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  • Ik0n Wrestling Entertainment is forming to develop and run AWS and EWE. This is NOT a merger, it is a governing authority for both promotions.

Staff Members

A listing of staff members.

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• Salmia "Mia" Russo (Play-by-Play Commentary)
• Benito Manfrin (Colour Commentary)
• Gidget Stephenson (Colour Commentary)
• Laura Andersen (Interviewer)
Song Teng (Ring Announcer)


Einar Furre (Head Referee, AWS)
Colby Sanderson (Referee, AWS)
Sarah Wolf (Referee, AWS)
Hailey Foley (Referee, AWS)
Jordyn Sanders (Referee, AWS)
Tyler Crossman (Referee, AWS)
Bradley Barber (Head of Security, AWS)
Area 51 Security (Security Team, AWS)


Tamara Paredes (Timekeeper/Props/Wardrobe)
Patrick Orr (Event Producer)
Hailey Cassard (Interview Producer)
Dimension 3d Technologies (Cameras)


 Sophie Masterson (Secretary)
Blind Sal (A blind dude that hangs around with Fat Bob, in a chair wherever he wants, especially in the audience. If a wrestler bumps him, he'll proceed to jump on his/her back and beat the hell out of them with a riding whip.)
Sign Guy Bob/Fat Bob (Sits in the front row or at a large table in catering smoking and handing wrestlers weapons or becomes a weapon himself)
Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat (Events DJ)
Groucho (A ventriloquist doll that is controlled by an unseen person)
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