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Let me introduce myself

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The camera cuts to the backstage area of the AWA's Ward event at Rolling Hills Asylum, an environment that pulses with energy as things are being cleaned and built. Alister McKissick, dressed immaculately in his high-end attire, stands in the midst of this organized chaos, his presence commanding attention amidst the bustling activity.]


Alister McKissick: "Back here, in the beating heart of AWA's Monday Night Ward, I feel the electric current that charges every inch of this place. It's more than just a wrestling event; it's a grand spectacle, a vivid tapestry where the art of professional wrestling takes center stage."


As Alister speaks, the camera pans to reveal a dynamic backstage scene. Wrestlers in various states of preparation, crew members ensuring everything runs smoothly, and the unmistakable aura of competition fill the air.


Alister McKissick: "Professional wrestling, it's not just about scripted rivalries and choreographed moves. It's about the relentless pursuit of excellence, a canvas where dreams are painted with blood, sweat, and determination. Tonight, every clash in that ring is a chapter in our shared narrative, etched with the sweat and passion of warriors."


The camera captures brief moments of wrestlers sharing words of encouragement, strategizing with their peers, and steeling themselves mentally for their upcoming battles.


Alister McKissick: "Standing here among my fellow warriors, I'm reminded that we aren't solitary stars, but constellations that together illuminate the wrestling cosmos. Each of us possesses a unique brilliance that adds to the magnificence of the night. Together, we will shatter expectations, redefine our art, and create moments that will echo through the ages."


The camera refocuses on Alister, his expression a blend of pride, reverence, and an unwavering commitment to the craft of professional wrestling.


Alister McKissick: "But let's not forget why we step into that ring. We're here to challenge the best, to leave a legacy for the future to remember. We're here to grasp the glory of the gold and hold it high for the world to see."


Alister's eyes shine with a burning passion as he continues.



Alister McKissick: "But my AWA legacy, my friends, it's a story for another night, another battle in this grand theater of combat. Tonight, let us all bask in the glory of the incredible men and women who grace this ring. Let us revel in their talents, their determination, and their dedication to entertaining and amazing our fans."


With a passionate glint in his eyes, Alister continues.


Alister McKissick: "Tonight, I stand on the cusp of something extraordinary, as I begin to understand the greatness of my peers. Tonight, marks the beginning of a journey, a shared ascension. So, let our voices rise in cheers for the spectacle to come, and let us watch in awe as these incredible athletes take their rightful place in the spotlight."


With those words, Alister's demeanor remains one of reverence and anticipation as he prepares to join the AWA Universe in celebrating the night's spectacular matches.

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