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Match Four: Samoan Tao Vs. Daughters Of Darkness Vs. Samoan Dynasty


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RP Limit: 1 Per Person/ 2 Per Team
RP Deadline: 12am PTS/3am EST

*Match Four*
~Tag-Team Match~
Samoan Tao Vs. Daughters Of Darkness Vs. Samoan Dynasty

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**Flashback: Part One**


{Last we saw Aloni, he had just started his six week Military-style wrestling boot camp. Just as we figured, he had gotten into a bit of trouble and ended up doing more pushups than he’d done in his whole career. The Drill Instructor and The Rock Hard Samoan weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye, but for now Aloni could relax. It was time for the midday chaw timel. The scene opens up in the mess hall, where the squad members have gathered around a table}

~Military Food or Pig Slop~


Did you see how the Sergeant pinpointed every one of us? That shyte pissed me off, man.

*They all nod, and shake their heads. Aloni was still trying to function at a halfway normal level, due to soreness in his shoulders and elbows*


F*ck, I can’t even eat right. This shyte’s going to kill me, by the end of the week. Bro, were you really wearing your hat backwards??


Hell yeah, I was. I’m here to support you big Bro, I don’t care if I get kicked out of here.

*Aloni tries to smile, but even his face hurts from all the pushups. He nods, and speaks up*


Don't you all, find the disciplinary reasons comment odd? I mean, I’m supposed to be the one in trouble here. Yet, all of us are here?

*They all look at each other, and think of what their friend had just said. Reigns nods, and stirs his food around on his tray. Matthews is the first to pop off*


That’s F*cked up, bro. You know, management might have something to do with this.

*Aloni’s eyes light up, as he just figure out he was ignored on the way down to the camp*


Didn’t I say that on the way down here? I swear, you don’t pay attention to what I say until it’s too late.

*Matthews scuffs, and blows his Brother from another Mother off. Aloni was just mad, because he had to do like a hundred pushups before getting to eat*


Now that I think about it, it’s as messed up as this food they’re serving us. What the hell is this anyways?

*Reigns holds up a round disk-like piece of food, and looks it over. He taps it on the table, and then tries to break it in half. The leathery substance just bends, but slowly straightens itself out as if nothing ever happened*


What the F*ck is this? It looks like beef jerky, but doesn’t even smell like meat.

*The others just shrug, and start cracking jokes at the Marine style M.R.E. food*


It’s mystery meat, Ryan. It’s a mystery as to what kind of meat it is.

*They all laugh for a few seconds, before Reigns fires off a joke of his own*


I think Captain Hook is missing his eye patch.

*The squad members laugh and crack a few more jokes, before Aloni lets one fly*


It’s old enough to be Serge’s joke strap.


Eww, Everett ...I’m trying to eat here, bro.

*Aloni bust up even harder, as the other two frown at each other*


He’s right, that was a little over the top man.


It’s not the joke I’m laughing at, it’s the fact he said he was trying to eat. I’m a Marine, and I’m not even trying to eat this pig slop!

*The tables is completely for several minutes, then Reigns can no longer hold his question back. He looks at Matthews, and then over to Aloni*


I gotta ask, man. Doesn’t it bother you to be facing Logan Burgess?

*Aloni looks up, and shrugs his shoulders. He looks back down at his food, and thinks for about thirty seconds before answering*


No, not really.

*Both Matthews and Reigns were waiting to hear more, but Aloni kept quiet*


"No, not really” ...is that all you have to say?


He’s a huge guy. That’s all you’re going to say?

*Aloni drops his fork into his tray, and shoves it away. He looks at his two friends, and huffs. He wasn’t sure what to tell them, but he fired off anyways*


What you two need to learn is, in this business ...you’ll have to face everyone to make it to the top. Like it or not, sometimes you even have to beat your friends to make it to the top. It sucks, but life isn’t always fun. Ask guys like Mike Maddox, think how he feels.

*Dumbfounded by The Rock Hard Samoan’s statement, they look at each other and then back at Aloni all confused*


I mean, Logan’s good and all. He’s a Multi-Time Champion, and all that good crap. But he’s had to face people that really aren’t gunning for each other, so he’s had to fight everyone off ...not something I’d be looking forward to, if you know what I mean.


Ah, I get you now. But this guy is pretty good, bro.


Personally, the only thing Logan is good at ...is kissing @$$!!

*They all die laughing, as the scene fades away to darkness. The scene reopens at the marching circle of the main compound. The Drill Instructor has the cadets lined up for afternoon inspection, and notices that Mystic is not in the formation*

~The Homeless Hero’s gone AWOL~

::Drill Instructor::

Where the hell is Cadet Mystic?!? Anyone seen Mystic since morning assembly?

*The cadets look at each other, but remain silent. The squad members look back and forth, but no one had any idea where Mystic had gone off to. He didn’t even have lunch with the guys during midday meal time*

::Drill Instructor::

No one has seen Cadet Mystic, at all?

*Finally one for the cadets speaks up*

</>Cadet Stevens<\>

Sir! Cadet Mystic had to report to the X. O.’s office, Sir!

::Drill Instructor::

Mystic damn well better be doing file work, or shining the X. O.’s brass!


Sir. I’m sure he’s polishing something that sounds like brass, but isn’t metal, Sir!

*The Sergeant comes rushing over to Aloni, and jams the brim of his cap into The Rock Hard Samoan’s nose again. He locks eyes with Aloni as he speaks*

::Drill Instructor::

Are you trying to indicate that my X. O. is having a sexual relationship with Cadet Mystic, maggot?!?


Isn’t it obvious, Sergeant ...Sir?

*The Drill Instructor backs off, and tosses his hands in the air. He had, had problems with Mystic before*

::Drill Instructor::

Alright, maggot. Since you seem to know more about this then you should, enlighten me.

*Aloni shrugs, and looks at his friends. Which are waving him off, and shaking their heads “NO” but The Rock Hard Samoan speaks up anyways*


Sir. I don’t know all the details, Sir. But from what I heard in the barracks. The X. O. conducted a personal inspection of Mystic’s Private Parts, giving him a Major Erection, and told him if he didn’t make her sing the Star Spangled Banner ...he’d suffer General Disappointment. But that’s just what I heard, Sir!

*The squad burst into laughter, but Jackson wasn’t amused by any means. He just stands there with a look that could kill, and storms over to Aloni. He grabs him by the back of the head, and shoves him off towards the mess hall*

::Drill Instructor::

Off to the mess hall for you, maggot. K. P. duty until evening meal time. Maybe peeling onions and potatoes will shut you up for a while.

*Sergeant Jackson turns back around to face the rest of his troops, who have silenced. His face is red hot, as he straightens his D. I. cap*

::Drill Instructor::

As for the rest of you, drop and give me twenty-five!

*The cadets grumble as the ready themselves for push ups, some even cruse Aloni as they do so*


F*cking @$$hole, he’s always got to be the funny guy.


Well, that’s his Samoan way of dealing with the bullshyte life gave him.


The only bullshyte around here, is us being here and supporting him. I guess, anything is better than Noah’s School of Wrestling.

*The scene fades out, as they both laugh and start their push ups, thanks to their buddy Aloni. The scene reopens in the mess hall kitchen, where The Rock Hard Samoan is peeling onions and potatoes for the evening meal*

**The following is a reenactment of what happened so many years, with the modern teams Aloni and his Cousin Malosi will be facing this coming episode of Assault**


Daughters of Darkness, you are no different than anyone I’ve ever faced. From the word go, you’re underestimating me and that’s going to be your downfall. No one cares about your past glories, and feats of greatness. This isn’t about your failed attempt to regain a Championship. This isn’t about the squad, either. It’s about people that want one thing, the top spot in AWS. So, you can run your mouths about me all you want. You can overlook me, put me down, and look down on me all you want. You see DOD, I’m used to it. It fuels my fire, and makes me want to kick your @$$ even more. Girls like you are all the same. You think just because you’ve sat on top of the Wrestling World before, that you’ll just walk your way there again ...You’re Wrong!! You have to get by the likes of me first, and that ain’t half as easy as you think it is. I’ve faced teams like you my whole career, and it never seizes to amaze me ...how arrogant you F*ckers are. DOD, this isn’t a beauty contest. This is a fight inside The Barracks, a place you’ve never been before. I will not be out done by someone as pathetic as you are, and if I have to beat your Idiot @$$es into a coma to win ...so be it!!

*Aloni peels a few onions, and wipes away a tear. He tosses them into a large bucket, and then goes after a potato. He wildly peels it, and tosses it into the bucket*


Samoan Dynasty, we’ve been down this path before. By the end of Assault, we might just be as acquainted with each other as you and Rockin’ are in bed. But the sad thing is, this shouldn’t even be happening. This is all about what management can do to us. They want us to kill each other in this match. They know we’re all very competitive, and will go all out to win. That’s fine with me. I have no problem fighting you or any other team on the roster. I brought myself into AWS something most don't understand ...for one reason. You’re good boys, I’ll admit that. You’ve got guts, and are willing to do whatever it takes to win. But I still don’t think you understand, just how far I’m willing to go …Uce, I’ll bleed you for my chance at a reign as Champion. I’m willing to sacrifice friendship for one night, to prove I have the heart and determination to prove everyone wrong. From top to bottom, AWS thinks The Rock Hard Samoan is a fluke. Well, flukes don’t win a World Title in less than two months of starting his career. Flukes don’t beat people better than you in the same time span …Do they?? I like you boys, but I’m not here at Camp Xtreme to be second best.

*Aloni picks up another potato, and peels it like it was flesh. His eyes dance with an anger, as he tosses it into the bucket with the others*


Whether it be you or anyone else, I’m going to go through you like never before. While the World of Wrestling may be impressed by what you’ve done ...I’m not!! People love you, some want to be you, but I don’t! Daughter of Darkness, this isn’t wrestling school anymore. This is the real world, where nice people finish last. Girls, this isn’t the former G. M.’s office. This is professional wrestling, where people like you are a distant memory. This isn’t the nineties anymore, this is Two-Thousand and Twenty-Three ...the year The Rock Hard Samoan kills all doubts, and naysayers. DOD, when you failed to eliminate me the first time we met ...what on The Giah’s Green Earth made you want to face me again? Not exactly a smart idea. Girls, our first match might be over, but the brutality isn’t. Last time I was here, I took it up a level ...on Assault., I’m going to exceed that level. Never count the old man out, folks. Can you two withstand my viciousness? You Want Some?!? Oohrah, Come Get Some!!

*The scene fades away to darkness, as Aloni starts peeling more onions and potatoes with a sinister look to his eyes. As the scene blacks out, the following words are heard*

“I’ve got the reach and the teeth of a killin’ machine,

with a need to bleed you when the light goes green

best believe, I’m in a zone to be, from my Yin to my Yang to my Yang Tze

put a grin on my chin when you come to me,

‘cuz I’ll win, I’m a one-of-a-kind and I’ll bring death

to the place you’re about to be: another river of blood runnin’ under my feet

forged in a fire lit long ago, stand next to me, you’ll never stand alone

I’m last to leave, but the first to go, Lord, make me dead before you make me old

I feed on the fear of the devil inside of the enemy faces in my sights:

aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like arctic ice”

~:~Aloni‘s Voice~:~

Semper Fi, Do or Die Marine!!


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The Samoan Dynasty are seen standing in the backstage 


Titus Manu:Tonight my brother and i go to battle against The Daughters of Darkness and fellow samoan tag team Samoan Toa 


Mark Manu:Tonight we will be making our presence known in the tag team title picture in AWS 


Titus Manu:Tonight my brother and i whoop ass and take names 


Mark Manu:The Kingdom will reign supreme


The Samoan Dynasty walk away 


Scene Fades 

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