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Match One: Trip Vs. Hammer


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RP Limit: 1 Per Person/ 2 Per Team
RP Deadline: 12am PTS/3am EST

*Match One*
~Locker Room Brawl~
Jonny Trip Vs. Grant Hammer

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Camera fades in to the gym that Jonny Trip has been renovating. It looks completed, as far as all the glass has been exchanged for tinted, stained glass. It's normal, tinted glass with darker colors of glass with shadows being casted on the wall of some of Trip's favorite maneuvers. There's a delivery work crew heading into from a side door with an already assembled bench press bench. They place it down, in what appears to be a good spot. It obviously isn't.

"Hey guys, we're going to need to put that bench on the other end of the gym."

Trip exclaims as he points in the opposite end of the gym. The camera pans the gym, and you see a long red brick wall, with black paint that says "Michael Dame's Training Facility : You're Only Dammed If You Don't." - The crew begins to move the bench to the new position, and they stop to read what the camera panned orginally. The motto of what Micahel lived by, the motto of the gym, and the motto that should be cerished through thought, practice, and preperation. As that's what all begins with. The crew speaks.

"Whoa, that is deep. That is some of the most beautiful words that I've ever read, laid next to each other in such a way, is remarkable." The crew continues to move the bench down the hall, as Jon Dame, Michael Dame's son enters the Gym, from a different door. He has a set of T-Shirts, and a can of spray paint. He walks over to the brick wall, as Jonny Trip walks beside him. They greet each other and speak. 

"Hey Jonny, the gym's looking like it's turning out great. Although, we're changing the name of the facility, and this motto.. It's time to live how my father always instituted. You're Only Dammed If You Don't, is something we're not, because we didn't." He pulls out the white spray paint, and under the black lettering he sprays one letter at a time." --

" N - E - V - E - R - D - A - M - N - E - D " -

And he hands Jonny Trip a T-Shirt that says the same. As the moment can not get any better, or vision can not get any better, what usually happens happens. A rock is thrown through of the tinted windows. A small rock, that passes right through where Jonny Trip's "heart is" - It cracks the glass, and it makes a half heart. Jonny and Jon walk over to see a mob of kids, seemingly childish in demeanor. The really never cared about childish mistakes, they realize it's improbable to step in front of one's ways, but they know righteousness always prevails. With that, they smirk as all but one kid runs away, and they look down on ground, where the piece of glass that broke with the rock passing through left a heart shape crack, and what obviously broke on the fall to the ground, the one piece of glass has broken in 2 pieces, both resembling a heart. The picture is remarkable, and finally what has been damned from the start, to who would interpret that as, now seemingly reads in good thought, I LOVE YOU.

"Well, isn't that something. When you feel you wouldn't say I LOVE YOU for thousands of centuries, you are able to look at a picture and have it say it right back to you. Man, I love this Jon." -

Jonny sheds another tear, as he continues.

"There's one thing though, that I don't love, and I've been through this. It's when my opponents don't show up to the match at 100% or in their interviews, at 100%. I live at nothing less, and although my job becomes more difficult, that's all it is. I have no control over their actions, only to react with strategy. This week, on Assault I'm matched up against, Grant Hammer. A former Canadian Football player, that shockingly enough, has a wrestling style similar to Goldberg. He seems intimidating, but we all do, but is he keeping his thoughts to himself in order to keep me in order, or is there problems that rise through his life, like the actual Goldberg. The WCW Legend, might have been overpowering, over dominant, and over far to quick, but that could have been the most storied career in all of professional wrestling. He didn't know what he had, when it came to potential, and it was only diverted through success. You can only be as good as your opponent, allows you to be, and that's how I feel when I think of Grant. I've studied some of his Canadian tapes, and he's an animal, ruthless by nature, and his wrestling tapes prove that as well. Although, I'm secluded by seduction when it comes to the nature of the beast. To work in opposites only has so many possibilities, as only so much has to happen, in order to keep the beginning of time...straight."

Jonny walks up to the camera, knowing he won't be damned in the next Trip.

"Grant.. I'm ready for a fight, which will be through recovery from our War, See you soon."

Camera Fades.

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