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Michael Maddox

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Name: Mike Sanzone

Age: 35
Best Way to Contract You:facebook messenger

Facebook Page Link: Ask in DM me

In Character Info

Wrestler Real Name::Michael Thomas Sanzone

In Ring Name: Michael Maddox

In Ring Nickname: The Floridian Psychopath

Picbase: Character Rep: Karrion Kross/Killer Kross with hair

Face Heel or Tweemer: Tweemer

Height: 6’5

Weight: 244lbs

Hometown: Miami Florida

Entrance Music: Not Again by Staind
Entrance Description Not Again by Staind: blasts over the PA Systems. Michael Maddox emerges from the back with a sinister look on his face. He walks down the ramp looking at the fans and scanning the environment. Maddox rolls into the ring and then goes over to the top ropes and panders to the fans feeding off their energy whether they cheer or boo him

Reaction to Blood: Aggression gets more sadistic.

List Ten Basic Moves.
-German Suplex
-Suicide Dive
-Missile Drop Kick
- Dragon Sleeper
-Dragon Screw
-Boot Wash
-Ripcord Knee Strike
-Double Arm DDT

Signature Moves: MaddAssault(Lionsault) Split Personality(Codebreaker)

Finishers: The Face Lift(Claymore Kick)
The Lady Tamer(Liontamer)
Love Guns(Opponent in Rock Bottom position then drops straight down impacting the jaw)

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