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Marria Santtini versus Vera Eames

Flashpoint Episode 1. S.1


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*We open in a dark dingy dungeon as Marria Santtini slowly wakes up, in pain, confused, and hungry*

Marria: What the hell!? Where am I!?

*Suddenly a light engulfed the room, and a few guards entered the jail room alongside an unknown man*

Man: Welcome to Intergalactic Planet 97. I’m surprised you stayed unconscious the whole space-ship ride, but I must say the silence was Divine!!

*The Man gripped the bars until his knuckles turned white, and he glared at his capturers*

Marria: I don’t know what you have planned, but it’s not going to work and ...

Man: Oh, shut up.

*The Man blasts Marria with a taser gun, and she falls to the ground twitching*

Man: You will do, what I tell you. Open the cell.

*The guards do his bidding, and open the door to the cell while Marria is still down*

Man: You are on the set of our newest television show. You have a big role to play. Bring her.

*It takes several baby alien guards, but they manage to drag Marria out with them. You hear a familiar bass line. Will Smith has reshot the intro frame for frame*

"Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air Intergalactic Planet 97"


*The scene opens in the original set they had on the show. We find Will Smith talking to someone on the phone*

Will Smith: Okay, so instead of being a contributing member of society, we are gonna ditch school and get some honies! Oh wait, Shh shhh …

*Just then Uncle Philbot comes rolling in. A robot that looks like a cross between the robot from the Jetsons and James Avery. It turns and looks at Will and speaks in a monotone robotic voice*

Uncle Philbot: Will, do not do anything stupid while I think you are doing good. The outcome will make me very angry with you.

Will Smith: Oh hey Uncle Philbot, I’m not trying to make you upset. I want to overachieve and be studious.

Uncle Philbot: That is ...loading please wait …My boy!

*After Uncle Philbot leaves, Will goes back to the phone*

Will Smith: We skip school and get the honies!

*Everyone laughs. Later in the show Uncle Philbot catches Will and his friend in a bad part of town, and one of the honies is having a drug overdose*


Unkown Man: CUT! Okay now take Will out and put Marria in. Maria, your motivation in this scene is you are about to get brutally assaulted by an angry robot. It hurts. Really bad. You don’t know why he just doesn’t stop beating you, but you know it’s all for your own good.

*Marria stands on her marker next to the hulking Uncle Philbot, and her face turns pale*

Marria: Um, Wut??


*Sure enough, the robot just started beating the Hades Damnation out of Marria until she woke up again back in her dirty cell. In pain, confused and hungry*

Marria: I gotta find a way out of here.

*She said, alone in the dark*

Marria: But how? I’m stuck in a cell, on an entire other planet.

*Her stomach growled. They haven’t fed her in days. Just then, she looked in front of her and there was a biscuit on a plate that seemed to show up out of nowhere*

Marria: Maybe, I’ve finally gone crazy? But I’m definitely going to eat that mystery biscuit.

*Marria almost salivated, as she reached forward to grab the food but she was totally shocked when it pleaded with her to stop*

Bisciut: Wait! Don’t eat me! It’s me!

*Marria knew that voice. Sure enough, this biscuit was being possessed by her Brother Francco*

Biscuit Francco: Okay, I don’t know why they made me a biscuit, but I’m back because I have to tell you something important.

*Marria’s stomach growled, and she gave biscuit Francco a sniff. Baked fresh*

Biscuit Francco: Things around here may not be what they seem, and …did you just break a piece off of me?

*Marria puts the small chunk of biscuit Francco into her mouth. It was so good*

Biscuit Francco: I can’t believe this! I come back from Hades to give you some life saving information ...and you are literally eating me!

Marria: I’m sorry. I’m just soooo hungry.

Biscuit Francco: Oh, for the love of gawd ...Listen, you have to get outside somehow. Once you do that, there will be someone looking at you, and they will give you the information you need!

Marria: Okay, got it!

*Marria couldn’t help herself anymore, and just completely devoured biscuit Francco*

Marria: Now what was he saying again?

*Just then the guards came walking in to get Marria for today's scenes. She goes with them, and starts talking to one of the guards*

Marria: Hey man, that’s a nifty looking taser gun. I like the blue color.

*The guard looks generally happy to get a compliment*

Guard: Thanks. I got my wife and my kids' names engraved on the handle.

Marria: Wow that’s cool! Can I see?

Guard: Well, I’m not supposed to …

Marria: Come on, I’m just a prisoner. You can trust me.

Guard: Well okay, I guess.

*The guard hands Marria his taser gun, and naturally Black Rose turns it against the guards*

Guard: *sniff* Betrayal hurts …

*The few guards go down after being charged with electricity and Marria goes running in search of an exit. After a whole chase sequence complete with that multiple doors gag where they all kept running in, and out of the doors while being joined by two bears on Unicycles, a zombie Ronald Reagan, the Pussycat Dolls, and Frankie Muniz for some reason. Marria finally lost the guards, and found the exit door. She bolted out of it and took her first breath of fresh air in what felt like weeks. And that’s when she noticed the “person” waiting for him. It was the Statue of Liberty! Marria drops to her knees, and shouts toward the heavens*



Marria: Now, when I say I’m going to win the match.

*Marria slowly nods her head as the next scene opens*

Marria: I absolutely, mean it!

*Marria pauses for a few moments, and then continues on*

Marria: It’s not my destiny to be the best. I don’t have some Gawd like premonition. It’s just the idea of stepping in the ring, against another wrestler and me coming out the winner in the end ...just sounds like one of the many, many, many great things, that I’m capable of.

*Marria beams with confidence, as she smirked*

Marria: And sure, anything can happen. Someone could beat me, or I slip and cost myself the match ...or the other jabroni in the match, some how beats me and talk about it to her grand kids.

*Marria shook her head, and laughs a bit*

Marria: But I won't allow myself, to think about all those other things. Nah, I’m laser focused on the goal at hand. It's to knock everyone out, in my way. Especially, Vera Eames ...on my way to become the next European Champion and never let go of it!

*Marria grins wildly, and rubs her palms together in anticipation*

Marria: It’s gonna be totally sweet. What will be even better, is once I win this match and become the only rookie Champion ...I’ll have done it without having to sacrifice myself to any harm. Years ago, I put another dead companies title ...the XWA women's title into the crown, and I lost. It may not mean much to other people, but I let down people that I respected when that happened. I disappointed people, that helped give me my start and that’s always been a black cloud over my head that I regret.

*Marria pointed to herself. No smirk or grin, just a serious statement*[/icolor]

Marria: I refuse to let that happen to the European Title. Even if I win it, I can’t let all the hard work that everyone involved become an asterisk in the history of the crown.

*Marria took a step forward, eyes locked on the camera lens*

Marria: So that’s why I have to find another way. That’s why I have to win this match. So, I’m not thinking about any other outcome. There is no other possible way for this match to end, that doesn’t involve that European Title being draped over my shoulder ...within my mind.

*Another small pause, before she continues on*

Marria: So when my music hits, I’m coming in like a buzzsaw. I’m going to cut through everyone it takes, I’m going to do whatever is necessary. If I gotta cheat, well then you best believe ...I’m going to be out, there bending the rules as well.

*Marria pauses shortly again, and then quickly speaks again*

Marria: Because at the end of the day, if your not here to be the Champion. If you aren’t here to be the absolute best, then get the Hades out of my way ...because you have no chance against me. I’m here to be the Face of the Franchise, the best in Triple Dubba ...that’s whole wrestling world, of course. I’m here to be the top bytch, the leading woman of the entire AWS ...And I’m here at AWS to take back, what should have been mine all along!!

*Marria pauses one more time, before finishing what she has to say*[/icolor]

Marria: At Flashpoint …I’m here to win!!


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*** Standing in the aisle at a house show, Vera Eames is walking to the ring for her match when an interviewer comes out of nowhere. ***

Vera Eames:
Before you ask me a question, let me simply say this to Marria, you can talk about other titles or titles in general, you can go on and on about God knows what but you're in my damn way! I got to say coming to Flashpoint in the last week and finding my way around was easy, I don't think you get Marria that I'm not taking it easy on you just because you're more experienced than I am. Contrary to your opinion about me, I'm someone you really don't want to mess with.

What do you mean by that?

Vera Eames:
Because I study this game, I acknowledge I may not be the best or the most experienced in this game but I'm someone who is what I say I am, I'm not a fake. I'm not a rookie either, I've been training for years with my husband Cage Eames and being trained by the best of all time AWS Founder Charlie Feigel. I don't care whether you're a rookie or a veteran at the end of the night you'll be looking at the lights flat on your back. See you soon! End quote.

*** Vera Eames walks off to the ring. She proceeds to beat the rookie in the match. ***

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