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Samantha Dalton • versus • Titus Manu

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The Samoan Dynasty is seen sitting in the stands in the Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania as they are looking out in the ring 

Titus Manu:O le a matou faia se faʻailoga i lenei kamupani ma atonu e le o le mea na matou manaʻo e amata ai ae o le osofaʻiga o le a alu i lalo lenei teineitiiti e igoa ia Samantha Dalton o le a avea ma se tagata taʻavale ua liliu i le piiga o le a maua le asini o le a taimi o le olaga ma o le a le totogia e aʻu mo le sasaina o lana asini ma A maeʻa lenei taʻaloga na ma manaʻo ma Mark e avea ma taʻaloga a le au taʻavale matou te le popole i taʻaloga nofofua.

(English Translation)

Titus Manu:We are going to make a mark in this company and it might not be how we wanted it to start but on assault it's going down this little girl named Samantha Dalton who happens to be a stripper turned wrestler is going to get the ass whooping of a life time and she isn't going to get paid by me for whooping her ass and After this match Mark and I only want to be tag team wrestlers we don't care about singles matches

Titus Manu:O le a ou aʻoaʻoina se lesona mai lenei tamaʻitaʻi ma o lona uiga e te le faʻalavelave i le Tupu o Samoa ma o le a tatou pulea le lalolagi ma o loʻo ia i tatou le malosi e fai ai e sili atu lo tatou toto nai lo soo se mea.''''

(English Translation)

Titus Manu:I’m going to learn a lesson from this lady and that means you don't interfere with the Samoan Dynasty and we will rule the world and we have the power to do that our bloodline is bigger then anything 

Alex Manu:O le mea moni ou te le o i ai i lenei ta'aloga o se mea valea ma e tatau ona avea a'u ma le tasi i le ta'aloga ae o le a le mea o le a e kiki sina asini fa'atasi ai ma oe e te va'ai i lou tua.

English translation 

Alex Manu:The Fact that i'm not in this match is bullshit and i should be the one in the match but it what it is you're going to kick some ass plus you got us to watch your back 

The Samoan Dynasty stand up and they leave

Scene Fades


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