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Assault Results: 5/13/23


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Live from Portland, Oregon in the Moda Center

*Dark Match*
~Strap Match~
Jennifer Enigma Vs. KD Feigel
*This match, should of trully been on the main card. Both put in a solid effort, as it went back and forth. But in the end, the returning Enigma used the leather strap to whip KD and got the victory!!*
Winner: Jennifer Enigma

*Opening Segment*
"I'm Not Jesus" by Apoctalyptica ft. Cory Taylor plays over the PA System, as Kaleb Steele walks out onto the stage. He greets the fans, and walks back and forth on the stage. He tells them about the card for the night. Some of the reaction are loud, while others not so much. He plays to the crowd, as we jump down to the ring for the first match*

*Match One*
~Kumite Match~
Rachel Storm Vs. A.J. Flare
*This match went rather fast, with both trying to finish it quickly. It brefly went back, and forth. But in the end, Aj locked the former Champion up in a kamora lock for the win*
Winner: AJ Flare

*Match Two*
~First Blood Match~
Mayhem Vs. Troy Funk
*What was billed as the match of the night, really wasn't. This was a pretty one sided affair, and Troy Funk knocked out Mayhem reather quickly*
Winner: Troy Funk

*Segment One*
*"Voodoo" by Godsmack plays over the PA Sytsem, and out comes Sammeal McBane. He plays tothe crowd a bit, and then tells the masses that the AWS Pennical Championship will now be known as The Ultraviolent Championship. He shows the new belt off, and says he can't wait to find out who's getting a shot at him next*

*Match Three*
~Barbed Wire Cage Match~
Sara Frost Vs. Jenny Kay
*Another match that looked good on papaer, but one the bell rang. It turned out, pretty one sided. As hard as Sara tried, this match was pretty much all Jenny*
Winner: Jenny Kay

*Match Four*
~Submission Match~
Bram Connan Vs. Mattias Vilhemsson
*Bram stormed the ring, bum rushed Mattias, and knocked him clean out within a few seconds. The Celtic Beast destroyed his look-a-like, in dominate fashion*
Winner: Bram Connan

*Segment Two*
*The scene jumps backstage, where we see the AWS Ultraviolent Champion cheering on his brothers as they prepare for theit Tag-Team Main Event match. He tells them, that the profits say they will win in their battle tonight*

*Main Event*
~Flaming Tables Match~
The McBane Brothers Vs. BGM Firing Squad
*And The McBane Family leader was correct. Gabriel, and Jacob ran through The Firing Squad like a hot knife through butter. This was completly one-sided, and rather ugly. Each Brother picked an opponent, and sent them through the flaming tables!*
Winners: The McBane Brothers

*Closing Segment*
*The show end with Kaleb sitting behind his desk, with one hand over his forehead. Although it's faint, you can hear him mumbling under his breath. "What a shyte show!! What we supposed to be a two hour changing of the guard, turned into a Forty-Eight minute blood bath" ...*

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