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Fatal Attraction -versus- Society of Destruction


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AWS Empire Championships Tournament
Faction Elimination Match
Fatal Attraction-versus- Society of Destruction
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Society of Destruction had gotten quite a lot done. They had helped their latest graduates, the Pariah, prepare for their match to add gold to the legacy of the family. They had also prepared for the main event, where their leader, Veronica Rodriguez, made her mark in the biggest way possible. But they’re not done. Oh no, far from it. They want to add more gold and it’s why they asked to be in this match.


As they watch the promo of their opponents, they can’t help but be disappointed. Disappointed that it’s the same old verbal diarrhea people have used against them. They expected better, knowing their opponents’ history. But they still will properly prepare for the match given that you can’t underestimate anyone. As they finish watching, they sit around in a circle at the conference table.


It’s a table of four, with Rachel, Martha, Hector,  and Roger sitting down at the table. Vero is standing in the background monitoring the situation. As they discuss what they’re gonna say, inaudibly, they then motion for the camera to get closer. 


Rachel: You say you have studied us and looked up to us. Well, if you had indeed done that, then you would have done your research better. If you had done that, you would have known that most of us have had multiple dominant championship reigns in this company. Hell, our last serious of reigns, we never got beat for them. We were fired while champions. We never properly lost our belts. Charlie politicked and got us kicked from the company for bullshit reasons. So with that said, how is it possible to be washed up when you’ve never actually lost your title? Huh, try and answer me that please, because I feel to see the logic here. That’s not washed up, that’s domination at its finest, sweety.


Jezebel nods. They each go to bring up their former titles, including titles from WWI. They let their name plates shine to the light as Jezebel clears her throat.


Jezebel: We are so washed up, that we held 90% of the championships in 2 separate federations. Me and Rachel were the WWI and AWS tag team champions. Vero the Goddess Champion. Roger the Underground AND WWI World Champion. Hector was the only one without a championship, but it’s inevitable, really. We dominated both companies with little to no effort. You call that washed up? Not really. Hell, like my partner said, we never legitimately lost those titles. And don’t forget, I was singles champion as well, and I never lost mine either. Same with Rachel. We both held the titles multiple times on our own and together. Our imprint is EVERYWHERE. And if we’re so washed up, why did our proteges the Pariah just upset the AWS tag team champions? That’s because we’re built for success. We’re the most dominant family in wrestling HISTORY, that’s a proven fact. All of you need to stand in line.


They all nod in approval as Mayhem begins leaning back in his chair clearing his throat. He had to wait a while to get his turn at talking, but he was gonna make it count.


Mayhem: Hell, I’m supposed to be the number one contender to the Underground championship. Yet that nerd, Jenny Kay, jumped me in line. It should be ME facing Bram, not them. Only reason Bram has a title is because I left. And that’s a proven fact. Once Jenny Kay gets taken care of, I’m taking back what’s mine. Sorry, Eric, I know you’ve got a team going on with her, but this is business. I’m not gonna forget that the championship belongs to me. And neither Jenny Kay nor Bram Connan are gonna stand in my way. But before we can do that, we have to beat this Fatal Attraction team that seems to be in over their heads. Which my partners have already covered in great detail.


Diablo leans back and lifts up his former IAWL World Title he never got a rematch for. He shines it up with a towel and laughs once he sees his own reflection. He then aims it at the camera.


Diablo: Remember when I beat AWS’ own legend Vin Halsted for this belt in a tournament? I too was fired as champion back then. Since then, I’ve been here a long time waiting for that rematch clause as well. I may not have held gold as recently as them, but I’ve had to wait my turn, I’ve had to “pay my dues” on something I never lost as well. And it’s all a big pile of bullshit. We’ve been told to make room for people like you. To put people over. To give back to the business. Meanwhile, we get pushed to the back, our rematch clauses were never mentioned not once. All because management wants us to pay it back. What a pile of bullcrap. But it ends now. Because with this match, we aim to take back our gold. We aim to take out privileged people like you.


Vero walks towards the table, her Goddess Championship replica on her shoulder, nameplate showing towards the camera. She leans over towards the side of the table where an empty spot laid.


Fury: This ends now! We are done waiting our turn. We are done paying our dues. We are done wasting our time trying to be politically correct. Fuck that, we changed this business. We’ve more than earned our chance at greatness. You will not hold us back. We will take everyone down one by one till there’s no one left. Hailey, you’re a family friend, we trained you, you came from this school. But you made the wrong choice going with that group of people that seem to be brainwashed. It’s unfortunate you’ve surrounded yourself with a long line of losers. But you have the chance to make it right by standing out on your own. Until that happens, you’re still not gonna be taken serious.


She sighs and rolls her eyes at the mere mention of those losers. She then lays the titles side by side, Code Red’s set of tag titles from previous reigns as well. She then smirks at the camera.


Fury: History has a tendency to repeat itself. History has taught us many lessons. The biggest one being, the cream always rises to the top. This Empire Championship tournament is only a formality. A formality to crown the team that made this company relevant. The Society of Destruction. We will reign supreme once again and there will be NO ONE that can take that from us. Hell, hath no FURY like a woman scorned. You try something funny, I won’t hesitate to take you out just like I did to that delusional brat Zoey Epsilon. You have been warned.


Fade to black.

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