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Aly Kay(Temptress Champion) versus Zoey Epsilon(Goddess Champion)


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Main Event Champion versus Champion Match Special Guest Referee Veronica Rodriguez
(Referee Must Promo)

Aly Kay(Temptress Champion) versus Zoey Epsilon(Goddess Champion)

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The scene opens and Vero is sitting in the conference room looking at both promos of the main event of WXW. She looks intrigued by what Aly Kay has to say. She rewinds it a couple of times and nods. The cat’s out of the bag. She requested to be here for a reason and Aly Kay has now decided to ruin her plan. Well, her plan to scout her potential victim for the title she wants and she’s gonna get back.


After the promos are over, she goes towards a certain section of the conference room. There it shows her three replica Goddess Titles, two of which she has never lost. She winks at them and then notices the camera following her. She smirks and nods. 


Veronica: Well, it took you long enough. I’m glad you’re here. Because I had to sit through a compliment fest when I expected better. I wanted to see these two murder each other. Instead, they’ve spent most their promos kissing each other’s asses. Well, I’m not here to do that. I’m here to scout my next victim. It could be Aly, it could be Zoey, depends who manages to fall first.


She giggles and turns towards her display case behind her. Then she points to them and then to her waist. She leans back on the wall and sighs.


Veronica: The only way these people were able to beat me, is by stripping me of my titles. Both times, I never legitimately lost my title. Charlie fired me both times, unfairly by the way, because he knew nobody in their right mind could beat me here. Oh, and did I forget to mention, I’ve won that title more than any other person in WXW history. I made that division relevant. And it’s up to the real Mami to come back and take back what’s hers.


She licks her lips and snickers at the camera. Her confidence growing with every minute. She turns towards the camera and sighs once more.


Veronica: And yes, unlike that poser Mami out there, I been doing it long before it was cool. I’m your original gothic queen. That girl is just a wannabe clickbait whore. But getting back to the point, this Mami is ready to take back what never should have left. But I guess after I win, Charlie will find someway to fire me. Just like he did with the tag titles, just like he did with the Goddess title. It offends him that every time he brings me down, I rise back up from the grave. And neither of you two will have any success in ending me. Whether it’s the Temptress or the Goddess Title, I’m keeping an eye on both of you. Because this waist won’t stay barren for longer.


She giggles and nods back at the camera. She then goes to sit at the conference table and looks over several documents. She licks her lips once more and sighs.


Veronica: It’s only a matter of time before I get back into that ring officially. But first, I have to play nice, something I’m not used to doing. While I don’t believe in cheating, I won’t let you push me around to get what’s yours. So here’s your official warning. If you start shit with me, you’ll get what’s coming to you. I won’t “screw you over” unless you provoke me. Because like I’ve said. Hell hath no FURY like a woman scorned. And trust me when I say, you piss me off, you’ll live to regret it. I’ve proven it many times that my brutality has no comparisons. And this is no exception.


She scowls at the camera as the camera zooms in. She nods while keeping that same stare.


Veronica: I dare you, Provoke Me. It will be the end of you. While you two are busy making love to each other, I am interested in seeing what you two have to offer for when the original queen comes back to her throne. You’re on alert. I may be the special ref NOW, but later on, it’s not the last you’ve seen of me. And now that that title has been elevated to main event status, that makes me a 3x WXW World Champion, giving me 5 career world titles. There will be more on the way, just waiting for you to slip up. And you will… Hehehehe…


She winks at the camera and blows a kiss as the scene fades to black.

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