only for moments. I’m astounded that today we embark on forever… And we understand forever, one breathes at time.


Camera Fades

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(The scene opens up and we are inside of the buffalo state hospital inside of a cold hallway, with two double doors swinging, as one of the double doors swing open in walks TJ Alexander, TJ who is wearing some skinny black jeans, black converse shoes, and a black V-neck T-Shirt with a pair of sun-glasses hanging from the v-neck, TJ walks into the hallway looking frustrated and jittery)

“You can see upon my face right now I’m not in the best of moods, in fact I’m been very pissed off, since my time here in AWS it hasn’t gone to my plans, it has taken a detour and I’ve not had the best of starts, in fact I’ve lost every match so far, which for some reason I don’t know why, because my previous opponents haven’t been better than me they’ve just been luckier than me. Every turn since I’ve arrived in AWS it’s fallen for my opponents, no matter what. And now I find myself out of any opportunities around here and I have to now earn them again, which is fine because I thrive on that, I thrive on proving people wrong and I may have lost so far but I will win in the end.”

(TJ frowns)

“While I watch losers from the age of the fallen walk around here thinking they’re the top guys in any place that we seem to end up in I guarantee that none of them are not, I guarantee that when the dusts settles that I’ll have a championship in my hands in this place real soon, it should be me against Diamond Rose in the legacy tournament, not Jay Reynolds. Jay Reynolds is not better than me, his just luckier than me, on that day he was the luckiest man on the planet, but now I have to move past that little blip and look ahead to my next opponent.”

(TJ smirks)

“My next opponent is someone who has also had everything handed to him, from doors opening in the MMA and wrestling world to everything else in his life, things have just fallen for you JonnyTrip, and even your name because let’s face it, how can anyone forget such an idiotic name like that. But I digress our match isn’t about names it’s about what we do in the ring. It’s about what thrives us and what thrives me is the fact that I need to pick up a massive victory and that will happen...it’s inevitable.”

(TJ pauses)

“I have been silent for this time round because I wanna get this right, I wanna come into this match fully focus ad fully pre-pared, ya see JonnyTrip my silence doesn’t mean I’m lost for words, it doesn’t mean that I’m worried or concerned, it means you should be. It means when an animal is backed into a corner that’s when the animals because more dangerous than you can imagine and I’m that animal. Fate has pushed me down the pecking order and I am now backed up into the corner, and unlucky for you this animal is gonna’ attack with velocity. You’re not gonna know what has hit you before it’s too late.”

(TJ smirks)

“I know JonnyTrip that you’re more experienced than me but that isn’t gonna’ help you, your gonna have this story to tell your kids and grandkids about how you got bested by the future of this business...TJ Alexander. You’re gonna’ tell them how I took pity on you and showed mercy and bested you clean and in the middle of the ring, and JonnyTrip there’s no amount of experience that you got ahead of me to balance this in your favour.”

(TJ smiles)

“You say wrestling is all about tone of words, well how is my tone now? Because you shouldn’t be thinking about my tone of words, it my actions that you need to worry about and my actions this week on Monday night Ward will show you how much my tone is to be taken seriously. When you’re lying on your back looking up at the lights, with your eyes twirling around, that’s gonna be my actions in this match.”

(TJ smiles)

“So JonnyTrip those are my words for our match and now you have to wait for my actions, and believe me my actions will be greater than my words, my actions will defy your words and whatever actions you bring because I am taking this win and putting you down.”

(Scene fades)

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